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Corona demo in Munich in cloudy weather: sluggish for organizers? The air runs out of protests


Another “Corona demo” is to take place on Theresienwiese in Munich. It is about the supposed curtailment of fundamental rights. The organizers complain of harassment.

Another “Corona demo” is to take place on Theresienwiese in Munich. It is about the supposed curtailment of fundamental rights. The organizers complain of harassment.

  • The corona virus continues to dominate life in Munich.
  • Although there are easing measures such as the gradual opening of the catering trade, some people are dissatisfied with the government's measures .
  • A demonstration on the Theresienwiese is therefore planned for Saturday (May 30th) .
  • The demonstrators have now taken a drastic step .

Update 9:32 pm: The Corona demo in Munich was quiet and without any noticeable incidents. Although the organizers tried to get 10,000 of the participants in court and failed, not even the officially approved 1,000 people came together. With more and more easing taking effect, fewer people seem to want to protest the measures. 

Update, 4:53 p.m .: As the Munich police describe to us, the protest event on Theresienwiese is in the final phase. It is estimated that around 1,000 people gathered at the top to demonstrate against the restriction of their fundamental rights. Incidents worth mentioning? Nothing. The distances were kept and the assembly was peaceful.

Corona demo in Munich in cloudy weather: sluggish for organizers? The air runs out of protests

Update, 4:36 p.m .:  In many cities in Bavaria, people demonstrated on Saturday against what they consider to be strict corona measures . One of the largest gatherings took place in Munich, where  an estimated 700 people demonstrated on the Theresienwiese under the motto "Standing together for freedom, fundamental rights and self-determination". According to a police spokeswoman, the gathering was quiet, the distance requirements were also observed. After a decision by the administrative court, a maximum of 1000 people were allowed to attend the event.

At the #Theresienwiese in # Munich, 1,000 people demonstrate again against the # Corona measures of the government. The mood is peaceful. There are only a few demonstrators around the site this week, who were no longer allowed on the # demo site. @ BR24 @BR_Oberbayern

- Manuel Rauch (@ ManuelRauch9) May 30, 2020

Update, 2.45 p.m .: As the Munich police inform on request from , today's demonstration on Theresienwiese is scheduled for 3 p.m. So it will start in a few minutes. A week ago the demonstration had to be canceled due to a thunderstorm - at the moment it does not look like the storm will repeat in the Bavarian capital.

Update from May 30, 1 p.m .: After the organizer of the demonstration on Theresienwiese threatened to go to the next instance, i.e. the Administrative Court, if the Administrative Court refused, the move to the High Court has now also failed. Accordingly, the organizer has to be content with demonstrating on the Theresienwiese with only 1,000 demonstrators instead of the 10,000 people registered.

Corona demo in Munich: urgent application rejected - crowds expected on Theresienwiese

Update May 29, 5:35 pm: Once again, the Corona demo on Theresienwiese is only permitted for 1000 participants . The administrative court confirmed this decision of the city on Friday. As in the previous two weeks, the organizers had announced a rally with 10,000 people on the Theresienwiese for Saturday (start: 3 p.m.) . The motto of the meeting: "Stand together for freedom, fundamental rights and self-determination." The approved demonstration went off without any problems on May 16, but 2500 other people had gathered around the Oktoberfest  and largely ignored the minimum distances

. The event had to be canceled last Saturday due to a thunderstorm. By then, far fewer than 1,000 participants had gathered on the site. However, the organizers criticize that those wishing to participate could not have reached the Oktoberfest unhindered.


Police officers on the Munich Theresienwiese. 

© dpa / Lino Mirgeler

The district administration department (KVR) continues to take the position that if the number of participants exceeds 1000, the minimum distances applicable due to the protection against infection can not be observed . These concerns are shared by the judiciary. The Friday judgment stated that the organizer had not made it credible to ensure the required hygiene measures . It is not clear how 1000 folders are to be recruited and strategically trained. The organizers consider the requirements of the KVR to be disproportionate. Both the rigorous restriction of the number of participants in such a huge area and the identical judicial decisions are "grossly unconstitutional," explains a spokeswoman. The demo initiators now want to go to the Bavarian Administrative Court again.

Corona demo in Munich: urgent application rejected

Update 12.03:  The Bavarian Administrative Court has decided: At the announced demonstration on the Theresienwiese, a maximum of 1000 people may continue to participate. The court rejected an urgent request from the organizer on Friday. He had asked to admit 10,000 people to the demonstration on the Theresienwiese. The court thus confirmed a decision by the state capital (LHM).

"The court continues to share LHM's concerns that the organizer cannot comply with the contact restrictions imposed by the Bavarian Infection Protection Ordinance," the statement said. Thus, the organizer will take the next step to the Bavarian Administrative Court.

First registration from May 29, 2020

Munich - For many people, the corona crisis is an ordeal just three months after the start of the "lockdown" . For example, a Munich bar owner wrote an open branding letter to politicians - the requirements for gastronomy are a thorn in his side. Another did not use the chance to open it carefully again. There are many people who are against the government's measures against the corona virus - some of them want to make it known again during a demonstration on the Theresienwiese this weekend .

Munich: Corona measures demo on the Theresienwiese - drastic step?

The demonstration “ Freedom. Fundamental Rights and Self-Determination ”should take place on Saturday. It is the third attempt at the Theresienwiese in Munich, the last one was canceled due to an unexpected storm . Once again, the organizers had registered 10,000 people with the KVR (district administration department) - only 1,000 were admitted (as was the case last time). Therefore, the organizer has now taken a drastic step and filed a lawsuit with the Bavarian Administrative Court. In the event of a refusal, the organizer wants to  contact the next instance, i.e. the Bavarian Administrative Court. 

Munich: Corona demo on the Theresienwiese - police on alert

For the police, the first “ Corona demo ” turned out to be calm overall. Clearly more problems were expected - but the onlookers, who had gathered around the area on Theresienwiese , had been a thorn in the side of the officials. It remains to be seen how the third attempt of the “Corona demo” in Munich will develop.


Gastronomy in particular is badly affected by the corona virus crisis - some have already given up. Now a cult restaurant from Munich is taking drastic consequences.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Sven Hoppe

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