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Coronavirus July 2, minute by minute: The pandemic could leave 41 million people unemployed in Latin America and the Caribbean


Latin America and the Caribbean could record a historic historical number of unemployment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the International Labor Organization (ILO) warned in a n…

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4 hours ago

The United States records at least 2,735,554 coronavirus cases and 128,684 deaths

According to the Johns Hopkins University count, there are at least 2,735,554 cases of coronavirus in the United States and at least 128,684 people have died from the virus.

Johns Hopkins on Thursday reported 47,966 new cases and 579 deaths.

These figures include infections in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and other United States territories, as well as repatriated cases.

8 hours ago

Confirmed cases of covid-19 in the region

(Credit: CLAUDIO CRUZ / AFP via Getty Images)

In Argentina they report 69,941 positive cases and 1,385 deaths related to the disease

In Brazil, 1,496,858 cases of covid19 and 61,884 deaths related to the disease are confirmed

This Thursday the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that in the last 24 hours they have registered 48,105 new cases of the new coronavirus and 1,252 deaths related to the disease.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bolivia reach 35,528 and the deceased 1,271

Colombia: 106,110 positive cases of covid-19 and 3,614 deaths

Costa Rica records 4,023 coronavirus cases and 18 deaths

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health confirmed this Thursday that the number of deaths from the coronavirus rose to 18.

Guatemala registers 20,072 coronavirus cases and 843 deaths

The Guatemalan Ministry of Health confirmed this Thursday 20,072 coronavirus cases of which 3,279 have recovered and 843 have died.

The report adds two more deceased, clarifying that they died "due to no fault of the covid -19".

Mexico is close to registering 30,000 deaths from the coronvirus

The Ministry of Health of Mexico confirmed this Thursday 238,511 cases of coronaviruses in that country of which 29,189 have died.

Paraguay confirms 2,303 coronavirus cases

The Paraguayan Ministry of Health confirmed 43 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, bringing the total number of infections to 2,303. The death toll stood at 19. In a post on Twitter, they reported that 1,108 recovered and 30 people are hospitalized, four of them in intensive care.

Peru approaches 293,000 positive cases of covid-19 and exceeds 10,000 deaths

In Peru they report 292,004 positive cases of covid-19 and 10,045 deaths related to the disease.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Dominican Republic exceed 34,000

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Dominican Republic reached 34,197 and deaths totaled 765, the Ministry of Health said in a statement on Thursday.

The country registered 810 new cases and 11 deaths in the last 24 hours.

According to the Ministry, to date there are 18,141 people who have recovered.

In Uruguay there are 947 confirmed cases of covid-19 and 28 deaths related to the disease.

In Venezuela, confirmed cases of coronavirus reach 6,273 and 57 deaths related to the disease.

With information from Jessica Hasbún and Michelle Mendoza

9 hours ago

The pandemic could leave 41 million people unemployed in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Tatiana Arias

(Credit: JOAQUIN SARMIENTO / AFP via Getty Images)

Latin America and the Caribbean could record a record historical unemployment number as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the International Labor Organization (ILO) warned in a new report released on Wednesday.

“The unemployment rate could increase by between 4 and 5 percentage points, bringing the number of unemployed in the region to a record high of 41 million people. If the crisis worsens, the employment situation could worsen, amplifying social inequalities, ”says the report.

Before the pandemic affected Latin America and the Caribbean, the unemployment rate in the region was 8.1%, or around 26 million people at the end of 2019, according to the ILO.

The latest ILO report analyzes data from the World Bank, which estimates a 7.2% drop in economic growth in the region, leading to an unemployment rate of 12.3%. The ILO also analyzed the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which estimate an economic contraction of 9.4%, resulting in an unemployment rate of 13%.

"In absolute numbers, these rates imply an increase in the number of people looking for a job and not getting it; from 26 million before the pandemic to 41 million in 2020, ”ILO specialists explained during a virtual press conference on Wednesday.

The ILO report says that the majority of workers in various economic sectors are now at high risk of unemployment due to the pandemic. About 40% of people with high risk of unemployment work in high risk economic sectors such as hospitality, food service, small businesses and labor, another 17% are in medium to high risk sectors , and only 20% of the workforce participates in low-risk economic activities, such as government, education, and health.


9 hours ago

Brazil approaches 1.5 million cases of coronavirus

By Rodrigo Pedroso, Taylor Barnes

(Credit: CARL DE SOUZA / AFP via Getty Images)

The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported 48,105 new cases of new coronaviruses on Thursday, bringing the country's total to at least 1,496,858.

The number of new cases reported on Thursday is the second highest reported by Brazil during the pandemic.

The largest number reported by Brazil in a 24-hour period occurred on June 19 when the ministry reported 54,771 new cases, an increase the government said at the time was due in part to "instability" in the way that a few Populated states exported their data.

The ministry also reported 1,252 new covid-19 deaths on Thursday, bringing the number of deaths nationwide to 61,884.

9 hours ago

Downward trend in Chile of new coronavirus infections

By Cristopher Ulloa

Credit: Marcelo Hernandez / Getty Images

This Thursday the Chilean Health Minister, Enrique Paris, stated that in the southern country there is a downward trend in new covid-19 infections and that there is an improvement, adding that "the country continues to have a fever, but the amount of fever he has now is much, much lower. ”

In their latest report, the health authorities reported 2,498 new cases of covid-19 in the last day and 167 deaths reported in the Civil Registry. With these latest figures, the country accumulates a total of 284,541 infections and 5,920 deaths since the pandemic began.

"No one has said that Chile has won the battle, quite the contrary. It is better to keep fighting, keep working hard, because although we are evolving well, we have not yet discharged this country from the coronavirus pandemic, "said Paris. READ MORE .

9 hours ago

The Mayor of Miami is "extremely concerned" about the spread of covid-19 over the weekend of July 4

Miami, Florida Mayor Francis Suarez said he is "extremely concerned" about the spread of the coronavirus over the weekend of July 4 if people don't take precautions.

Suarez said the city has seen an increase in cases after long weekends like Memorial Day and high school and college graduations. He said the city is taking steps to prevent that from happening again.

“We have canceled the events of July 4th so that people are not tempted to gather. The beaches are closed. We will enforce that. We hope that the app will prevent people from congregating and require that people wear the masks that we know will protect them, ”he told CNN on Thursday.

Suarez added that contact trackers have also found that the virus has spread after parties at home. He said he agreed with Dr. Deborah Birx's recommendation that all Florida residents who attended mass meetings be tested, even if they have no symptoms.

“I would absolutely recommend that you do that. I think what happens often is that we are seeing a lot, anecdotally, of a sick person and then the whole family gets sick, ”he said.

"I absolutely believe that it is a very wise decision for everyone to get tested," he added.

9 hours ago

Records show 11-year-old boy is youngest to die of covid-19 in Florida

By Denise Royal

An 11-year-old boy from Miami-Dade County is the youngest person to die of complications from covid-19, according to the Florida Department of Health.

According to the latest health records, he is the third child in Florida to die of complications from the virus. The others were a 16-year-old girl in Lee County and a 17-year-old boy in Pasco County.

Records show that the 11-year-old death is not a travel-related case, but it's unclear whether the boy recently had close contact with someone who had covid-19.

The latest figures: As of last Friday, about 7,000 young people in Florida have tested positive for a new coronavirus.

12 hours ago

In Peru there are already more than 10,000 deaths from covid-19

(Credit: CESAR VON BANCELS / AFP via Getty Images)

Peru is approaching 293,000 positive cases of covid-19 and exceeds 10,000 deaths related to the disease, reported the Ministry of Health on Thursday.

UPDATE | This is the situation of the coronavirus # COVID19 in Peru until 00:00 on July 2. # PerúEsEstaEnNuestrasManos.

More information:
Situational room:

- Ministry of Health (@Minsa_Peru) July 2, 2020

12 hours ago

Minister of the Presidency of Bolivia tests positive for coronavirus

By Florencia Trucco

(Credit: AIZAR RALDES / AFP via Getty Images)

The Minister of the Bolivian Presidency, Yerko Núñez, tested positive for coronavirus. According to a statement released Thursday by the interim government, the official, who is one of the leaders in the fight against the pandemic, was touring different regions of the country, coordinating different activities. They added that his state of health is stable and he is in isolation. "President Jeanine Áñez and the Cabinet of State Ministers express the wish for a speedy recovery," the official note concluded.

17 hours ago

US to Have 40 to 50 Million Tests Per Month in Fall, Health Experts Estimate

By Amanda Watts

Brett Giroir, the United States' undersecretary of health, speaks at the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Commission hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on June 30. Al Drago / AFP / Getty Images

US Department of Health and Human Services undersecretary of health Admiral Brett Giroir told lawmakers Thursday that to date, the country has conducted more than 35 million covid-19 tests and is now averaging "More than 550,000 tests per day".

Speaking to the House of Representatives subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis where the national arsenal was discussed, Giroir said he estimates the country will have the capacity to perform 40 to 50 million tests per month by fall.

Giroir did not specify what type of test he is referring to, whether they verify the current infection or those that verify past infection. It is also important to note that many people have received multiple tests.

"With new emerging techniques such as sample pooling, combined with investments and point-of-care technologies, that number could be readily available at 80 million per month if needed," said Giroir.

17 hours ago

Pence reiterates that it is not necessary to make the use of face masks mandatory, despite the increase in cases of covid-19

By Nicky Robertson

Vice President Mike Pence during a question and answer session with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on July 1, 2020. (AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin)

US Vice President Mike Pence rejected the idea of ​​making the use of face masks mandatory. When asked about a national mandate on masks in an interview on CNBC, Pence replied: "I don't think a national mandate is necessary."

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he does not believe a mandate is needed to make the use of face masks mandatory.

Pence noted that Trump instructed him to make sure states that are seeing an increase in the number of coronavirus cases have everything they need.

"We are going to stay with these states that are seeing cases on the rise every step of the way," said Pence.

Pence said the government supports the governors who are pausing to reopen, however, Pence also said "but we will continue to open the United States again."

"The supplies of PPE (personal protective equipment) are strong, the evidence is strong, there are more therapeutic drugs available every day," said Pence.

Meanwhile, a growing number of states across the US have mandated the use of face masks and covers while in public.

With many states beginning to lift coronavirus restrictions, more people are venturing out in public, but the number of cases continues to rise in almost half of them.

17 hours ago

New York to open schools in September, says Mayor Bill de Blasio

By Sheena Jones

New York City public schools will open in September, Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a covid-19 press conference Thursday.

The mayor said that schools will have a maximum number of students who can attend school in September according to the space they can convert into learning areas that support social distancing.

In some cases where all students cannot attend class, they can have overwhelming schedules, the mayor said.

Remember: Ultimately, the Governor will make the decision about whether schools will open in the fall.

Schools are still in the process of putting together plans to go back to school, New York City Chancellor of Schools Richard Carranza said during the press conference.

21 hours ago

US hospitals prepare for yet another wave of covid-19

By Christina Maxouris

Inside a Houston hospital partially transformed into a specialized coronavirus unit, a doctor says it is expected to reach capacity within the next 14 days.

"In the past three weeks, I have seen more admissions and sicker patients than in the previous 10 weeks," said Dr. Joseph Varon, medical director of United Memorial Medical Center. "It has been an exponential increase in the severity of the disease and in the number of cases that we admit."

Similar scenes are recorded in other hospitals in the United States.

At least 12 states are seeing an increase in daily hospitalizations, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week.

The trend is worrying: A sharp surge in patients can once again overwhelm hospitals, making critical resources, including staff, beds and fans, scarce.

The increases come weeks after many states began reopening their economies after prolonged closings designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The relaxation measures fueled the rapid spread of the virus and the influx of new patients needing hospitalization, some doctors said.

"I live near a beach, and you can see it's like a party every day," said Dr. David De La Zerda, ICU medical director and pulmonologist at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

22 hours ago

Coronavirus Cases in the US Military Doubled in 3 Weeks

By Barbara Starr, Jamie Crawford, and Paul LeBlanc

The number of active duty servicemen infected with the new coronavirus has more than doubled in the past three weeks, according to figures released by the Department of Defense.

As of Wednesday, 6,493 members of the US Army had the virus, up from 2,807 on June 10. And in the past two weeks alone, the number of cases in the Air Force has nearly doubled. On June 15, there were 700 cases reported, but by Monday that number had risen to 1,366.

The increase in cases occurs when at least 19 states have paused or reversed their reopening plans in response to an increase in new infections.

Defense officials say the "spike" in cases at military installations has occurred "largely around where we are seeing it in civilian communities, in Florida, Texas, Arizona, some parts of California," according to Thomas McCaffrey, undersecretary of defense for health affairs.

The Air Force in particular is observing a "tipping point" in San Antonio, where Lackland Air Force Base is located, according to an official. There are also concerns about various Air Force facilities in Florida, the official said.

22 hours ago

Groom died of coronavirus two days after his wedding

By Swati Gupta

A man died two days after his wedding after becoming infected with the new coronavirus in the state of Bihar in eastern India.

Kishore Chaudhary, medical director of state capital Patna, told CNN that 80 guests tested positive after 400 people underwent tests a week ago.

The wedding took place two weeks ago in the Paliganj division in Bihar.

Patients who tested positive were taken to a local treatment center.

19 hours ago

6 FC Dallas players test positive for coronavirus

By Nicole Chavez and David Close

Six FC Dallas players have tested positive for covid-19 since arriving in Florida prior to the upcoming "MLS is Back Tournament," the United States Soccer League reported.

Two of the players tested positive for covid-19 after the team was evaluated Saturday when they arrived in Orlando, Florida. Four others have tested positive in the past two days, the MLS said in a statement Wednesday.

The players, who have not been identified, are isolated in the team hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort, site of the tournament that will begin on July 8.

This occurs when major league sports in the US begin to execute their plans to play amid the pandemic, and as coronavirus cases across the country skyrocket.

1 day ago

The US recorded the highest number of new covid-19 cases in a single day

By Dave Alsup and Joe Sutton

The United States recorded a record number of new coronavirus cases in a single day on Wednesday, with 50,203 new infections reported, according to Johns Hopkins University.

So far there have been at least 2 million 685,806 cases of coronavirus in the US, according to the university.

Wednesday's total dwarfs the previous high of new cases in the country reached on June 26, when 45,255 new coronavirus cases were reported across the country, according to Johns Hopkins data.

1 day ago

Cuba will partially reopen its capital on Friday

By Patrick Oppmann

Havana will begin a partial reopening on Friday, Cuban Prime Minister Marrero Cruz said Wednesday night.

Cuba closed its borders in March, canceling all regular commercial flights to and from the island, and was subject to strict confinement after three Italian tourists were diagnosed with coronavirus.

But recently a gradual reduction in restrictions began as infections decreased.

The reopening in Havana will allow restaurants, bars and other businesses to operate again, but with limited capacity, the prime minister said. Residents of Havana will also be able to visit the beach for the first time in almost three months.

However, international travel to and from most of Cuba will remain suspended.

The main island of Cuba, where Havana is located, remains closed to international tourists. However, visitors will be able to travel to five offshore islands, which the Cuban government has developed for tourism.

As of Wednesday, the country had recorded 86 deaths and 2,348 cases of coronavirus, according to Cuban health officials.

1 day ago

Mexico surpasses Spain in death toll from covid-19

By Matt Rivers and Karol Suárez

Credit: Jacky Muniello / picture-alliance / dpa / AP Images

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Mexico exceeded that of Spain on Wednesday, according to figures published by the Health Secretariat of the Latin American country.

Mexico reported 741 new deaths in the last 24 hours, with a total of 28,510 deaths. The total number of fatalities in Spain was 28,364 as of Wednesday night, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

Mexico now has the sixth highest number of deaths from covid-19 in the world.

The Mexican Ministry of Health also reported 5,681 new confirmed cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases to 231,770.

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