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Zeng Junhua Column|Embracing the Spirit of Taiping Mountain in the Epidemic Situation and Actively Seeking Change


About the author: 35 years in the government, former Financial Secretary John Tsang (John), his uncle potato chips deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After the self-willed John "snap the gun," he has no fixed position and is enthusiastic about participating in different activities. He except

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Written by: Zeng Junhua

2020-08-10 07:00

Last update date: 2020-08-10 07:00

About the author: 35 years in the government, former Financial Secretary John Tsang (John), his uncle potato chips deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After the self-willed John "snap the gun," he has no fixed position and is enthusiastic about participating in different activities. In addition to founding the non-profit organization "Uncle Potato Chips Co-Creation Society", he is also the host of commercial radio music programs and the fencing coach of La Salle College. In recent years, as Bowtie's senior consultant, he has played the role of future builder. His vision is that all Hong Kong people can be protected and truly enter a new era of self-protection. [A series of articles written by John will meet with readers on "Hong Kong 01" every Monday morning.

Convenient knowledge transfer for technological development

Stay at home in response to the epidemic In the past few months, I have witnessed how my grandson started from scratch and taught himself to be a little astronomer. Suner was originally a Lego fan, but suddenly fell in love with the stars in the sky. He explored the universe with his tablet computer every day, and watched black holes and planets with gusto.

In less than a month, at the age of four, he can calculate the weight of our family on the moon, and in turn teach us how to remember the order of the eight planets in the solar system. I have to say that the development of science and technology has indeed made knowledge transfer easier and faster. You only need a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet, and you don't need to spend more than half a day scanning the spine of the books in the library and slowly going through the books one by one.

As a member of the post-war baby boom, I was fortunate to take the ride of the economic start. Although life was difficult at the time, there were many opportunities. As long as I worked hard to seize the opportunities, I could overcome all difficulties and set foot on the broad road. At that time, information was not well developed, and everyone was not afraid of the rugged road ahead, and looked forward with one mind, believing that if you immerse yourself in hard work, you will have a bright future. In such a social atmosphere, the "Lion Mountain Spirit", which emphasizes facing difficulties and hard work, has gradually taken shape.

However, just like the "playing machine" upgrade, the first level is always the easiest. As Hong Kong’s "levels" increase in difficulty, each level in the future will only become more difficult and require more time and equipment. Today, the upward climb is harder than ever. Many people have been wandering on the mountainside for a long time and cannot climb to the top. Many of them are young people. In addition to struggling for life, these generations are also actively thinking about their pursuit of an ideal society. If a road fails, they will take a detour; if there is no way, they will hold a hoe to create a new path.

Zeng Junhua

Times have changed. Every generation has its own formula, and people's attitudes and ways of dealing with the world naturally need to keep pace with the times. The generation born in the information age is the most educated generation in human history. They have enthusiasm and commitment, hoping to bring decisive changes to society with their personal strength.

Zeng Junhua pointed out that we must embrace the spirit of the Taiping Mountains and actively seek change to grasp the way forward. (Provided by the author)

If we still only value the "Lion Mountain Spirit" today, we might as well follow the good faith and try to embrace the "Lion Mountain Spirit 2.0", or the "Taiping Mountain Spirit"-independence, change and living in the present. Things are changing too fast. The craze not long ago may have been forgotten by the public in the next second. Even lawyers, accountants, doctors and other professions may be replaced by AI (artificial intelligence) at any time. Seeing that the giant wheel of society keeps turning forward, I, like everyone else, will worry about being crushed by. In addition to making good use of the experience and knowledge accumulated in the past, we must also actively seek change and control our own way forward. Deal with the ever-changing world of tomorrow.

The people of Hong Kong have never understood how to suffer from adversity. Take this epidemic as an example. Leaders of more than one country have even compared COVID-19 to a world war. Despite this, our city has not fallen into a desperate situation. Most Hong Kong people can always sort out their emotions quickly, pat the dust on their bodies, and continue walking. Out of stock masks? Then set up a local factory to establish a production line. Can't buy disinfection supplies? Then learn to make your own handrub. No matter how desperate the situation may seem, the people of Hong Kong can always turn crises into opportunities by moving flexibly and crossing high mountains and low valleys.

Zeng Junhua believes that it is necessary to stay abreast of the world's trends and continue to learn, so that you can feel comfortable when the tide is surging. (Provided by the author)

We might as well regard the "number" of 2020 as a revelation for modern people. The epidemic has swept across the world, and the life patterns of billions of people have undergone earth-shaking changes in a short period of time. The mainstream work and life patterns have all moved from Offline to Online, and all sectors of society have paid unprecedented attention to the application of technology. If a company or a person lacks the mind to accept new things and the foresight of trends, and his eyes only know how to keep a single direction, I am afraid that they will only be scared by this sudden change. Only by staying abreast of world trends, continuous learning, and self-enhancement, can we be safe and comfortable when the wave comes.

Zeng Junhua

It's rare to climb from the foot of the mountain to the middle of the mountain. Have you ever tried to slow down and see the scenery of our city from this new angle? If you have been looking down at desk in the past, I suggest you stop working for the time being, pick up the binoculars in the cabinet that has been sealed for a long time, and take a good look at Hong Kong in 2020, this new era.

Tsang Junhua said that Hong Kong people can see the scenery of Hong Kong from a new angle. (Provided by the author)

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