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Did she fall victim to a crime? Missing Ariadna (19) is dead - lawyer announces parents' statement 


Ariadna from Vienna has been missing since May 11th. Tracer dogs still sensed the traces of the student. Now there is certainty. 

Ariadna from Vienna has been missing since May 11th. Tracer dogs still sensed the traces of the student. Now there is certainty. 

  • 19-year-old Ariadna from Vienna has been missing since May 11th  .
  • Her sister made a public appeal. 
  • Now there is sad certainty. 

Update from June 12, 2020 : Ariadna from Vienna has been missing since May 11, 2020, now there is sad certainty. As the Austrian portal reports today , the body of the 19-year-old was discovered in Vienna. An autopsy should now clarify the cause of death , however, as the portal reports, according to investigators, there is so far no evidence of third party debt. 

Detection dogs would have sensed the traces of the student at a bridge weeks ago, where she might have fallen into the water or jumped. As reported today , the family lawyer has already announced a statement. As Constantin-Adrian Nitu announces to the portal, “things have happened that require commenting”. 

Missing Ariadna: Did she get into the car with a stranger? Parents with tear video to the perpetrator 

Update from May 26, 2020: Ariadna from Vienna has been missing since May 11 , the disappearance of the student remains mysterious. Now the parents and sister of the 19-year-old are publishing a tearful video. Did the young woman fall victim to a crime?

As the sister of the missing person said in conversation with Austrian media a few days ago, Ariadna claimed to be on a date with a young man on the day she disappeared. But after the 19-year-old had not returned the night, Sister Doina contacted the unknown man via Instagram . He said he hadn't seen the 19-year-old in several weeks. Investigators consider his statements to be trustworthy. 

But who did the 19-year-old make up for on the evening of her disappearance? The missing person's cell phone was last located in the Floridsdorf district . A district to which Ariadna and her sister Doina had no connection. A tracker finally sensed the girl's trail in a parking lot. Did the student get in the car with a strange man? 

Vienna: student still missing - tearful video released

In a moving video , the parents of the missing and the sister of the 19-year-old speak up. The two lawyers from Moldova state that they sent the two daughters to Vienna years ago for a better future. There the two sisters live in a house with relatives. 

The family cannot imagine that Ariadna voluntarily stays away from home. The father of the student, who had traveled from Moldova with his wife immediately, tearfully explains that the student should report if she is well. 

The mother of the missing appeals to a possible perpetrator to bring the 19-year-old back. "We are waiting for you," translates the sister of the missing person in tears.

Who killed Helmut from Graz, Austria? The 54-year-old was still bleeding to the neighbors. But there is no trace of his murderer.

Schoolgirl from Vienna missing - sister with terrible suspicions

Update from May 22, 2020: There is still no trace of 19-year-old Ariadna from Vienna . Now the sister of the missing person spoke in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Krone . Accordingly, the student claimed to have met a friend on the night of her disappearance . It should be the third date together. But as it now turns out, this was obviously not true. 

As the sister of the missing person explains, the traces of the schoolgirl had been sensed by trace dogs all the way to the Floridsdorf district. "Is she still alive? Has she been dead long ago? Was she kidnapped by a madman, is she tortured? These are the questions that are constantly on my mind, ”the sister of the 19-year-old shows desperately in the interview

Ariadna from Vienna still missing - was she kidnapped?

Ariadna is said to have left the apartment shortly after 8:30 p.m., the 19-year-old previously said that she wanted to go on a third date with a man unknown to her sister. When the student had not returned around 11 p.m., her concerned sister contacted the young man herself.

Sister Doina actually reached the young man via Instagram . But he said he last saw the 19-year-old on May 6. A date on the evening of the disappearance was not planned. 

The police estimated the details of the young man, according to crown a trusted. As evaluations of the young woman's cell phone show shortly afterwards, Ariadna was already on March 13 in the said district, to which the two sisters actually have no connection. Back then, Ariadna claimed to be dating her boyfriend. 

According to Krone, sniffer dogs now sniffed out the smell of the missing in a parking lot in the Floridsdorf district. Did the student meet an unknown man here? Could she get in a car? The criminal investigation department continues to investigate the missing person case. 

Since 1999, there has been no trace of Hilal from Hamburg, who was 10 at the time, and now her brother is speaking.

Schoolgirl from Vienna missing - family is looking feverishly

Original article from May 18, 2020: Vienna - Since May 11, Ariadna-Beatrice P. from Vienna has been missing any trace. The student only wanted to leave the apartment briefly that evening to meet a friend. Since that moment there is no trace of her. 

Vienna: Missing student - sister with desperate call

As the Austrian media report, the sister of the missing person reportedly filed a missing person report the next day. Her sister Doina explains in searches on Facebook that the student is attending high school in Ettenreichgasse. 

So far, nothing is known about the exact background of Ariadna's disappearance , but the Austrian “Krone” wants to know that the 19-year-old left the apartment around 9:00 pm to meet her boyfriend. 

Vienna / Austria: Ariadna missing - lawyer expresses terrible suspicions

Accordingly, the person is said to be a previously unknown man whom Ariadna had previously met only once. In an interview with the newspaper, the family lawyer , Constantin-Adrian Nitu, fears a crime . "We grope in the dark. Because there has been no trace of Ariadna-Beatrice since she left the apartment on Monday evening, ”explains Nitu. 

As the sister of the 19-year-old explained to the "Krone", the missing person had no luggage with her: "Ariadna had only gone out lightly dressed. Apart from her cell phone and her ticket , she took nothing with her. ”The fact that the young woman could do something to herself is excluded. 

Vienna: Missing students - investigation now intensified

As the lawyer pointed out to the newspaper, the fact that there was an unknown man in the student's life has now intensified the investigation by the  State Criminal Police Office

A student is also missing in Munich , but the police are also looking for the mother of the 16-year-old. The husband of the 41-year-old is considered an urgent suspect. He is in custody, but remains silent on the allegations.

Since July 2018, Alexandra May from Eutin has been missing any trace. The 47-year-old disappeared on the way to her parents.

Source: merkur

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