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[Interview] Six million active buyers surged in February


Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people's online shopping demand has increased greatly, and e-commerce has become a miracle in the market. Xu Bayn, general manager of eBay's business development in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, said that the epidemic has reduced the number of people going out, and many online shopping and take-away

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Written by: Kuang Yueting

2020-07-20 07:30

Last update date: 2020-07-20 07:30

Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people's online shopping demand has increased greatly, and e-commerce has become a miracle in the market. Xu Bayn, general manager of eBay's business development in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, said that the epidemic has reduced the number of people going out. Many online shopping and takeaway platform businesses have recorded increases. Benefiting from this, it is estimated that eBay's total merchandise transaction value (GMV) increased by 23% to 26% year-on-year in the second quarter.

She believes that after this battle, it will change the consumer habits of the public, and it is expected that e-commerce will become a major trend in the future, and the epidemic city will be rushed to the beach. "As a merchant, you need to adjust the proportion of online (offline) and offline (offline) business. Customers always want to touch the product, especially the shirt, you will want to try it, but it is household goods and mobile phones. Maybe You can get the same model with the same performance, then go online and buy Zhonghao!"

eBay has 174 million active users worldwide, and the four major markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Europe. (Screenshot of eBay Hong Kong website)

eBay is an auction website. It was originally positioned as a C2C (consumer-to-consumer) trading platform. However, in recent years, the e-commerce giant has seized power. Xu Songen said that eBay has also been changing and innovating, and gradually evolved into a "B2C (business-to-consumer. ”” platform, the four major markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Europe. At present, 79% of the items on the platform are brand-new products, and 90% are single-price products.

Xu Songen believes that under the transformation of digital commerce, Hong Kong sellers have many opportunities for business development, so eBay hopes to help them expand their business in the global market, such as drone company DJI Innovation, Dasa, Sasha 0178﹚, Zhuo Yue﹙0653﹚ And Yishijia, a home appliance company, are sellers on the eBay platform.

Famous brands and large companies generally have their own online stores. What are the benefits of entering eBay? Xu Songen explained that this move can attract more active users to browse their products, and can also place limited-edition products on eBay auctions. For example, eBay America has collaborated with Nike, and Japan’s highest-priced artist Nara Michi also put his work on the platform. Go to auction.

Xu Songen said that eBay cooperates with different companies to attract more active users for its products. ﹙EBay facebook picture﹚

Zhai economy heads up, dumbbell sales soar 3000%

Under the epidemic situation, the home economy is on the rise, and the e-commerce industry sells intelligence. Xu Songen said that the epidemic has kept people at home, driving sales of goods for work, entertainment and sports at home. Taking eBay US as an example, the sales of network cameras increased by 2000% year-on-year. VR (virtual reality) glasses, game controllers and games Machine sales rose 590%, 265%, and 245%, while dumbbells and gymnastic mats rose 3000% and 610%.

She revealed that between April and May, eBay added or reactivated approximately 6 million active buyers globally, and expects GMV to increase 23% to 26% year-on-year in the second quarter. In order to further attract new and existing buyers, eBay has made new investments in marketing and technology, and will hold different activities. The platform will later carry out back to school (back to school) discounts, followed by Halloween discounts, Buyers can purchase goods at discounted prices during these special times. On the other side, the fourth quarter of each year is the peak season for e-commerce. Thanks to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas, it will further promote the online shopping boom.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are big days for online shopping, and major stores and online shopping platforms will shove discounts to attract customers. (Profile picture)

Xu Songen believes that if the seller wants to seize the next wave of business opportunities, he should start preparing goods and overseas warehouses in the second quarter to shorten the procurement and shipping time. In order to make sellers more comfortable when doing cross-border trade, eBay will use big data for in-depth market analysis, provide advice to sellers on store operations, logistics, brand management, goods management, etc., help them understand the latest industry information, and formulate Corresponding market strategy. "Compared with other e-commerce platforms, we have more capital flow. If the seller rings eBay to sell the goods, it will receive money quickly, and eBay has 174 million active users. The sales network covers all parts of the world! "

Focus on improving user experience outsourcing logistics team

However, compared with other e-commerce giants, eBay does not have its own logistics team. Xu Songen explained that each company has a different focus. eBay focuses on improving the user experience of sellers and buyers. In terms of logistics, the platform will work with third-party logistics providers to provide SpeedPAK logistics management solutions, which cover goods receipt, classification, Air freight, import customs clearance and "last mile delivery" and other logistics procedures, and has a tracking service, the selling point of this service is fast, stable and cost-effective.

The outbreak affected shipments, and eBay also recruited support. "Taking Hong Kong as an example to send goods to the United States. Before the outbreak, if the seller adopted the scheme, the goods would arrive in 5 days at the earliest, but after the outbreak, the aircraft space was tight. The goods will only arrive on the 20th, and the company has provided subsidies to reduce shipping costs."

Xu Songen said frankly that sellers in Greater China need to take good care of the goods, eliminate fakes, and pay attention to both quality and price, otherwise it will be difficult to attract overseas buyers to buy goods. (Photo by Huang Shuhui)

Online shopping, most afraid of buying fakes, so how does eBay ensure that the products sold on the platform are genuine? Xu Songen emphasized that the eBay platform has a "zero tolerance" attitude towards counterfeit goods. The company established the Protected Intellectual Property Rights Program Verified Rights Owner (VeRo Project) as early as 1998 to facilitate users to report any violation of intellectual property rights. After receiving the report, eBay will immediately investigate the products listed and take corresponding measures. At the same time, eBay has a Money Back Guarantee (refund guarantee program) to protect consumers. The platform also has a team to regularly check the ratings of buyers to sellers. For example, if the ratio of item not received by a seller is too high, the platform will limit the number of products that the seller publishes and even block the account. In addition, eBay launched the "eBay AUTHENTICATE" program, where a verifier provides verification procedures for expensive goods. If the item is found to be counterfeit after inspection, the platform will refund the buyer.

Asked about the impact of the rising friction between China and the United States, Xu Songen felt that although the United States may adopt different policies for Hong Kong, it may not have too much impact on eBay’s local sellers. All because e-commerce sellers do not have physical stores, and rental pressure has been reduced. "Only one A computer can solve the logistics problem to do business. eBay will always check the market and solve the supply chain difficulties for sellers."

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