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At the last minute, Ohana wants to take advantage of the crisis and cancel the senior appointments committee - Walla! news


The Minister of Internal Security announced about a month ago that she had appointed a permanent commissioner, but the announcement was rejected. Now the police fear that Ohana is trying to lead moves that will make it easier for him to promote a candidate who is acceptable to Netanyahu.

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At the last minute, Ohana wants to take advantage of the crisis and cancel the senior appointments committee

The Minister of Internal Security announced about a month ago that she had appointed a permanent commissioner, but the announcement was rejected. Now the police fear that Ohana is trying to lead moves that will make it easier for him to promote a candidate who is acceptable to Netanyahu.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020, 7:30 p.m.


      Ohana: "In the days of the Corona, it is worth avoiding mass demonstrations; a convention of a permanent commissioner within a month" (Photo: GPO, Editing: Shaul Adam)

      This coming Saturday will mark the 30th anniversary of Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana's announcement that he will appoint a permanent police commissioner within a month. L, said yesterday (Wednesday) in a conversation with Walla! NEWS that the political crisis and the fear of going to the fourth election, are the ones that led, among other things, to a postponement of the announcement of the appointment, as promised by Minister Ohana in his speech. And now, there are those who fear that the early elections will lead to another six months without a permanent commissioner.

      There are some leading candidates on the name exchange for the position of commissioner. Acting Moti Cohen, retired Superintendent Yoram Halevi, retired Superintendent Shlomi Michael, Jerusalem District Commander Doron Yadid, Southern District Commander Yoram Sofer, Northern District Commander Shimon Lavie, and SJ District Commander Superintendent Moshe Barkat.

      A senior police official claimed that the Minister of Internal Security was trying to lead moves that would make it easier for him to promote a preferred candidate, without encountering obstacles. "There are several steps that Ohana and other elements in the prime minister's environment are trying to promote, such as the abolition of the senior appointments committee," the senior official said. "The abolition of the committee will help Netanyahu and Minister Ohana promote the candidate they want for the position of commissioner, without targeted problems and frustrations, as was the case with Chico Edri and Gal Hirsch."

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      "Trying to advance the senior appointments committee." Ohana (Photo: Reuven Castro)

      In May of this year, at the exchange of ministers ceremony attended by Gilad Ardan and Amir Ohana, Moshe Nissim, the former Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister of the Likud in the Begin and Shamir governments, was invited to speak. Nissim seemed to have been invited to say whatever Ohana, who chose a state line, wanted to say for himself. "Turkel Committee, which advises the appointment of senior civil servants, trained Gal Hirsch and determined that it deserves. The whole issue of committees detection of various kinds and obstacles minister should go before it achieves the possibility to appoint a commissioner - that is impossible," said Nissim ceremony.

      "I set With certainty that leaves no room for doubt - it is also unconstitutional, "Nissim added." All these committees should be abolished, and then it will be good for the government and the public. Anyone who thinks the committees are free from side considerations is wrong and misleading, and I am a witness to that. Why should the minister be burdened? "

      Ohana entered the Ministry of Internal Security in a stately manner, and so was his inaugural speech. In fact, the words of former Minister Nissim, who were applauded by Ohana, were not just said. Some claim that Ohana invited Nissim to say the. These things, which will prepare the ground for the abolition of the Senior Appointments Committee and here, three months later - it comes.

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      Senior official in the Ministry of Internal Security: "Ohana will appoint a commissioner from the police or a retired officer"

      To the full article

      The cancellation of the committee will clear his candidacy for the position of police commissioner. Yoram Halevi (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

      According to a report in News 12 yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forwarded to Defense Minister Bnei Gantz a demand to cancel the advisory committee for the appointment of senior officials. Canceling the Commission will pave the Moamdto of retired Commander Yoram Halevy position of Chief of Police, who once ruled the Attorney General Avihay Mandelblitt his appointment may encounter legal difficulties. But these difficulties may experience not only Halevy.

      The Goldberg Committee, which is used to examine the competence and fitness to senior positions, led For example, the corruption of candidates Rafi Rotem, who testified against Chico Edri, who was a candidate for police commissioner, led the committee not to approve the appointment. Following this, Edri withdrew his candidacy. Attorney Pini Fischler, who represented Rotem at the time, explained that those who feared the committee - apparently have something to hide.

      "Anyone who fears the commission it means he has butter on his head." Adv. Fischler (Photo: Courtesy of those photographed)

      "In light of the information flowing to me, as soon as Ohana's candidate for the position of commissioner is announced, people will open their mouths - both potential complainants and incumbent police officers," he told Walla! NEWS. Israel. Anyone who fears the commission it means he has butter on his head. Judge Goldberg is very sharp, and I have no doubt that things will float there. "

      According to Adv. Fischler," There are incumbent extras who will pass the committee without any problems. He added that "the absurdity is that those people who will not be worthy to serve as commissioner, will be worthy to serve as extras, and yet I am not whole. You have to pay attention to that. It shows a bad organizational culture. "

      Scenarios on the way to the appointment of the commissioner:

      The appointment of a police commissioner involves a process that lasts at least a month. Within 30 days of the announcement, the senior appointments committee convenes, which begins the candidate examination process. If and only when the committee approves the candidate's appointment as commissioner, government approval is required.

      Due to the sensitive political situation, and the threat of early elections, several possible scenarios are created on the way to the long-awaited appointment. In the first scenario, if the Knesset is dispersed and the elections are brought forward, Minister Ohana may face legal difficulties in appointing a commissioner. This is because various bodies such as the Movement for Quality of Government can appeal to the High Court, demanding to prevent appointment during a transitional government.

      In the last transitional government, in an unusual move, Mandelblit authorized the then Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Ardan, to appoint a commissioner during the elections. Larden may change against Minister Ohana, so in the case of a fourth election, the police may find themselves without at least another six months without a permanent commissioner.

      "If he goes to the committee - he will pass in seconds." Southern District Commander Yoram Sofer

      In the second scenario, Ohana announces as early as next week the candidate he has chosen. As part of the review process, information will begin to flow to the Goldberg Commission, and the thwarting season will officially begin. Already now extraterrestrials are secretly serving slime on each other, and we may once again find ourselves with a candidate disqualified from a senior appointments committee. Despite the concern, it is possible that Ohana will still be able to locate an incumbent or retired superintendent who will pass the committee smoothly, as there are several honest, value-worthy and incumbent superintendents.

      Another scenario is to appoint Moti Cohen as permanent commissioner for a year, then next year to appoint a new candidate. In light of the political situation, it is not certain that Ohana will be in office for another year. However, the benefits for Ohana are clear: Moti Cohen will easily pass the senior committee Commissioner for about two years. In addition, it allows Ohana to appoint two commissioners during his term. In light of the relationship between the two, the chances of that are not high, but he still exists.

      The safest move for Ohana is to appoint him to the position of commissioner. Moti Cohen (Photo: Reuven Castro)

      Another possible scenario, although not seem realistic at the moment, is that Netanyahu will succeed in transferring MKs from a white brush to the Likud, and will form a minority government. In such a situation, Minister Ohana could easily pass a decision to abolish the senior appointments committee. In such a situation, Ohana would be able to nominate any candidate he wanted, without any need for a trip to the Goldberg Commission.

      There are other scenarios for the appointment of a police commissioner, but one thing seems certain - if Minister Ohana keeps his word and declares next week the identity of his candidate, a month of slander and severe wars between incumbent officers on the way to commanding the Israel Police is expected. A weak and conflicted police force that deals mainly with the name exchange.


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