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Character transplantation: a makeover and design for an apartment in Tel Aviv - Walla! Home and design


It was a standard apartment in a building built in the eighties, with overly gray and gloomy walls. The couple who purchased it turned to a vintage animal studio to infuse it with interest and character and the result is colorful, bright and happy

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Character transplantation: a makeover of design and clothing for an apartment in Tel Aviv

It was a standard apartment in a building built in the eighties, with overly gray and gloomy walls. The couple who purchased it turned to a vintage animal studio to infuse it with interest and character and the result is colorful, bright and happy

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Walla! Home and design

Monday, 10 August 2020, 01:54


    Clothing and design - Vintage Animal Studio (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    The project: 4-room apartment in North Tel Aviv
    Space: 100 sq.m.
    Tenants: couple + 2
    Design and dressing: Dikla Menachem Tevet - Vintage Animal Studio The

    apartment in question is in a building built in the 80s and the apartment, as befits an apartment from this period, was very standard, Characterless and even a bit gloomy, due to multiple use of dark gray on the various walls.The couple who bought the apartment turned to designer Dikla Menachem Tevet, owner of the "Vintage Beast" studio in favor of a new dressing and design campaign, which will inspire a new and different spirit.

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    The kitchen and flooring were recently replaced, so it was decided to channel the bulk of the budget for furniture and home dressing (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    Since the purchase of the apartment did not leave a large budget for design and since the children's bathroom, kitchen and flooring throughout the apartment were replaced by the previous tenants - it was decided to focus on clothing that would give the apartment character and beauty. Another portion of the budget was earmarked for the renovation of the parents' bathroom, which remained as it was on the day they built the house "or in other words: an ugly beige who came to die, with a basin shower ... in short, a nightmare," recalls Dikla Menachem Tevet.

    The couple entered the apartment with no furniture at all, and had to purchase everything, from A to T. The tenants wanted to create a warm, colorful atmosphere in the apartment if a living room would serve the whole family - from large to small (the couple has two little girls). All items in the photos were purchased during the project.

    The entrance wall to the house - long, continuous and straight - is divided into two areas with the help of a Room divider bookcase (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    "Creating a defined entrance area to the apartment was a challenge," explains the designer, "since the entrance wall to the left of the door extends in a long, continuous and straight line to the living room display case." In order to create an entrance area as well as a living room with a warmer feeling, the entrance space was separated from the living room by means of a room divider book that was created precisely to divide spaces while also allowing storage and display of decorative objects.

    A look at the edge of the living room, through the shelves of the distribution bookcase (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    A metal-integrated wooden rack was then installed on the wall, followed by a storage cabinet for storing helmets, old hats, and a mirror above it to create a feeling of entry and also due to the practicality involved.

    Metal rack and dresser for storing helmets, old hats (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    And a ceramic jar made in the 60s by the local brand that is considered the "creator's house", hid in the couple's closet, while wandering around the house I discovered it and after honoring it manned the dresser. Together with the cotton bouquet, a local and classic look is created at the same time.

    Israeli treasure in the closet. And that of the 'creator's house' that the designer found among the tenants' belongings (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    After creating a cozy entrance area, we created the main wall of the living room. Since the couple does not have a TV and they did not want a sideboard, a semi-open and semi-closed storage was chosen that would store the children’s games and invite for a shared reading.

    Above the storage unit hung a wooden veneer clock and a decorative cloth pennant that added color. Wall lamps with a pleasant light were added and completed the main wall of the living room.

    No TV. Semi-open storage invites a joint reading of all the occupants of the house (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    "We painted the wall in the sitting area of ​​the living room in deep orange and ordered a custom chaise longue in sage green. We laid out a rope rug that warmed the atmosphere and kept a clean look, and added some flower pots for joy in heart and eyes," describes Menachem Tevet. A custom curtain maintains a sense of privacy and filters in pleasant, high-quality light.

    Expressive paintings of a California landscape, against the background of an orange wall in the living room (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    The pictures in the living room are by an American artist who focuses on expressive painting of landscapes from the California area:

    Paper light fixture designed by an Israeli artist (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    And the final touch to the space came with the hanging of an Israeli artist's hands-on light fixture, made of paper leaves.

    Botanical-looking wallpaper was installed only up to half the wall, so as not to create a cluttered look in the small room. The parents' bedroom (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    "After we finished the living room, we dressed the bedroom. After we finished with the large furniture (the sliding wardrobes from IKEA, the floating bed from Doron furniture), we chose intense wallpaper with a botanical look," says the designer.

    Floating vintage chests of drawers decorated with brass and reading lamps in wood cladding (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    The wallpaper was installed only up to half the wall to keep it open and not cluttered with space.
    Vintage botanical pictures hung on the wall and window A transparent and airy curtain, also vintage.
    Due to the size (small size) of the room, the designer chose floating chests, which left the space as open as possible - vintage chests with a drawer and a brass stripe decoration.

    Wood-paneled reading lamps connected to all the wooden items in the room.

    Once upon a time everything here was beige. The parents' renovated bathroom (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    The renovation of the parents' bathroom was in fact the opening shot of the project and it began immediately upon receipt of the key to the apartment. The design of the room was strange and uncomfortable and the bathroom was not inviting to say the least - a shower blocked the entrance and had to pass with great difficulty between it and the toilet to get to the sink chest.

    As part of the renovation, the old pipes, all the tiles and cladding were replaced, a hanging toilet and a new shower were installed and the locations of the various functions were changed so that they were accessible and inviting. Pearl-colored tiles were chosen due to the successful combination of a clean look and a limited budget. The wooden mirror and the butcher surface blend wonderfully with the bright colors in the space and add warmth to it.

    The happiest room in the house. The children's room (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    The nursery is the sweetest and happiest room in any home. "We chose a bed from Doron furniture, and decided to use the IKEA hive that was left in the apartment by the previous tenants. The budget was already on the edge, after we furnished an entire house," says Menachem Tevet.

    Cloth cranes in the children's room (Photo: Tali Dovrat)

    "Then we started adding happy accessories to the room - fabric cranes in various patterns, a forest fairy that was received as a gift when the apartment moved and immediately hung on the wall as part of the room dressing. A specially ordered fabric curtain was sewn and added to the magic room.

    Adds to the magic room. A fabric curtain sewn especially for the children's room (Photo: Tali Dovrat)


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