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More corona power for the district office: now the fever curve rules


The district office in Munich gets more of its own powers in the corona crisis. Above all, a number is decisive for a possible regional return of restrictions.

The district office in Munich gets more of its own powers in the corona crisis. Above all, a number is decisive for a possible regional return of restrictions.

County - There are a number that the authorities are currently monitoring as nervously as doctors about a corona's fever temperature. It is currently 18.92 in the Munich district - if it rises above 50, far beyond human fever curves, there is a big problem. It is the weekly number of new infections with the Sars-Cov-2 pathogen, calculated on 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the authorities, this "fever temperature" of the district of Munich is currently comfortably below the critical threshold that the federal and state governments have recently agreed on. A look at the region also shows: 18.92 is relatively much (city of Munich: 18.76; district of Starnberg: 2.94, Freising: 7.26, Ebersberg: 14.77), but far below the more troubled Rosenheim (34.1). And above all: no comparison to the peak of the contagion wave in early April. The peak at that time was 107.3, according to the district office. The number has been below 50 for almost four weeks.

District Office can independently impose restrictions again

However, if the infections increase significantly again, the patient of Munich district suffers a severe relapse. Then there would be bitter pills for the citizens to swallow: Many newly opened stores would have to close again, there were stricter contact and exit restrictions again. Christoph Göbel (CSU) and his authority would have to administer this medication on his own responsibility, the district administrator said in a weekly press briefing on Thursday.

Appeal to the citizens' reason

There he says a sentence right at the beginning that sounds like hope and threat at the same time: "I sincerely hope that the easing will be handled responsibly and responsibly by the authorities." Means: The citizens have it in their hands to suppress the virus with their behavior and to take steps towards normalcy again. If this does not succeed, Göbel may and will take action. "Totally restrictive" with the whole range, if need be.

According to his own information, he is not happy with this new power. It was “not very sensible” when the measures ended at the district border - with the mobility of citizens regarding work, leisure and family, it is difficult to implement in practice.

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Development is currently giving hope

The district administrator is optimistic that this will not happen at all: For four weeks now, the district has been below the 50 threshold, which is officially 174 new infections per week for the almost 350,000 inhabitants. The head of the health department, Gerhard Schmid added, is currently doing well thanks to massive staffing increases in finding contact persons for infected people and sending them to quarantine.

New concern for old people's homes

The effects of the recent easing will only become apparent shortly before Pentecost, says Göbel. He was particularly concerned about the retirement homes. Currently, four of the 56 institutions in the district are still affected, according to the official count, 15 residents have died with - most of them probably also - Covid-19. In order to prevent new introductions, the office provides protective material and advises on safety precautions. When it comes to other areas of life, Göbel primarily relies on the citizens of the district to reasonably abide by the restrictions. So that the number of new infections continues to decrease - the "fever curve" continues to wane. A person whose body temperature drops to zero has long been dead. The patient of the Munich district, on the other hand, would be cured at the zero point.

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Source: merkur

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