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Putting out several fires in Sweida, some of them damaged agricultural crops


As-Suwayda-Sana Firefighting teams in the Governorate of As-Suwayda in cooperation with the people have put out a number of fires that broke out today


The firefighting teams in As-Suwayda governorate, in cooperation with the people, put out a number of fires that broke out today in separate areas, some of which caused damage to agricultural crops of wheat, barley, fruit trees, and forestry.

The commander of the fire brigade in the Suwayda Fire Brigade, Mazen Al-Shoufi, explained to the SANA reporter that the regiment dealt with several fires, one of which broke out in the forest of the town of Habran, and covered an area of ​​about 150 dunums between the trees of forests, oaks, vineyards and olives before controlling it in cooperation with the Directorate of Agriculture and the people, as it took several hours to suppress it as a result The intensity of the spread of dry grasses, the nature of the rugged terrain, and the difficulty of its terrain that prevented firefighters from reaching some of the sites of fire spread, where they were dealt with by manual means.

The regiment also extinguished, according to the command of the clique, a fire that came on an area of ​​about ten donums of dry grass next to the garage of the Water Corporation on the road to Rasas town and damaged vineyards and figs in the place before it was put out in cooperation with the people in addition to another fire that spread over large areas of dry grass after a junction The Poultry Corporation in Nudity and limited damage to adjacent wheat fields, as well as dealing with a fire that spread dry land between citizens ’homes next to the Banking Technical Institute in the city of As-Suwayda and damaged olive and ornamental trees before it could be extinguished in cooperation with the people.

Al-Choufy pointed out that dealing with several fires that broke out with areas of dry herbs were extinguished without significant damage in separate areas of the city, especially west of Al-Haytham hall, east of meteorology, south of Al-Kom Junction, and in police residences and near the Kanaker Junction.

While the Sadiq firefighting unit in the southern countryside, according to the firefighter, Yamen Salloum, put out four fires with dry herbs on the road to the town of Amtan, between the villages of Anz and Al-Mashouk, on the road to Tel Abdar and on the road to the village of El-Ayoun.

According to the unit leader Waseem Al-Tawil, the Shehab Fire Extinguishing Unit also extinguished several fires in cooperation with the people, one of them in the village of Umm Dhabib in the eastern countryside and extended large areas of dry grass and was controlled before reaching field crops, while another fire broke out between the city of Sheba and the village of Nimra in a severe area Rugged land is spread over dense grasses and damaged fruit trees in orchards in the area before it can be contained.

Al-Taweel indicated that a large fire that extends east of the small town of Al-Soura in the northern countryside was also extinguished in cooperation with the people, most of which affected dry weeds, while two fires that affected fruit trees were extinguished near the homes of citizens near the Industrial School and the eastern city gate.

To that, the people, with their own equipment and machinery in the village of Al-Dour in the western countryside, were able to put out a fire that broke out next to the main road east of the village, which affected several dunums of dry grass and olive trees, according to the head of the Municipal Council of Al-Dour Fendi Al-Shaarani.

Dozens of fires have erupted recently in the Governorate of As-Suwayda with varying areas of dry herbs, some of which caused damage to thousands of dunums of agricultural lands, field crops, fruit trees, and forests in separate locations in the governorate before firefighting teams, the concerned authorities, and people could extinguish them.

Source: sena

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