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Justice Minister Marcela Losardo worked for the government of Mauricio Macri


Although she now criticizes that management, she was hired by the Human Rights Secretariat between April 2016 and June 2017, with a salary of 57,149 pesos.

Claudio Savoia

08/09/2020 - 19:59

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He did not commit any crime, and no one complains about transgressions or lies in his work. But yours could be an extreme case of the incoherence - to say the least - that some government officials often exhibit. Despite her harsh criticism of the government of Mauricio Macri, the Minister of Justice and soul mate of President Alberto Fernández, Marcela Losardo, worked during that administration at the service of the same ministry that she now leads. Rare.

According to sources from that portfolio, the now minister was hired by the Human Rights secretariat through the questioned "cooperating entity" ACARA between April 20, 2016 and June 12, 2017 with category b5, for which she charged 57,149 pesos . She did not have a functional dedication, but advised and took care of the signature of an official in the area. Clarín confirmed this information with former secretary Claudio Avruj, who however excused himself from giving more details about Losardo's passage through Macri's management.

A former undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, under whose command the doctor was hired when the Cambiemos administration dawned, did not agree to tell about his experience.

The data is strident in light of some statements by Losardo since his swearing-in as minister. This same week, for example, she tried to defend the summons of Cristina Kirchner's lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, for the President's Advisory Committee regarding the eventual expansion and functions of the Supreme Court of Justice. "I don't know what the crime is," he said, without reason. "It is not that a person has been appointed by decree to sit in a court. It seems to me that something was not understood. In any case , a complaint should have been made when former president Mauricio Macri appointed two members of the Supreme Court, "Losardo said Wednesday. She not only evaded that complaint, but also had no problems rendering her services to the Ministry of Justice.

The minister also said these days that in the four years of Mauricio Macri's government "there were arbitrary prisons and excess in preventive prisons." In 2016 and 2017 she did not think the same, or if she did, she did not think it was incongruous with her work as an advisor to the Human Rights secretariat.

Two potential coworkers at that time recall that Losardo did not go to the ministry every day, that his treatment was respectful but he was not always satisfied with the tasks assigned to him. "She had been Secretary of Justice, a virtual vice minister, between 2005 and 2009, when Cristina finished throwing out the government officials that Alberto Fernández had put in place. So out there I felt that reviewing resolutions or preparing documents for others to sign was not what she wanted to do . I even heard her say something like that once, but I think it's natural, "says one of them.

The last curiosity of that step through the Let's Change management was precisely the departure of Losardo from the Ministry of Justice: he did not leave his contract of his own free will or in disagreement with the policy of macrismo, but was fired on June 19, 2017, by order of the ministry led by Germán Garavano, after some statements by his godfather Alberto Fernández about the government. Their labor rights were not violated: according to Clarín found , " Losardo was compensated with 227,848.91 pesos."

The passage of the prestigious lawyer by the Macri government does not appear on her curriculum, in her Wikipedia biography, or in the interviews she usually gives to the media related to the ruling party. "I want to be Marcela, not the minister but her partner, I want, together with our President, to help Argentina change this stage of history in which human rights policies lost preponderance, " he told Página / 12 on January 10 past. Fair Human Rights, the area in which she herself reported for one year and two months.

Nine days later, on January 19, again on Página / 12, Losardo was asked "what was it like to return to this building?" "I found a ministry that was very familiar to me. I returned to this house that I left and where I felt that I had many more things to do, " Losardo responded, as if he had moved away from there in 2009 and not just three years ago. years.

In that interview, the new minister made other curious comments in light of her recent past. She spoke of the personnel hired under the Garavano management - "a lot of people joined, the last two years, the last months," she said - and clarified that she did not persecute anyone. "There are people who are leaving, later we will see what we do with the contracts ." That is, with those who were in a situation similar to the one she had been with.

They also asked him again if there was "political persecution" with the preventive prisons of former K officials, to which Losardo replied that - " Yes, there was persecution . Because the reality is that politics got a lot into the judicial system . in one way or another, we all know what Politics and part of Justice did. It is where we never have to go again. " We agree, but once again, it does not sound consistent with his own presence in a government that, according to him, committed such aberrations.

According to three different sources admitted to this newspaper, that participation of Losardo in the Ministry of Justice ended due to the anger caused by some statements by his godfather, Alberto Fernández , who in May 2017 had just become the head of Florencio Randazzo's campaign as a candidate for Buenos Aires senator. On May 13, for example, Alberto denied in a report that he could find "something he liked" in the Macri government: "I honestly find it difficult. It has generated problems where there were none. Look at the human rights issue : all the society had accepted that the issue be resolved judicially and has put it in the worst possible way. " It was the area where his friend worked.

Clarín asked Minister Losardo the question about her work in Justice during the macrismo, but she did not receive an answer.

Source: clarin

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