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Fire brigade Nuremberg: Rescuers for 145 years who do much more than extinguish fires


500 professional fire brigade forces and many more active at the Nuremberg Fire Brigade. They all save people every day. And do much more than "just" extinguish fires.

500 professional fire brigade forces and many more active at the Nuremberg Fire Brigade. They all save people every day. And do much more than "just" extinguish fires.

  • Firefighting is the responsibility of local communities.
  • 500 officers work for the fire brigade in Nuremberg.
  • The city's volunteer fire departments have a total of 600 members in eleven fire departments.

Nuremberg - The Nuremberg fire brigade performs over 5000 missions each year. Historically, firefighters in the Franconian metropolis not only have classic fires, but time and again it also happens that the emergency services have to provide assistance in defusing a World War II bomb.

In Bavaria, the organization and installation of the public fire brigades lies primarily with the municipalities. A distinction is made between the professional fire brigade and the volunteer fire brigade . The Bavarian Fire Brigade Act regulates this as follows:

"(1) The municipalities have a duty within their own sphere of activity to ensure that impending fire or explosion hazards are eliminated and fires are effectively combated (defensive fire protection) and adequate technical assistance in the event of other accidents or emergencies is provided in the public interest (technical support service) . "

Fire brigade Nuremberg: division into professional fire brigade and volunteers

The fire brigade in Nuremberg is divided into a professional fire brigade (around 500 civil servants, five fire stations) and a volunteer fire brigade (around 600 members in eleven volunteer fire brigades with 18 fire stations) in Bavaria's second largest city. 

The third largest control center for fire and rescue services in Germany is also located at Feuerwache 4 at the port of Nuremberg . Emergency calls from the following areas are received and processed from this center:

  • City of Nuremberg 
  • Fürth city
  • City of Erlangen
  • Nürnberger Land district
  • Fürth district
  • District of Erlangen-Höchstadt

Fire brigade Nuremberg: Germany's third largest control center

The integrated control center in Nuremberg is therefore responsible for an area of ​​around 2000 km² with around 1.2 million inhabitants . It alerts and coordinates a large number of different non-police authorities and organizations with security tasks. 

It is responsible for the ambulance service , the fire service , units of civil protection , I ntensivmedizinische linings , R ettungshubschrauber, water rescue , mountain and cave rescue and emergency counseling

Integrated control center Nuremberg: 280,000 operations per year

The control center records and processes over 280,000 operations per year. In the case of large locations, the Nuremberg control center also coordinates the various deployment groups and the exchange with all responsible authorities. 

Fire brigade Nuremberg: area of ​​application

The fire brigade's area of ​​operation is divided into five guard districts. The number of inhabitants, fire load or also legal requirements such as the help period are criteria for the division of the urban area. These guard areas are therefore very different in terms of their area size: less populated guard areas are usually larger, more densely populated areas smaller.

Five guards - different focuses

The Nuremberg fire department also has five fire stations: 

The inspection service, a complete fire truck and various special vehicles are stationed on the fire station 1 . In addition to various workshops, the electrical and communication technology department responsible for fire detection technology is located here. Fire station 1 focuses on: logistics, measurement technology and radiation protection. Paramedic training is also carried out at this fire station.

The Fire Station 2 houses the Directorate service, an advanced fire-fighting crew, the equipment trolley for height rescue and a trolley for transportation. The strategic focus of Fire Station 2 is height rescue. 

Unlike on the fire station 3 : there is an extended extinguishing group, the equipment truck dangerous goods and various oil defense equipment. The preventive fire and hazard protection department, the fire brigade museum and a chemical protection workshop are located on this guard. Dangerous substances and the goods of the oil weir are the central issues here.

Fire station 4  houses various special vehicles. The head office and the integrated control center mentioned above are located there. Technical assistance with heavy equipment, respiratory protection technology and water rescue are particularly important in this guard area. The central hose and fire extinguisher workshop is located on fire station 5. Here, the focus is on major loss and disaster reinforcement.

Firefighters: work or just leisure?

The members of the volunteer fire brigade in Nuremberg volunteer. In addition to operational exercises, further and advanced training and club-internal events, they are equally trained as the professional fire service. Good to know: Fire protection and general help in Germany are mainly ensured by volunteers . With a total of 2074 cities in Germany, professional fire brigades exist in just over 100 of these cities. And every city cannot do without the volunteer rescuers. Nuremberg has the largest volunteer fire department in the city. At 18 locations there are both reinforcing fire-fighting trains and independent fire departments.

More than just extinguishing - tasks of the Nuremberg fire brigade 

Fortunately, a fire doesn't always have to be put out. The Nuremberg fire brigade performs around 9,000 missions a year, 90 of which are caused by a fire . With around 7,000 missions, technical assistance is the main task of the Nuremberg fire brigade. The Nuremberg fire brigade is on hand to deal with traffic or dangerous goods accidents, storm damage or other emergency situations for people and animals. All emergency calls are coordinated in the integrated control center (fire station 4); after alarm, the disengagement should take place within one minute.

During the alarm-free period, employees work in workshops and various subject areas; in civil protection or operations or in the exercise and training service. Quiet times in a 24-hour security service are, of course, also included. Statutory fire protection regulations in public buildings and companies are also checked, appropriate instructions are given and expert reports are drawn up. The Nuremberg Professional Fire Brigade offers security guard services for major events or fire protection education for third and fourth grade students and for adults.

Nuremberg: Communication via social media

Fire and flame are the Nuremberg security services when it comes to communication with the population. They report on current events via Facebook (Nuremberg Fire Brigade), Instagram (feuerwehr.nuernberg) and Twitter (Feuerwehr_N). 

Young talent plays a major role in this. The job of a firefighter should remain attractive - despite the lack of respect for emergency services today. With operational reports, Twitter tickers and the latest information, they also provide an online emergency service in addition to the police headquarters in Middle Franconia.

Fire brigade Nuremberg - contact: 

Fire department Regenstrasse 4

90451 Nuremberg 

Telephone: 0911 / 231-6400 

Fax: 0911 / 231- 6405

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