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The violence after the demonstration: severe clashes with police and roadblocks in Tel Aviv | Israel today


| politicalAt the end of the demonstration, protesters blocked central axes in the heart of the city, including Azrieli Junction and Rothschild Boulevard. After the protest rally ended in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv this Saturday (Saturday), several hundred protesters in the city blocked major traffic jams. The rally continued into the night as it escalated as police tried to disperse the protesters. During th...

At the end of the demonstration, protesters blocked central axes in the heart of the city, including Azrieli Junction and Rothschild Boulevard.

After the protest rally ended in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv this Saturday (Saturday), several hundred protesters in the city blocked major traffic jams. The rally continued into the night as it escalated as police tried to disperse the protesters. During the demonstrations, police officers were attacked and tear gas and bottles thrown at them, three police officers were lightly injured. 19 protesters were arrested on suspicion of public order violations. A demonstrator smashed the glass of a bank branch with the help of a stone.

Police say that "violators of the order have continued to make a loss while causing vandalism in the avenue, including arson bins.

Several dozen rioters continue to violate public order and block Rothschild Boulevard in Yavne in Tel Aviv. Which was licensed at the beginning of the evening, these rioters are in violation of the law and harm the public order. "

Arrests at the end of the protest in Tel Aviv // Photo: Avi Cohen

"During the riot, one of the bank branches in the area broke even. The police are now working to disperse the rioters and will not allow the continued rioting and damage to the fabric of life," the police added.

At the end of the protest, protesters walked and blocked the streets of Ibn Gvirol, Kaplan, London Minister, King Saul Boulevard and made their way towards the Azrieli junction with the aim of descending to Ayalon. The protesters settled on the road and police prevented them from reaching the freeway. 

After arriving at Azrieli Junction, they made their way back to Ibn Gvirol through Fourth Street, without any response from the police. During the walk, protesters began confronting the police. At least two protesters were arrested. The focal points of the demonstration were split into 2: some of the protesters headed toward Rothschild Boulevard and Herzl Street, and the second part focused on Hasmonean Street, the locksmith-Isaac Sadeh, and the descent toward Ayalon lanes.

Protests were also held in Jerusalem, during which police arrested 10 suspects who violated the order. Police say police continue to operate at the scene.

The protests of the self-employed and business owners ended in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, in the presence of thousands of people. 

The rally included a series of non-politician labor sectors, as speech subjects were only among the victims of the virus in an attempt to prevent the rallying vote in a particular political context. Protesters hold signs of "cut off tired", "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies" and "War - Flow money" and read "No money, no bread, no hope."

After the protest - Protesters block streets in Tel Aviv // Photo: Dan Lavi, Avi Cohen

A nice Avinoam, father of five, and an incoming tour company owner said: "My business is a decades-long business," and began to cry, "On March 12, everything was deleted - everyone was sacked, the offices closed and the door closed. "I don't want our livelihoods to go down the drain. My sense that if we don't have food we will go down below any threshold that exists in the world. The area is burning. Don't you understand that?

Lily Ben Shalom, owner of the LELA restaurant in the Carmel market, said: "I am an entrepreneur in the soul, supporting proudly a whole generation of young people. Many challenges have come, but the greater difficulty now. Nothing has ever overwhelmed me. Corona has arrived after 12 years in the field This is me too, almost giving in. I don't know how to fight this thing. Does anyone here know that? Why are we all here? It's a death blow. Do you think it's a death blow? And why a death? Because there's no horizon, no due date. ".

Ben Shalom added: "People are scared to come and right - when there is no livelihood then as an independent you expect to get what you deserve. What did we ask for?

Haim Hersberg, 36, lives in Tel Aviv. Owners of the "Mondo 2000" club. About to close due to the crisis. "I am full of the desire to bring them good to the country where I grew up. I am helpless with the state, with the government and I ask you - does anyone feel that way? There are tens of thousands of people here. We all create jobs, communities, ideas and dreams.

"Motivate the economy and today we are powerless. Me and my partners are going to close the business and give up our dream. I chose to uphold this Israeli-Zionist idea. I dream of continuing to honor and pay taxes and support business owners in the field. A public figure, but you don't have to be a doctor to understand that something here is fundamentally ill, "Hershberg added. 

Moran Weisberg, 39, married +2th Anniversary: ​​"I have no heartbreaking story. I am not famous and want to go back to a boring life. Until six months ago I was happy and significant at work. Until Corona. Tell me what the horizon is. But if you said something, don't break it Your word. "

Tomer Fist, 32, stage manager. Mentally challenged (battle shock). "I'm standing here excited. Last March I woke up to the reality that I was eating the savings. Eating beautiful words without cover we will receive compensation. Do you get the madness? The State of Israel robbed me every day. I want to thank the Israeli government that woke us up. My friends don't have bread. "

Reut Guloch, a travel company owner, attacked the government: "We are broke. We do not exist? We do not deserve to live? Citizens. The people are losing patience and reaching the red line. You have had 4 months and you have failed. A lot of promises and very few acts. The Prime Minister will come and take care of this people. Why should we come here to demonstrate?

"The government asked us not to work? We kept the laws of course and did what was necessary. But what did the state do? Nothing! Now the government still wants us to say thank you for keeping us in good health. Ido protests, Soundman from Hod Hasharon: "The government has only our messengers - but they have forgotten it already. I love the country, but if it does not give me respect as a person how will I honor it?"

Jeanette, who owns a clothing store, came to a demonstration in Netanya. "We are sick of it. I want money in my bank account. It is possible to check how much everyone earned on average last year. What is bureaucracy? These are excuses, first of all bring the money we deserve. I pay taxes all my life to help me if there is a crisis but when Games are coming with me in "tomorrow" and "patience." It's time to say - until now. "

Moti having a shuttle business raises most criticism. "The government is cut off and it's too expensive for us this time. It's not Tzachi Negbi, it's the whole government. They think they will calm us down with a meeting on Friday? We will only calm down when we get what we deserve. Mine is on the table and there is no chance we will give up. "

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"We are aware of the protestors' desire to voice their outcry and their pain and therefore, in order to enable the protest right, the police call on the protest participants to strictly observe the conditions as emphasized on keeping away from distress and soulmate and remember that these are public health guidelines concerning mental health," the police report states.

Source: israelhayom

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