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The crime of Fabián Gutiérrez: the judge still does not have the results of the autopsy and the 4 detainees began to reinforce their alibis


Facundo Zaeta, the main suspect in the murder of the former Kirchner secretary, has not yet testified. Carlos Telleldín joined his defense and is already in Santa Cruz.

07/11/2020 - 15:56

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Justice is still awaiting the results of the autopsy to advance the investigation into the crime of Fabián Gutiérrez, the former secretary of the Kirchners, while the defenses of the four detainees reinforce his alibis.

This Saturday marks a week since the security forces found Gutiérrez's body half-buried at the bottom of a house on the outskirts of El Calafate, in Santa Fe.

The case generated an enormous political commotion and forced the national government and President Alberto Fernández himself to speak out to reject the proposals they made from Together for Change, they considered that it was a crime of "extreme institutional gravity" because, they recalled, the A former official was a witness in the cause of the corruption notebooks.  

Beyond the political crossings, the investigation has advanced in recent days with investigative statements, the presentation of requests for challenges and witness presentations.

Meanwhile, the lawyers for the detainees began to reinforce their positions to disassociate them from the fact, fundamentally one of them, which complicated the rest of the accused. 

Next Tuesday the term that the judge Carlos Narvarte, who is carrying out the case, expires to define the procedural fate of all of them . The magistrate could postpone his decision, if he considers it necessary.

Fabián Gutiérrez. (Photo telam)

The 4 detainees do not exceed 23 years: they are Facundo and Agustín Zaeta , Pedro Monzón and Facundo Gómez .

The judge tries to reveal the participation, or not, of each of them in the crime. Defense attorneys and the complaint work at the wrong time to present evidence and testimony.

Both Facundo Zaeta and his brother Agustín are represented by Dr. Carlos Muriete, but the collaboration of a lawyer from El Calafate, Jonatan Masters and the controversial Carlos Telleldín , who is already in that city and awaits the result of the swab , are added, since he traveled from Buenos Aires and should fulfill the mandatory quarantine.

One by one, the detainees

Facundo Zaeta , 19, would be the most complicated judicially. He has not yet acceded to the preliminary statement . There would be evidence to locate him at the crime scene. Given this, the defense would seek to advance violent emotion as a motive for crime.

Agustín Zaeta , his 23-year-old brother, gave an investigative statement before the judge. He would have positioned the other three detainees in the crime, but withdrew, claiming that he wanted to help his brother by hiding vital evidence: bloody clothing and sheets. But the police detained him with all these items the night of the investigation.

Facundo Zaeta, one of the accused for the crime

"He explained that he had no relationship, in what they were doing or were doing Facundo Zaeta, Facundo Gómez and Pedro Monzón , they handled each other en bloc for a friendship" and Agustín Zaeta "had their friends separately," he explained in statements to the press. local Carlos Muriete, the lawyer in charge of the Zaeta defense. 

As explained, Agustín Zaeta, on the day of the events "has alibis from where he attended, with doctors, etc., and at night he remained at home, until the other day, so at no time does he locate him in the place of done, not even close. ”

" He provided his phone and the unlock code so that they see that he has nothing to hide," said the lawyer. 

Muriete added that Agustín "saw that there were bloody clothes on the bed where his brother (Facundo) sleeps, grabbed it and put it in his truck to throw it away."

Often, he considered that this fact would not "fit into an act of cover-up, because he had no previous promise, and because it was a reflex act in defense of his brother. " "This releases him from responsibility," he assured. 

Judge Carlos Narvarte investigates the disappearance and death of Fabián Gutiérrez, ex-secretary of Cristina Kirchner.

Pedro Monzón , 18 years old,he is the first to make an investigative statement. He asked to testify. He would have collaborated with the cleaning and transfer of Fabián Gutiérrez's body to the cabin where he was half-buried.

His participation would not have been decisive in the crime and this is why his lawyer would have recommended that he tell what he knows and thus be able to get him released until the day of the trial.

Maximiliano Gómez, 23, is the grandson of a former Peronist mayor of El Calafate. So far, he did not testify and little is known about his participation in this fact, nor is the defense's strategy.

He would have been the first to break , after the bride had seen him arrive with dirt and mud stains on his clothes and hands.

He is about to become a father and this situation would have triggered him to break down and count where the body was. He would be involved in covering up the Gutiérrez crime.

Dollars and a robbery

Fabián Gutiérrez with Cristina Kirchner.

Meanwhile, the Gutierrez family lawyer, Sandro Levín, awaits the response to his request to add Gabriel Giordano to the complaint. A technicality keeps this situation in suspense because Giordano was a prosecutor and provincial law prevents former officials from being plaintiffs in the five years after leaving their positions.

For the complaint, Gutiérrez was killed to hide a robbery . To justify this hypothesis, 7 witnesses presented. All would be friends of the assassinated ex-official and would realize that the victim would have a significant amount of money, in dollars.

According to the complaint this would have been discovered by those involved and that is why they produced the robbery. Death could be framed in the aggravating circumstance of "Criminis Causa", that is: "kill to avoid being recognized".

Of the 7 witnesses presented by the complaint, 6 testified, one of them, from Rosario, would have tested positive for Coronavirus and is therefore being treated at the El Calafate hospital.

Report: Nicolás Revello, from Santa Cruz. 

Source: clarin

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