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"Incitement Lady" and "Terrorist Supporters": What Do the Opposition Partners Think About Each Other? | Israel today


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Lieberman expressed hope "that as part of the exchange of territories and populations we will also say goodbye to Ayman Odeh," for whom he called him "paper tiger" • Shaked and Horowitz clashed on the street • and Lapid and Bennett have long since not been brothers • If we thought the new government would include strange partnerships, recognize the opposition of the Knesset 23

  • Members of the upcoming opposition of the 23rd Knesset


    Yossi Seliger, Ariel Hermoni / Ministry of Defense, Coco, Gideon Markovich, Tzachi Miriam

Starting this Thursday, not only will it emerge after 500 days of government in Israel, but we will accept one of the strangest opposition in the history of the country.

On the one hand, the right of Ayelet Shaked and Naphtali Bennett (provided they do not enter the government at the last minute), those on the "right of the Likud" and on the other side the joint Arab list - which includes "terror supporters" as often called by their new partners - and Meretz, also Not exactly the "cup of tea" of the right-wing parties. 

In the shower, Avigdor Lieberman and Yisrael Beiteinu came in, who were able to confront his future partners sharply from all corners of the political spectrum. How far apart (to say the least) are each other? "Israel Today" with the most prominent quotes and conflicts.

Lieberman in front of her

Even before he became Benjamin Netanyahu's "big enemy", Israel's chairman Beitano Lieberman often confronted the Arab parties. Only in November 2018, after resigning from defense minister, Lieberman "forced" to sit in the Knesset alongside Ode on the opposition bench. He did not like the new arrangement, so much so that he asked the Knesset secretariat to change his place. "It is not good to see Ayman standing next to me," Lieberman said at the time. 

His request was complied with and the Minister and former Knesset Sufa Landbar were seated next to her. Ode, who was able to document in memorable selfies the rare moment he sat next to Lieberman, stung the chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu: "I now have a better neighbor."

"Paper tiger, worth nothing"; "Hope in the context of land and population exchange - we will also say goodbye to Ayman Ode": @AvigdorLiberman and @ AyOdeh in the studio #PagoshaSpecial

Broadcasting Press > @pgosh_MTP @RMatsliah

- News - N12 (@ N12News) February 29, 2020

The clash between the two reached another climax before the last election, with the "Meet the Press" program, Lieberman refused to shake Odeh's hand when the two met in the special program before the elections. She still does not have to and remains valid: "The security squabble, paper tiger." Lieberman replied: "I also hope that as part of the exchange of territories and populations we will also say goodbye to Ayman Odeh." Lieberman turned to her and said, "We'll see you in Ramallah."

Almond versus Horowitz

On September 17, 2019, on Election Day, MK Ayelet Shaked (then right) was encountered during a tour of southern Tel Aviv by MK Nitzan Horowitz (then Democratic Camp Chairman) and between the two a fierce conflict was documented on cameras Passers-by. Watch the confrontation

A confrontation between Shaked and Horowitz at the ballot box

Shaked whispered to Horowitz: "You should be ashamed. You are responsible for the wild incitement against the religious public. You are not offering anything beyond that. Your incitement will not help we set up the right-wing government." Later Horowitz tweeted in the Twitter account: "Mrs. Seth Ayelet Shaked along with Her racist partner Shafi Paz came to incite at polling stations at a Rogozin school in southern Tel Aviv, where children from the foreign community are studying. Democratic camp activists have made it clear that they cannot incite and spread hate. "

Mrs. Hessette Ayelet Shaked along with her racist partner Shafi Paz came to incite in polling stations at the Rogozin school in southern TA, where children from the foreign community are studying. Democratic camp activists have made it clear they cannot incite and spread hatred.

- Nitzan Horowitz Nitzan Horowitz (@NitzanHorowitz) September 17, 2019

The two clashed again a few months later, also in the "Meet the Press" studio, just before the last election. Horowitz attacked Shaked: "The fathers of Zionism would have turned in their graves if they saw you." Shaked replied: "Ben Gurion would have flipped over in the grave if he had seen with whom the Labor party was united."

Bennett vs. Lieberman

Former Defense Minister Lieberman and his replacement Bennett (who is due to end his job this week) have also frequently rallied in the past, mainly on security issues.

In September 2018, when the two were sitting together at the government table (Bennett was the Minister of Education) and also in a security cabinet, Bennett criticized Lieberman's security policy, saying, among other things: "This is not what security policy is, so it appears to be a failure. Under a degree of pragmatism and" responsibility "Lieberman has left the security of the people of the south at Hamas' discretion. The time has come to tell the truth: Lieberman-Hamas agreements have collapsed."

 In Israel, our home does not remain indebted, saying, among other things: "The Minister of Education's repeated attacks on the defense minister probably indicate the hysteria and jealousy in which he is present. The Cabinet and even when it was already bothering to appear in discussions on the Gaza issue, do not remember ever expressing opposition to the Cabinet policy. "

In the first elections, when Bennett and the New Right waited for the votes of the soldiers to pass the blocking percentage (when about 1,000 votes were finally returned to the Knesset), Lieberman even expressed satisfaction that they would not pass the blocking percentage, saying that "it is good that the phenomenon is gone."

Lieberman vs. Sandberg

At the end of March 2018, with the outbreak of riots on the border fence in the Gaza Strip, the United Nations called on Israel to launch an investigative commission due to the killing of Palestinians during clashes with the IDF. Those who joined this call were MKs from Meretz - Chairman Tamar Zandberg and Musi Raz (not on the list for the current Knesset).

Lieberman, then remembering the defense minister, did not like the two of them and said: "I do not understand the hyena choir that wants an investigation committee," attacked Lieberman, "they were confused and thought that Hamas organized the Woodstock festival yesterday and we should give them flowers."

A day later, in an interview with Channel 20, Lieberman said that Tamar Zandberg "represents the Palestinians. They have not represented an Israeli interest for a long time. The place of the Meretz movement along with the joint list in the Ramallah parliament. I do not understand what they are doing in Israel."

About two months later, Lieberman called Aiman ​​Odeh and his partners on the joint list "terrorists," Zandberg validly claimed: "I would ignore (because that's what comes), I would write yuck (because that's what it is), but it's just dangerous and could end in murder or violence. A minister in government - even one no one takes his word seriously - can't hide behind immunity with such clear incitement. "

Bennett in front of a torch

After the 2013 elections between Naftali Bennett and MK Yair Lapid, the "Brotherhood of Brethren" was formed, which agreed to enter the Netanyahu government together, as it was.

But since then the two are no longer brothers and know such conflicts and others. Just before the last election, Lapid attacked Education Minister Rafi Peretz (right) for his summing up of cooperation with Itamar Ben-Gvir (remembering that he did not eventually come to fruition), and claimed that he would not sit with him in the same government "just as we will not do. A government when Heba gets back is the 61st finger. "

Peretz's friend, Bennett - with whom and his partner Ayelet Shaked claimed in Torch in the same interview for Religious Weekly, "The Mood" because "He has no problem sitting" - attacked his former ally: "Torch, shame on you. You compare a helicopter pilot A fighter in the IDF, a brigadier general in the IDF, who educated dozens of generations of fighters in Machina, who was deported from his home in Gush Katif, and established a settlement in the Negev on the Egyptian border to support defiant terrorists? "

Source: israelhayom

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