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Holidays: Italy opens borders today - travel warnings for Germans still fall in June


Summer vacation in Coronavirus times: Italy opens its borders to vacationers. Germany may travel again soon. The travel warnings fall, but only in June. 

Summer vacation in Coronavirus times: Italy opens its borders to vacationers. Germany may travel again soon. The travel warnings fall, but only in June. 

  • Despite the corona crisis a summer holiday * possible - and if so, where?
  • Maas will withdraw the worldwide travel warnings from June 15 (update from June 3; 11:25 a.m.). 
  • Italy is now also opening its borders to vacationers (update from June 3; 9:30 a.m.). 
  • Here you will find the basic facts about the corona virus * and the corona news from Germany. You can also find current case numbers in Germany here as a map *. The following recommendations for Corona protective measures * are currently available.

Update of June 3, 4:37 p.m .: Italy has opened its borders to holidaymakers, but many hotels are still closed. In the Bolzano region, which is popular with German tourists, for example, according to estimates by the Hotel and Restaurant Association, only a maximum of 20 percent of businesses opened. The state government in Bolzano said that the exact figures were not available. Italy has allowed citizens from the other 26 EU countries as well as from other countries such as Great Britain or Switzerland to enter the country free of charge since Wednesday.

Update June 3, 16:03:  vacationers in Iceland can directly at the entry to which from 15 June coronavirus get tested. It offers international tourists an alternative to the 14-day quarantine that has been mandatory since April after arriving on the North Atlantic Island, the Icelandic government said.

Summer vacation despite Corona: Maas largely withdraws travel warnings and warns

Update of June 3, 10:43 : Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made a statement on the subject of travel warnings in Germany after a meeting with the Federal Cabinet. The government plans to lift the travel warning in Europe for 31 countries from June 15 . At the European level, there should then be individual travel advice for individual countries. The travel advice is being put together, says Maas. However, this does not automatically mean that tourist trips to the countries are then possible again in all cases. 

A special case would be Great Britain , according to him . There is still a 14-day quarantine for immigrants, beyond June 15th. In Spain, too, curfews would be extended until June 21.    

Heiko Maas urges caution in all loosening. There will be no further return campaign by the federal government for holidaymakers from abroad this summer, Maas emphasizes.  

The lifting of the travel warning therefore includes for the 26 members of the European Union also for Great Britain and the four Schengen area countries that are not members of the EU: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

We decided today to lift the global #travel warning for the EU, Schengen-associated countries and the United Kingdom from June 15th and replace it with individual travel advice. (1/4)

- Heiko Maas (@HeikoMaas) June 3, 2020

Summer vacation despite Corona: Italy opens its borders to tourists

Update of June 3, 9.30 a.m .: It is a special moment: Italy has been opening its borders to holidaymakers again this morning * . After three months, people from the other 26 EU countries as well as Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland are allowed to enter. There is no virus quarantine for two weeks. Previously, foreigners were only allowed to enter the country for a valid reason, such as work. In addition, the Italians are allowed to travel back and forth in the country between the 20 regions.

Summer vacation in Europe: does the travel warning fall earlier?

Update from June 2, 2:20 p.m .: The way for  summer vacation in Europe is free, and much earlier than expected. "We are preparing a decision for the cabinet tomorrow, which is currently still being voted within the government," said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) this Tuesday in Berlin.

Specifically, the travel warnings for the European Union and neighboring countries are to be replaced by travel advice

These are intended to help German citizens where and whether they want to plan their summer vacation in Corona times at short notice. At the start of the corona virus pandemic, Maas had had no hope of vacationing this summer.


German Foreign Minister: Heiko Maas from the SPD.


Summer vacation: mass party on Sylt - police step in

Update of June 2, 12 noon: The Corona spectacle of Kampen : After a mass party on the beach of the Sylt Nobel place, at which Covid-19 protective measures have been largely disregarded, the police are now cracking down . 

So “the path to Buhne16 from the cycle path Inselbahntrasse was blocked. Due to the increasing crowds on the beach and Buhne 16, this is being done by the police, ”said the city of Kampen on its social media channels.

Hashtags such as # crowded or #minimum distance were attached to the posting. According to police, up to 3,500 people had gathered in the area around the well-known beach bistro on Pentecost weekend, celebrating and strolling together in large groups.

Check out this post on Instagram

⚠️ From now on, the route to @ buhne16 is blocked from the Inselbahntrasse cycle path. Due to the increasing demand on the beach and Buhne 16 dies, this is done on police orders. #kampensylt #Kampen # einflirtfürsleben # buhne16 #pfingsten #m Minimum distance # crowded #strand #nordsee #sylt

A post shared by Kampen.Sylt (@ kampen.sylt) on May 30, 2020 at 10:06 p.m. PDT

According to Focus Online , tourists reported that the police and security officers were overwhelmed by the huge rush. Now the authorities are taking action.

Summer vacation despite Corona: mass party polarized in Kampen on Sylt 

Update, June 1, 1:12 p.m .: There were several violations of the corona measures on Pentecost weekend in Sylt's luxury spa town of Kampen . Above all, the area of ​​“Buhne 16” is said to have been affected. A Sylt tourist , who visited the restaurant on Saturday (May 30th), told about a sprawling event and inattentive security guards. 

“The topic of corona measures ” on this weekend of Pentecost and the days before was “ a joke ”. "There was no minimum distance, nor did the two-household rule - it didn't matter." She describes the beach as "bumpy", the people there would have been sitting in groups of 20, drinking and celebrating together.

The only restriction she noticed was that the noble restaurant "Buhne 16" only let in a limited number of people. In her eyes, however, this measure was also “for the cat”, because “hundreds of people” were standing in line in front of the restaurant - without a minimum distance . Security staff and the regulatory office were on site all the time.


Take a vacation despite the corona virus: on some beaches, tourists already gathered at Pentecost (symbol image).

© picture alliance / dpa / -

"They just didn't do anything," she criticized At some point, the security guards would have asked their group whether they consisted of two households, but were satisfied with a short “yes”. At no point did she observe security interventions.

Coronavirus: mass party in Sylter Kurort: "People came from all sides"

Update, May 31, 10:32 p.m .:  Not only in Holland ( see below ), Pentecost attracts numerous people to the beach. Beaches are also well attended in Germany - for example on the North Sea . In the posh Sylt health resort Kampen , however, incredible scenes took place on Saturday (May 30th). As the picture reports, a large number of young people had gathered on the beach at the start of Pentecost holidays - without complying with the prescribed corona rules *. We are talking about 3500 people who were around a beach bar. 

According to the picture, conditions like the American Spring Break ” were described - the young people danced and drank alcohol on the beach. The prescribed safety distance for containment of the corona virus was not observed. The police finally moved in and blocked an entire stretch of beach. Six security guards who were assigned to the beach had previously been overwhelmed with the mass of people. 

Stefanie Böhm, Kampen's mayor , spoke to the newspaper about the incident. It was a " dream weather ". "The young people are in a party mood - which is not possible today, and they have completely ignored it," she explains. People came to the beach "from all sides"

Holiday rush at Pentecost: Germans are crowding on Holland's beaches - not everyone is enthusiastic about it 

First report from May 31, 8:45 p.m .: 

Scheveningen - The Netherlands are ready for opening after the Corona measures - Hotels have already prepared for the rush of Whitsun holidaymakers . In Scheveningen , a district of The Hague , there are already numerous holidaymakers on the beaches

Summer vacation despite the Corona crisis: Germans are pushing themselves to beaches in Holland

However, as the picture reports, some hotel owners are concerned: How should the business run despite special requirements to contain the corona virus *? “Today is the first day in weeks that we are again offering a breakfast buffet. We have long considered how we can implement the corona rules . That is why our guests have breakfast in shifts, ”a hotel owner reports to the newspaper.   

What is interesting about the  rush there in the Corona crisis * is that the majority of holidaymakers  come from Germany . “Usually 50 percent of the guests come from Holland and 35 from Germany. However, we now have 85 percent guests from Germany, ”explains the hotel operator in the picture . Despite the special requirements, most hotel operators are happy that the business has started up again. On Monday (June 1st), the outside catering will be allowed to open again in the Netherlands from 12 noon

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A few weeks before the summer vacation, the federal government wants to withdraw the worldwide travel warning - which still applies to tourists until June 15 - for 31 European countries. In addition to the 26 EU partner countries, these include Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The regulation could be decided today! What is the corona situation in these countries? What rules apply? #summer vacation #summer vacation # vacation #travel warning #coronavirus # covid19 #corona #spain #italia #france # austria #switzerland

A post shared by (@ on May 27, 2020 at 7:22 pm PDT

Holiday rush at Pentecost: Germans are crowding on Holland's beaches - not everyone is enthusiastic about it

However  , a letter published by the Mayors in Scheveningen on Friday (May 29) shows that not all Dutch are enthusiastic about the return of holidaymakers - or the Germans . In it you ask tourists to stay at home. "We miss her. But please do not come if it is not necessary, ”says the picture in the letter. 

With this request, the mayors want to prevent larger crowds - they could favor a larger outbreak of coronavirus *.

Holidays in the Corona crisis: Which countries receive holiday guests from Germany?

Meanwhile, other countries are preparing for border openings and possible holiday guests from Germany . Despite concerns about the corona virus *, several countries want to start tourism again. From Spain, however, came bad news for many vacationers.

However, many Germans are rescheduling in view of the corona pandemic and want to spend a nice time in their own country. But where can you have a nice holiday at Pentecost? An overview shows holiday destinations in Germany *. 


Go on vacation despite the corona virus: This is how you can now find a hotel room

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Rubric list picture: © dpa / Michael Kappeler

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