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Blue light ticker for the FFB region: police dissolve unauthorized party


The police and fire brigade in the Fürstenfeldbruck district are on call around the clock. You can find out where you are going and why in the blue light ticker.

The police and fire brigade in the Fürstenfeldbruck district are on call around the clock. You can find out where you are going and why in the blue light ticker.

  • The reports come from the police inspections Fürstenfeldbruck, Germering and Olching, from the traffic police Fürstenfeldbruck (responsible for A8, A99 and A96) and the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North or are based on inquiries.
  • There are 52 local fire brigades in the Fürstenfeldbruck district; in 2018, the activists managed 3,362 missions.
  • Here you will always find the latest blue light messages from the region. 
  • The police reports from late September 2019 to late April 2020 can be found here. 

++++ Update ++++

Update June 2: Police dissolve illicit party

Around 20 young people celebrated loudly and with lots of alcohol on Friday evening on the leisure area on Wildmoosstrasse. When the police arrived, they scattered in the wind. However, many left their backpacks with identification papers and bicycles in a hurry. A fine awaits the party for violating the Infection Protection Act.

Unknowns lifted several manhole covers in Ascherbachstrasse during the night on Saturday. From the police point of view, it is not a harmless prank, but a dangerous interference in road traffic. Obstacles for other road users are deliberately created here. Nothing happened. Potential witnesses should report to the police on phone (08142) 2930.

The police pulled two drunk drivers out of the traffic as part of a routine check on Saturday evening in Hattenhofen and Moorenweis. A 26-year-old and a 31-year-old can expect a driving ban and a fine.

A 66-year-old cyclist from Gilching who suffered minor injuries to her knee was hit by a bus in Unterer Bahnhofstrasse. The bus wanted to overtake the woman around 1:30 p.m. despite oncoming traffic and did not keep the necessary side clearance. He scratched the cyclist and pushed her against a parked car. The woman was hospitalized.

The police are looking for two accident-free drivers. An incident occurred on Friday at Unteren Bahnhofstrasse 29. An unidentified driver drove into the parked BMW of a 62-year-old Eichenauer and simply ran away. The damage amount is estimated at 2500 euros. The second unsettled accident occurred between Wednesday and Sunday. The accident driver damaged a parked blue Audi. Damage of around 1000 euros was incurred here. The police hope for witnesses.

A 29-year-old Germeringen driver who had been pulled out of the traffic at a speed control on Sunday afternoon had no driver's license . He was traveling at 70 instead of 50 kilometers an hour and must expect a criminal complaint.

An extremely unusual vehicle damage was reported to the Germeringen police on Sunday. A 30-year-old woman from Eitelborn informed the officials that her blue Dacia Logan parked in Eichenau was probably scratched by a dog between 11 a.m. and 1.45 p.m. A police patrol actually found several paw prints on the vehicle on site. The dog owner and any witnesses are asked to report to the Germering Police Inspectorate on (089) 8 94 15 70.

A motorist who escaped the accident committed a parked Citroen on Saturday between 4.30 and 7 p.m. in front of the local savings bank on Lochhauser Strasse. The vehicle of a 36-year-old woman from Munich was damaged in the back left. The Germeringen police are hoping for possible witnesses. You should report to the inspection at telephone number (089) 8 94 15 70.

On Saturday at 9:50 a.m. a traffic accident occurred in Eichenau at level 8 Waldstrasse. The previously unknown cause of the accident evaded vehicles parked on the side of the road and touched the left wing mirror of the oncoming black Opel Corsa of a 43-year-old Eichenauer with the left wing mirror. The polluter just went on without fulfilling his legal obligations. His vehicle was probably a Skoda Oktavia in silver / gray. Anyone who can provide information on the motorist who is a victim of an accident or on his vehicle should report to the responsible police inspection in Germering by phone (089) 8 94 15 70.  

A 23-year-old driver from Eichenau, who got into a traffic control of the police on Saturday at around one o'clock, had drunk too much . A breath alcohol test carried out on site showed a value of 1.00 per mille. The continued driving of the Opel driver was prevented and the vehicle key temporarily secured. Now the young lady is waiting for an advertisement and a one-month driving ban.

Update May 29: Motorcyclists injured

Motorcyclists are currently on the move again. Two have been involved in accidents within a short time. A car and a motorcycle collided on the B 2 in Mammendorf on Wednesday at 5.45 p.m. A Hattenhofner (56) wanted to turn left to Landsberied with his VW at Michael-Aumüller-Straße. An oncoming car also wanted to turn left at the intersection and stopped. A subsequent motorcyclist (35) from Ried (Aichach-Friedberg district) drove past the standing turn on the right and collided with the crossing VW. The biker had to go to the clinic with suspected forearm fracture. Property damage according to the police: 10,000 euros. In Fürstenfeldbruck, a scooter driver (22) fell because an oncoming white delivery truck got on his track in Schöngeisinger Strasse. The sprinter wanted to avoid a parked car around 4:10 p.m. The scooter driver also evaded. He prevented a collision like this - but fell. The sprinter driver stopped briefly, but then drove on. Damage to the scooter: 1000 euros. Witness information on phone (0 81 41) 61 20.

Because the wooden wedges that stabilized his ladder came loose, a painter fell six to eight meters on Wednesday morning. The painter from Karlsfeld hit the ground with his back. He therefore had pain in his spine and, according to the police, was flown to the “Rechts der Isar” hospital by helicopter.

A cyclist touched her front tire on Heckenstrasse on Wednesday morning. The 47-year-old then lost control of her bike and fell. The Olchingerin hit her head against the curb. The woman was not wearing a helmet. She was brought to the Fürstenfeldbruck hospital to clarify her injury.

Update May 28: Cyclists seriously injured

An 85-year-old cyclist was seriously injured in an accident in Bruck. He came to the hospital. The 85-year-old was first on the bike path on Von-Gravenreuth-Straße. At the air base, he wanted to cross the street on a traffic island. Without paying attention to the traffic, the pensioner rolled off from Maisach. He overlooked the Mazda of a Puchheimer (25) driving in the direction of Emmering. The cyclist crashed into the Madza and was thrown over the hood.

A 45-year-old from the Fürstenfeldbruck district is said to have entered a garden house in Munich-Lochhausen several times. The owner of the house was able to capture the Brucker. Tools had already been stolen from the garden shed in April. The owner (34) therefore installed a wildlife camera on his property. On Tuesday of this week, the camera showed the owner pictures of a man he didn't know. He was on the property, obviously stealing beer from the garden shed. When the 34-year-old checked on the evening in the evening, he actually found the 45-year-old on the property. This fled. After a short persecution, the garden house owner was able to arrest him and hand him over to the police. The 45-year-old complained about a medical problem and was taken to a hospital. The investigation is ongoing.

There was also a fire in St. Ottilien.

There was an accident between a car and a motorcycle on Augsburger Straße in Mammendorf on Tuesday at around noon. A 28-year-old Mammendorfer wanted to turn left into his property entrance and overlooked an oncoming motorcycle. The 52-year-old cyclist could no longer avoid and drove sideways into the crossing car. The biker was thrown by his Ducati and came seriously injured on the road. He was taken to a hospital. The car driver was not injured. The vehicles reported property damage of around 5,000 euros, the police reported.

Update May 26th:

The police meanwhile have a hot trace of the shelter at the skate park in Türkenfeld.

Update May 25: 

The police from Fürstenfeldbruck were called on Saturday around 10:45 p.m. to a fire at the skater park behind the primary school in Türkenfeld. Unknown persons had started a fire under a shelter, which caused the beam structure of the shelter to catch fire. When the fire brigade and police arrived, nobody was on site. The fire was quickly extinguished by the Türkenfeld fire department. The damage to property is estimated at around 2000 euros. The police inspection in Fürstenfeldbruck asks for information from witnesses on (0 81 41) 61 20. The police also blew up a tuning meeting. And a man was seriously injured in Groebenzell. 

A Munich driver was slightly injured in an accident on the B 471 early Sunday morning. The 49-year-old drove his Ford towards Dachau and, according to the police, came off the road for an unknown cause. He ran over a traffic sign and hit his car against the side of a tree. The Munich was brought to a hospital. The Ford suffered total damage, which the police summed up to around 5000 euros. The car had to be towed.

A 38-year-old from Mittelstetten suffered minor injuries in an accident in Mammendorf. On the Munich, the woman had wanted to turn left into an underground car park with her VW. Because oncoming traffic came, she had to stop and wait. A Opel driver from Mammendorf (48) following her overlooked this due to a short inattentiveness and therefore rammed the woman's car. The total damage is estimated at around 5000 euros.

On Saturday afternoon, a 42-year-old on Puchheimer Strasse in Gröbenzell observed how a driver touched the outside mirror of a parked VW with his gray Opel Omega and then drove on. Damage: 100 euros. The woman noted the license plate number of the fugitive and filed reports. The police are still looking for other witnesses: Telephone (0 81 42) 29 30.

At the end of last week , a Suzuki parked in Neufeldstrasse in Olching was damaged. An unknown offender threw a stone at the rear window of the car, causing the glass to break. The stone is examined for possible fingerprints or DNA traces. The damage should be around 250 euros. There are no further indications of the perpetrator. The police hope for clues.

Update May 22: 

A dog found parts of a monkey in a forest. On Bach Wörth in Emmering has also an accident on Thursday against 13 o'clock. Two cyclists were injured. They were driving side by side when the 64-year-old got into a track groove with the front wheel and tipped over with his bike. He fell on the woman driving next to him, who also fell. While the man only suffered minor injuries, the 71-year-old had to be brought to the district clinic with suspected cruciate ligament tears.

An exhibitionist also molested a 42-year-old on Thursday. At about 3:30 p.m. she was walking on a dirt road near Lake Mammendorf when the man asked her the way and bared herself. Then he moved away towards the lake. Now the police are looking for witnesses. The man is about 1.75 meters tall, about 30 years old, has an Eastern European appearance, spoke broken German, is athletic, slim, has short brown hair, no beard and no glasses. He was dressed in a white t-shirt and gray shorts.

A 62-year-old Germeringer e-bike driver suffered a moderate injury in an accident on Father's Day in Stegen am Ammersee. The man was not to blame for the incident, but will still be prosecuted - according to the Herrschingen police, he was considerably drunk. However, he refused a voluntary breath alcohol test. For this reason, a blood sample was ordered. The Germeringer was on the Landsberger Strasse in Stegen at around 6.50 p.m. when a 28-year-old Augsburg driver turned in an entrance and overlooked the cyclist. The man could no longer brake in time and hit the car head-on.

Update May 18

An Egenhofener (47) lay motionless at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday at Munich Central Station. Electrodes from a hospital hung on the upper body. The police found that the Egenhofener had been properly released from a clinic the day before. He had 3.69 per thousand alcohol in his blood, but was accessible to the federal police. After sobering up, he was able to continue on his own. It is believed that the man simply took the electrodes with him. More details are yet to be determined. 

On Sunday evening  at 7 p.m., an 81-year-old scooter driver between Grafrath and Moorenweis lost control of his scooter and left the road to the left. The pensioner fell in the adjacent field and suffered moderate injuries. He had to be taken to a hospital. His scooter suffered damage of 500 euros.

A cyclist (58) was slightly injured in an accident on Friday in Bruck at 2:15 p.m. on Heimstättenstraße. Reason: A 42-year-old truck driver from Munich came out of Falkenstrasse and gave the woman the right of way. The cyclist from Fürstenfeldbruck recognized the danger and braked it - but so hard that she fell off her bike upside down. There was no collision with the truck. The cyclist came to a hospital with bruises and abrasions. 

The police from Germering caught a 17-year-old who had been rioted through Eichenau on Saturday evening. An up-to-date and precise testimony was helpful. The 17-year-old, who was wearing a white sun hat, is said to have knocked over several silent newspaper sellers at the station. Then he ran onto Roggensteiner Allee, stopped a car and insulted the driver (27). The police finally picked up the youth at Lake Eichenau. He had over 1.7 per thousand alcohol in his blood and was then given to his parents. The police are very grateful to a craftsman (29) who provided information on the 17-year-old that could be used in real time. 

Update May 12:

Because he got off the road , a 59-year-old driver overturned on the B 471 at night on Sunday. The man from Jetzendorf (Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district) was heading towards Grafrath around 3:45 a.m. Shortly before Schöngeising he came off the street - presumably because of wetness. The car overturned and then stayed on the roof. The 59-year-old was able to free himself from the car and call the emergency services. He was brought to the Großhadern Clinic with moderate injuries. The car is just a wreck. According to the police, the damage amounts to 5000 euros.

A 38-year-old driver disregarded the right of way in Gröbenzell and caused an accident. As reported by the police, the seller's car collided with that of a 79-year-old Gröbenzeller driving on Eschenrieder Straße on Saturday. Nobody got hurt. The damage amounts to around 6500 euros. The 38-year-old can expect traffic offense proceedings.

An e-bike rider sustained deep grazes in a fall. The 72-year-old Gröbenzeller was on the bike path on the Bürgermeister-Ertl-Straße in Puchheim on Friday when it happened. The police found on site that the man had drunk too much alcohol with at least 1.1 per mille. He has been taken to the hospital and is being reported. 

A 23-year-old from Althegnenberg is now in great trouble . The man had noticed police officers on the B 2 near Puch early Saturday morning because he was traveling too fast. The officers took up the chase and caught up with the car in Mammendorf. The man parked the car on a side street and escaped on foot with his passenger. However, he left his wallet in the car. This made it easy for the police. The reason for the escape is also clear: According to the police, the young man no longer has a driver's license. In addition to driving without a license, he is also facing criminal proceedings for endangering road traffic and unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident.

Update May 6th:

Because he was not careful, the driver (31) of a Polish small van crashed into the end of a traffic jam on Roggensteiner Strasse in Emmering at around 5.15 p.m. on Monday. Then he fled with his car. The Eichenauer woman (54), whose Mercedes he had damaged, chased him into Moosfeldstrasse. She confronted the man. He said he wanted to get his boss and disappeared on foot. However, the 31-year-old had left personal belongings in the van. So the police knew who he was. On Tuesday he repented in the inspection. He is facing criminal proceedings for fleeing accidents. Since he has no permanent residence in Germany, he had to pay a deposit. Whether he has a driving license at all remains to be determined. Property damage to the Mercedes: around 5000 euros.

Update May 5:

A n Groöbenzeller Bahnhofstrasse left someone with a trace of destruction: five car mirrors were broken between Saturday, 10:00 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. The damage is estimated at 1000 euros. Witnesses should report by phone (0 81 42) 29 30.

A moment of inattention led to an accident in Olching in which several cars were involved. A 21-year-old woman from Olchingen was driving her car on the main road towards Bahnhofstrasse in the early Thursday afternoon. The driver in front of her, a 46-year-old Olchinger, braked due to traffic, which the young woman noticed too late. She hit the car and pushed it onto the vehicle of a 32-year-old local. The 32-year-old and the 46-year-old were slightly injured. The damage is estimated at around 7,500 euros.

Update April 30: 

A witness observed a minor accident in Fürstenfeldbruck and reported it to the police. The two polluters had just gone on. The citizen had observed on Tuesday how a VW Golf got into the opposite lane in Schöngeisinger Strasse and touched the mirror of an oncoming car with its left wing mirror. Both involved in the accident apparently did not notice this and simply drove on. However, the witness reported to the police. Since he was able to remember the license plate number of the person who caused the accident, the police asked the injured party to report to the inspection, phone (0 81 41) 61 20.

Update April 28, 2020: 

Pedelec driver injured: Two cyclists got in each other's way on Augsburger Strasse in Bruck on Saturday. A man was injured in the process. The 38-year-old from Sulzemoos (Dachau district) wanted to overtake a cyclist with his pedelec around 1:30 p.m. But he suddenly moved to the left without notice and drove the pedelec in front of the wheels. During the attempt to evade the Sulzemooser fell and injured his knee. He was brought to the Fürstenfeldbruck Clinic. The cyclist just went on without worrying about the accident. No description is available, the police ask for information by phone (0 81 41) 61 20.

Motorcyclist falls : A motorcyclist sustained rib injuries and abrasions on Friday when he fell in Fürstenfelder Strasse in Bruck. The 58-year-old braked himself at 8 a.m. at the pedestrian crossing at the level of the event forum and fell. The man was brought to the hospital in an ambulance. His motorcycle suffered a damage of around 1,500 euros.

Drug trade in Bruck:  Ten days ago, the police dissolved a party in the lower house on Hauptstrasse because of the exit restrictions of the Corana crisis. Seven people had gathered together with loud music. One of them also had ready-to-sell, ready-to-sell amphetamine next to him. The man from the district is already known to the police and has already appeared due to violations under the Narcotics Act. When the suspect's apartment was ransacked by the Munich II public prosecutor, the officials found even smaller amounts of amphetamine, several grams of marijuana, hashish and cocaine. In addition, doping agents were secured that significantly exceeded the legally stipulated “not small amount”. The Fürstenfeldbruck criminal police took over the investigation. The accused now faces a report under the Narcotics Act regarding drug possession and drug trafficking.

Cyclist falls: A nasal bone fracture and a head injury resulted in a fall from the bike in a fall. The woman wanted to drive through the underpass on Oberdorfer Strasse in Althegnenberg on Sunday afternoon. The significantly darker lighting conditions in the underpass irritated the 76-year-old, so that she fell. The ambulance took her to the hospital.

In addition, a man in Olching causes excitement that blinds drivers. And in Germering, the officials had to move out because a scooter driver fled.

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