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The best street food arrives on Netflix in “Street Food Latin America”


From the creators of the “Chef's Table” program, comes “Street Food Latin America” with a new street culinary adventure in 6 countries in the region: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Bo…

Six cities in Latin America will show the world various street dishes that will make more than one person feel hungry in the new Netflix series "Street Food Latin America" ​​(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

(CNN Spanish) - Diverse stories of Latin American women that show how they have fought to become an icon of food in our region are part of the Netflix series "Street Food Latin America".

This 6-chapter serial is based on the “Chef's Table” program ,  and will travel through 6 Latin American countries to explore the culture of street food in Oaxaca, Mexico; Salvador, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima Peru; Bogotá, Colombia, and La Paz, Bolivia. Each episode will focus on the stories of perseverance and culture that bring the gastronomy of each locality to life.

David Gelb and Brian McGinn, executive producers of this franchise, spoke from Los Angeles, California, about this broadcast from the 6 cities of Latin America: “The most difficult thing to do this version of Latin America, is that we only have 6 episodes and so many possibilities to show, especially for the great variety of cities and countries that exist and that each one has its distinctive seal. We are two people living in Los Angeles, California, and what we wanted was to approach local experts. We were looking for diversity and types of food and that we could also tell a story, ”says David Gelb.

For his part, Brian McGinn says that the audience will be able to know these cities through their food: “One of the things that we have discovered in the 5 years that we have been producing this franchise all over the world, is that food is a universal language and it transcends all kinds of information and people. People know the traditions of each city and countries and how they come together. We all have to eat at the end of the day and with this program, you can take ideas. ”

Each episode shows 3-5 dishes and stories. Most of them are stories about women, who generally transmit knowledge between generations of the family. “The reason is that women are the basis of our stories. They preserve these traditions incredibly and support their families and taking the history of their own countries and personals, is that they create these dishes that are so delicious. The women we meet in Latin America are amazing, and they work and make delicious food, ”says Gelb.

The Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and extra cheese is the specialty of Pato y Romi, chefs and owners of "Las Chicas de la 3" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Silvina Reusmann, gastronomic journalist, takes the audience to know the best kept secrets of Buenos Aires, including the story of "Las Chicas de la 3", a restaurant in the Central Market of Buenos Aires where the specialty is Spanish omelette stuffed with ham and cheese ... a lot of cheese. Pato and Romi are the ones who prepare this Spanish omelette every day, which also has its vegetarian version. Afterwards, the audience will discover the fugazzeta pizza from La Mezzetta pizzeria, made with a kilo and a half of mozzarella cheese; the tour continues through the “Mataderos Fair” where the delicacies will be the traditional empanadas and finally, the exquisite choripán, with which they delight on the outskirts of football stadiums.

At the "RéRestaurante Doña Suzana", the specialty is moqueca, a fish stew with coconut oil and vegetables prepared with fresh fish of the day. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Salvador, Brazil
Tereza Baim, chef and owner of the “Casa de Tereza” restaurant, walks the streets and down to the beach of Salvador in the state of Bahia in Brazil. The first stop is the "Ré Restaurante Doña Suzana", who literally located her on the street, outside her house and where the specialty is moqueca, a fish stew with coconut oil and vegetables. The classic feijoada, a bean stew and all kinds of meat; the acarajé, one of the typical Brazilian dishes made with shrimp mixed with peas or beans on thick bread and with various sauces.

For those who are a fan of chili, Doña Vale prepares the memelas with chile morita at the Central de Abastos in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Oaxaca, Mexico
"My molcajetes and I are international," says Doña Vale. The chef Celia Florián from the restaurant “Las quince letras”, will visit various points of the streets of the city of Oaxaca in the state of the same name in Mexico. He will present Doña Vale, a lady who broke the stereotypes of the Oaxacan woman and who shows the audience the creation of memelas, a simple dish made from tortilla with sauce made by herself. Among other classic dishes from this region are the empanadas de amarillo, made from yellow mole (with chilies such as chilhuacle amarillo, chile ancho, guajillo and coastal yellow). Other street dishes that the audience will be able to see are the tlayudas, and the piedrazos. To finish, you could not leave behind the fresh waters of horchata with prickly pear, chilacayota and peach.

Chef Toshi is in charge of the kitchen at his restaurant "Al Toke Pez" in Lima, Peru and gives that touch of fusion between Nikkei and Peruvian cuisine. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Lima, Peru
Peruvian historian Javier Masias walks the streets of Lima, a city with a great Japanese influence on food. The central character is chef Tomás “Toshi” Matsufuji who is in charge of the restaurant “Al Toke pez” where the house specialty is the combination, which includes fish ceviche, rice and pork rinds. Other street dishes that are presented are the anticuchos of "Doña Pochita" who has spent 41 years with her position where she sells beef from the heart of the cow. Lima could not say goodbye without a delicious dessert sold in Lincoln Park, the picarones Mary. Basically they are donuts in the form of a donut with honey and the same "Doña Mary" personally attends this street stall together with her husband.

The paisa tray is one of the traditional dishes that every tourist should try when traveling to Colombia. Made with rice, beans, ground meat, chorizo, blood sausage and pork rinds. (Photograph courtesy of Netflix)

Bogotá, Colombia
" Colombian food has flavors, it has smells and you have colors" - Luz Cogollo

The three street stalls in the Colombian capital are in one place, the Plaza de Mercado “La Perseverancia”. Chef Eduardo Martínez presents the stories of women who faced very strong life stories. How not to mention the Colombian arepas in the voice of “Doña Bertha” from the stall “La caseta del tinto”, or the tamales and the traditional paisa tray of “Doña María”, and the “mattress breaker”, a fish broth based on coconut milk and roof grass. But without a doubt, the dish par excellence is the Colombian ajiaco which, in the voice of Luz Dary Cogollo, is the soup from Bogotá made with chicken, 3 potatoes, cob and guascas in the “Tolú” stall. This picturesque place where all these smells mix is ​​located in Cra. 5 # 30 A-30, in Bogotá.

Constantina Velasco and her husband have been preparing fritters with anise, accompanied by Api, a purple or yellow corn drink, for more than 30 years in La Paz, Bolivia. (Photo courtesy of Netflix)

La Paz, Bolivia
To finish, we reached La Paz, in Bolivia at more than 3,600 meters of altitude. Sumaya Prado, food journalist, guides viewers through various street dishes. Emiliana's potato filling are potato balls filled with various dishes and fried at high temperatures. Emiliana Condori, a cholita who even confronted the local authorities who did not allow her to have her position to take money home. The Chola sandwich, which is basically a pork leg sandwich, is made by Cristina Zurita in Plaza de las Cholas # 6. Two desserts that cannot be left out in this episode: the first, the traditional buñuelos by Constantina Velasco in “Api Orueño”, and the cinnamon ice cream or “quitapenas” by Mery Costas.

We are sure that when you watch all 6 episodes your appetite will be whetted. How about a Colombian ajiaco? A feijoada? Or better yet, enjoy some Oaxacan Tlayudas? "Street Food Latin America" ​​opens this Tuesday July 21 on the Netflix platform for everyone.

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