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Corona in Munich: R-value soars above critical value - Söder threatens to take tightened measures


Is Germany heading for a second wave of the coronavirus? The numbers are increasing in many places - including Bavaria. CSU boss Söder informed on Monday (August 10th) at a press conference.

Is Germany heading for a second wave of the coronavirus? The numbers are increasing in many places - including Bavaria. CSU boss Söder informed on Monday (August 10th) at a press conference.

  • The number of people newly infected with the coronavirus * is rising again in many places.
  • There are also new "infection herd" in Bavaria, such as the farm in Mamming.
  • Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced an extraordinary press conference to inform about the current situation around Covid-19.
  • You can always find all the latest news and information about Munich in our tz-Munich section *.

Update from August 11, 5:18 p.m.: In Bavaria's capital, 27 new corona cases were reported on Monday . This increases the number of infected people in Munich to a total of 7,453 people . The reproduction number R jumped to 1.16 and was thus again above the critical value of 1. This means that one infected person infects more than another person.

To put it into perspective: The R-value fluctuated around the value of 1. In the past week it was slightly above or below it.

In # Munich, 27 new # coronavirus cases were confirmed on Monday, August 10th (as of 11:59 p.m.). This means that a total of 7,453 infections have been reported so far. More information at

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) August 11, 2020

"Corona is much more present": Söder appeals and threatens to take tightened measures

Update from August 11th, 9:05 am: Prime Minister Markus Söder and Minister of Health Melanie Huml (both CSU) admitted delays in corona tests for travelers returning on Monday . But these should be cleared this week, it said after a cabinet meeting in Nuremberg. Several media had previously reported that test results were still not available for some holidaymakers a week after the smear test in the test center.

Corona in Munich: Söder surprises live with a surprising statement about FC Bayern Munich

So far, aid organizations such as the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) have cut back on test centers at airports, main train stations and motorway service stations. Now an external service provider is to take over the operation - from the smear test to the laboratory evaluation to the dispatch of the results. If everything is in one hand, the processes should work faster, said Huml. Munich Airport and Munich Central Station are among those affected by the new measures .

Corona: Söder announces measures - Munich airport and main train station affected

Update August 10, 12.51 p.m.: Health Minister Melanie Huml emphasizes that increasing test capacities are essential. One will increase throughout Bavaria and constantly keep an eye on new developments. Education Minister Michael Piazolo emphasizes that the coming school year will be characterized by dynamic changes . The best possible preparations will be made, but will still have to keep an eye on all developments. Markus Söder strongly condemns plans for a mega concert in Düsseldorf and calls for a rethink.

Live on Corona-PK: Markus Söder surprises with a statement about FC Bayern Munich

Update, 12:31 p.m.: Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is now talking about football. He is happy about the recent successes of FC Bayern Munich and can also imagine that an "even greater success" is possible. He is addressing the Champions League tournament in Portugal . He is also happy that 1. FC Nürnberg was able to avert relegation. Nevertheless, the CSU boss can not imagine any spectators in the stadiums.

Markus Söder provides live information at a press conference - spectators in football are unthinkable

Söder also emphasizes that concerts with spectators are a “ wrong signal ” for the population. “We were and are particularly affected in Bavaria. It's only a matter of time before we get into higher numbers - it depends where it goes up exponentially. ”One must continue to exercise caution and caution.

Update, 12:28 p.m.: Broad measures are to be taken for the start of the new school year. These mainly concern tests. You have to guarantee everyone's safety, but you shouldn't neglect the educational mandate, according to Söder. The mask requirement within the school should be finally decided on September 1st - opinions were still divided.

Spatial distance is essential within the schools, and digitization is also one of the most important components of the new school year.

Corona press conference with Markus Söder: Test capacities are to be expanded

Update, 12:22 p.m .: "Corona is getting much more present. Corona is becoming more dangerous every day . The long-term effects are only now becoming visible ”. Markus Söder starts the press conference with serious words. It is now clear that Corona is more insidious than initially thought. It is therefore important to continue to act with caution. "Unfortunately, caution is waning, Corona is becoming much more present," said Söder.

Tests are a useful tool. Bavaria opens 100 test centers in all districts for quick and unbureaucratic tests. Results must be available quickly and digitally. We want two tests for travelers from risk areas - on return and after five days at home.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) August 10, 2020

He hopes that mandatory tests in Germany will not come too late. For Bavaria you are four weeks before school starts, so you might be on the safe side. Bavaria is currently trying to make a contribution to security for all of Germany. Accordingly, 40 percent of the tests are not from Bavaria , but for people from the rest of Germany.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder informs PK - "double test" is coming

Markus Söder suggests a " double test ". This involves a test at the place of arrival such as the airport or train station, and another test about five days after arrival at the place of residence. A total of around 100 test centers are to be established in Bavarian counties. 55,000 tests are currently possible in Bavaria - by the end of the month, well over 200,000 tests should be possible in Bavaria . "We need more test capacities," says Söder.

Corona in Bavaria: Markus Söder informs NOW live at a press conference

Update, 12:05 p.m.: The gentlemen are still a long time coming . The press conference was scheduled for 12 noon. We'll get in as soon as it starts.

Update from August 10, 11:30 a.m.: The press conference with CSU boss Markus Söder begins in 30 minutes. The extent to which new measures to combat the coronavirus will be announced is not yet known. We will report live and in full as soon as the press conference starts.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Söder gives press conference - are there stricter rules for Munich?

First report from August 10, 2020

Nuremberg - Given the current corona developments calling Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Monday (10 am) unscheduled his cabinet together - to a video conference. Söder will head the switch from the Home Office in Nuremberg.

Söder and his ministers want to advise on the current corona situation , in particular on the nationwide increase in numbers, including those from returning travelers . In addition, the corona outbreak in Mamming in Lower Bavaria is likely to keep the ministers busy. The situation in the new test centers should be discussed as well as the question of a possible expansion of corona risk areas .

Coronavirus: Söder informs about PK - what's next in schools?

And finally, the cabinet also wants to advise on how to continue at the schools after the summer vacation . Education Minister Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) had recently presented a four-step plan , according to which a mask requirement should apply in any case to the place in the classroom , also in elementary schools. If there are high numbers of infections, there should also be a mask requirement in class.

In Munich * there are currently 7,386 confirmed corona cases . Over the past few days, over 20 new cases have always been confirmed. A total of 222 people died as a result of a coronavirus infection in Munich . The numbers had recently seen an increase in Munich - whether the cabinet is planning stricter measures for the state capital is not known , so far outbreaks had been limited to local sources of infection.

In # Munich, 32 new #coronavirus cases were confirmed on Thursday, August 6th (as of 11:59 p.m.). This means that a total of 7,386 infections have been reported so far. More information at

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) August 7, 2020

Corona-PK with Markus Söder: Is there a mask requirement in Bavarian schools?

The press conference should also clarify whether a general mask requirement * threatens in class - North Rhine-Westphalia has decided this for secondary schools . Parents, teachers and pupils' associations in Bavaria are divided on the question of a general mask requirement, including in lessons, and several expressed themselves rather skeptically at the weekend .

Vacation despite Corona: Politicians are making serious demands for travel to risk areas.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Fabian Sommer / dpa

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