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While it is not known if the quarantine is close or not, there are animals that live in constant quarantine • Give them a home and you will win a friend for life | Adoption corner

While it is not known if the quarantine is close or not, there are animals that live in constant quarantine • Give them a home and you will win a friend for life

Herzliya and Netanya love animals

Newman - a medium-sized 6-year-old mixed who was abandoned after a year at home unfortunately and is looking for a second chance. This sweetie loves to run in the open spaces so he will be happy to live in a house with a courtyard and a pastoral landscape. Lives in the past with cats and is indifferent to them, gets along with most dogs, is sick of food and long walks and is educated for needs. We are looking for a home outside the big city and without small children.

Rocco - A sweet, tall and impressive two-year-old mixed boxer, who is looking for the perfect family for him after the latter gave him up. Looking for an energetic family to go on long walks and outdoor games with. This cutie is full of joy of life, gets along with dogs and people and seems to be educated for needs.

For more details and adoption contact us in the form at the link:

Let the Animals Live

Nella - 5 years old. She is one of the most stunning there is, with amounts of love that just make the heart expand, but you will only discover all this if you ask to take her out of the cage. Our gorgeous Nella, she barks terribly when passing by her cage and for that she pays in the years of waiting. She gets along with dogs and cats, she will give her all to whoever brings her out of here for life.

Ray - A gentle and shy 4 year old boy with freckles on his nose demanding a sea of ​​kisses, our sweet Ray. A lovely dog ​​so good and gentle that he needs love so much, only he does not always know how to ask for it. A sweet spread that will give its all to whoever opens his heart for him.

Tuka - 5 years old who has the sweetest nose there is and for too many years he has been sitting and waiting - our stunning Tuka. A dog that is all love, how much this sweet loves to be pampered non-stop and how he is noble in the cage, every passing day, every year, that he is behind bars waiting for love.

Bale - This is a record cuteness of a gentle and sweet cat, who came to us at the age of two months and has been waiting for the house for 4 years. The candy bale, a cat with blindness that will be a great partner for another cat at home. He is the favorite of all cats in a kitten but when they go home again and again..he is always left without love ..

Vibration - The sweet 6-year-old vibration was found after a severe head injury that left her neurologically. A gentle and charming cat that breaks the heart, functions like everyone else and just needs a loving heart. 

For details about adoption: 3703 * Extension 3. The dogs and cats are waiting at our shelter at the entrance to Kfar Ruth

Animal cruelty Ramat Gan and the surrounding area

Albert - a large dog that just hugs and cuddles and begs for attention and love, educated for needs for about 5 years. A territorial and loyal dog who is very protective of his owner and therefore looking for an owner with experience. Gets along with some dogs, does not get along with cats. Naughty and neutered vaccinated. The association will accompany the effort all the way, subsidize training classes and help with proper absorption. 

Ola - caresses and pampers, stunning and good. Loves people and children, gets along with dogs of both sexes, does not like cats. Gentle but also playful and will bring so much light to whoever takes her out of the shelter for a new life. About a year old, vaccinated, playful and sterilized. 

Hello - a big dog and so good and kind. Gets along with all dogs, wonderful with people and kids and does not like cats. Embracing, cuddling, cuddling and begging for attention and love. A perfect dog looking for an equally perfect home. About 3 years old, vaccinated, playful and neutered.

Eliana - energetic, playful, embracing and cuddling. Good with people and children, gets along with most dogs. About a year old, vaccinated, naughty and sterilized.

Sonia - gentle, kind, sociable, caressing, cuddling. Gets along with all the dogs. Wonderful with people and kids. About a year old, vaccinated, naughty and sterilized.

For more information: Chafetz Chaim 4, Tel Aviv, 2313 *; Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday 12: 00-17: 30, Friday 11: 00-15: 00, Sat 11: 00-16: 0

Animal cruelty in Israel

Mickey - Meet Mickey, a particularly sweet and mixed 3 and a half year old dog. This is a calm dog, who so far has not been lucky enough to find a warm and stable home, and all he wants is to put all the good energies he has into the life of whoever chooses to adopt him into his heart and home. 

Lily - This captivating smile belongs to Lily, a two-year-old and two-month-old mixed dog. She is looking for a fresh start and promises to be a good and loyal friend to dedicated owners who will raise her with love all her life.

John - A six-year-old mixed Swiss shepherd, sweet and sociable. She is funny and playful, full of energy, loves to play, but does not always know how to approach a new dog. Educated for needs and wants to find dedicated owners who will give her love as well as discipline and boundaries.

Sony - 3 month old mixed cat, energetic and playful. A curious puppy full of love to give, dreaming of toys and games and a whole and interesting life with a loving family

Bella - a one and a half year old mixed shepherd. This is a sweet and gentle bitch who loves people and is thirsty for warmth and love. She is medium-large, well-educated and less able to get along with dogs. She was found wandering around and needed owners who would help her reach her full potential - educate her and help her get back and enjoy the company of walkers on all fours.

The sweets in the photos were abandoned by the Animal Welfare Association of Israel. Sad for them in the cage. They are our best friends and they deserve a warm home and a great love for a lifetime. We call on the dog and cat lovers to open their hearts and come and adopt a friend for life. Animal Welfare Association of Israel, Herzl 159 Tel Aviv. Tel: 4553 *. Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 08: 00-20: 00, Friday: 08: 00-14: 00, Saturday: 11: 00-14: 00 Website:

SOS Animals

Nina - a stunning bitch about a year and a half old who came from an urban quarantine after being abandoned from home. Vaccinated and sterilized, Labrador mixed medium-sized brown. Nina has an old scar from a burn on her back which makes her really special. A young bitch who loves to discharge energy and will be happy for a sporty home.

Scar - A young dog less than a year old with puppy playfulness. Malinoa is properly mixed and energetic to the breed. Vaccinated and neutered and probably also educated for needs. Connects to people and gets along with other dogs. Scar needs a home that will invest in training and will be happy to take it for long walks or runs to get energized.

Chipopo - naughty less than two years old, vaccinated and neutered. Chipopo is a happy dog ​​who loves to run, play and discharge energies. Involved in any good in size. A sociable dog that gets excited by attention. Loves people and gets along with other dogs. Will be happy for a sports house that will take him out for long runs and trips. 

Kimi - about 10 months old, medium-sized vaccinated. A young bitch, with puppy playfulness, sociable and stunning. Loves and connects with people and gets along with other dogs. 

Django - about two and a half years old, vaccinated and neutered who came to us from an urban quarantine in the north of the country. Django is probably abandoned from home and is a sociable, cute dog and attached to people. Django is afraid of enclosed spaces and is afraid to be left alone at home. He can stress and ruin things so he owes a house with a yard, or owners who are at home all day, or those who can take the cute with them to work.

The adoption days in Herzliya are repeated: dogs and cats - puppies and adults - Saturday between the hours of 10: 00-14: 00; In WAZE - SOS Animals Herzliya

Source: israelhayom

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