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Newly born calves on organic farm in Hesse: Was it a wolf? 


Newly born calves were torn in the Werra-Meißner district (Hesse). DNA tests will show whether a wolf is responsible for this. 

Newly born calves were torn in the Werra-Meißner district (Hesse). DNA tests will show whether a wolf is responsible for this. 

  • A wolf * is probably responsible for the death of two young calves
  • However, only the DNA test can correctly confirm or rule out a Wolf attack
  • The calves torn in Hesse had just been born

Hübenthal / Hessen - On Tuesday morning the crows circled above the wheat field on the outskirts of Hübenthal near Sontra in the Werra-Meißner district ( Hessen ) like in a Hitchcock film. The hungry birds were also the reason why farmer Karl-Otto Krug quickly discovered his two missing calves in the morning.

Both young animals were only two meters apart in the field. One had his entire chest torn open and eaten away, the other had a huge hole in his stomach. There was no throat bite in either animal - but the feeding image resembles the image left by the female wolf , which has now become at home in the area.

Wolf in Hessen: Calves had just been born

The two calves were only born on Sunday and Monday. “They stood with their mothers in the pasture,” says young farmer Johannes Krug. In an organic farm like his, in Hübenthal ( Hessen ), the calves would stay with their mother for at least 48 hours.

The location of the two calves , presumably torn from the wolf , was about 50 meters from the pasture secured with an electric fence, each of the newborns weighing between 30 and 40 kilograms.


Wolf in Hessen: The dead calf lay in a field 50 meters from its pasture

© Stefanie Salzmann

Wolf in Hessen: Security is only the result of the DNA analysis

The Wolf crack expert Gerhard Scholz, called by the farmers, took samples from both animals for genetic analysis. He did not say whether he thought it was a wolf crack.

"Only DNA analysis will bring security - but there aren't really many alternatives," he says. In November of last year, two sheep were confirmed to have been torn by a wolf in Hübenthal ( Hessen ) within sight of the current crime scene . In the last week alone, Scholz had examined four deer fissures.

Wetzlar (pm). For this year's Wolf Day on April 30, NABU Hessen is calling for better herd protection in wolf territories. #Hessen #NABU #Wolf

- Eder Steam Radio (@EderDamp Radio) April 29, 2020

Wolf in Hessen: attack occurred after midnight

The attack on the two calves must have occurred after midnight, because around 0:30 a.m. Karl-Otto Krug had checked the animals again.

His wife Susanne says that the two dogs had struck during the night, but that was not unusual, because the two dogs struck each and every roaming roof in the yard in Hübenthal ( Hesse ).


Wolf in Hessen: Wolfrissgutacher Gerhard Scholz and farmer Johannes Krug with a killed calf.

© Stefanie Salzmann

Wolf in Hessen: Affected farm has a size of almost 100 animals

"It is impossible to fence all pastures," she says. The organic farm, which switched from conventional agriculture to organic nine years ago, has around 70 dairy cows and around 30 offspring.

Crack expert Scholz confirms that this is the first case in the Werra-Meißner district ( Hessen ), where a wolf may have attacked cattle.

Wolf in Hessen: Riss was reported to the regional council

He also reported the crack to the regional council in Kassel ( Hessen ) - to record the possible wolf activity and for compensation payments to the company.

Because while sheep breeders receive subsidies for herd protection, according to Scholz 'knowledge, this does not yet apply to cattle breeding companies. The result of the DNA analysis will be available in two to three weeks.

Wolf in Hessen: Now two animals at home

For a long time, the wolf was also considered extinct in Hesse *. In the meantime, a second animal has even been detected.

The corona pandemic affects almost every area of ​​life. Wolf monitoring in Hessen * is now also affected by this.

Video: Does a wolf really cross the road here?

By Stefanie Salzmann and Lucas Maier

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Source: merkur

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