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Jorge Lanata: criticism of Viviana Canosa and a report on the land grab


The driver spoke of the growth of occupations during the coronavirus quarantine. The vaccine, chlorine dioxide and the controversy over agreements with China, protagonists of the monologue.

08/17/2020 - 0:03

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The journalist Jorge Lanata presented in his PPT Box program, from eltrece, a report on the growth of land grabs during the quarantine , at the same time he made a harsh editorial against Viviana Canosa for the death of a 5-year-old boy in Neuquén that he would have ingested chlorine dioxide.

Also, during his traditional monologue, the host of Journalism for All again demonstrated against the quarantine, made reference to the vaccine announced by Alberto Fernández and the controversy over the possible agreement with China to produce pork in Argentina.

"It will be unbeatable for you"

"When we went through this the other time, I thought what you did was irresponsible, Viviana, it's not right, even if it had no effect. They haven't done the baby's autopsy yet, but it's going to be unbeatable for you if he baby died from taking clear dioxide, "said Lanata at the start of PPT.

PPT Box - Lanata: "Don't take chlorine dioxide please." The journalist started the program with the case of the five-year-old boy who died and the recommendations of Viviana Canosa. cc @ppt_oficial

- eltrece (@eltreceoficial) August 17, 2020

He continued: "The Ministry of Health of the Nation and the Argentine Society of Pediatrics warned about the risks of taking chlorine dioxide, as well as international organizations. Do not take chlorine dioxide. Hopefully, Canosa has not died of that."

Report on land grabbing

In the central report on the land seizure, Journalism for All reported that so far this year there have been more than 100 attempts to seize land in the AMBA (Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires) and "many of them have been carried out."

"The worst thing about this," said Lanata, "is that there is a law by (Axel) Kicillof - which Cambiemos also voted - that prevents evictions and that says in an article that if someone occupies the land the police cannot intervene and neither can Justice ". This law, it was reported, is valid until September 30.

The report notes how land seizures skyrocketed during the pandemic amid the economic crisis and the stoppage of activities. He cited cases in Moreno, Guernica, La Matanza, La Plata, and Castelar. From PPT they interviewed a woman who suffered one of those shots in Moreno and recounted her experience. Images of how there are clashes with machetes were shown.

They also interviewed a young man who bought a small house with his wife and young children. "It's very hard, I don't have a bathroom or a flat. The boys ask you why we don't have a flat. It's very cold. We cry from the cold ." While he was being interviewed, he cried and recounted his story of having nothing, his son approached him and said: "Pa, don't cry."

Jorge Lanata spoke in this context about the social leader Juan Grabois, who had said: "Today there is a wave of land grabbing and it is going to deepen because people will not want to live crowded with the virus ."

The journalist concluded the report with a question: "How far is the Government going to push these limits on the social function of property? This will increase after the veil of quarantine ."

Quarantine, the vaccine and China

During her monologue, Lanata once again sneered at the quarantine. "It's been 150 days of fucking quarantine. That's it, get everything up. I was going to say 'we're going to fuck off,' but we can't."

He continued about the announcement of the new extension: "Now it is not politically difficult to use the word 'quarantine'. It is much more K to call it solidary confinement".

The PPT host made a quick review of the 150 days with other ironies included such as "Alberto (Fernández) continues to fight with the slides" -reference to the President's press conferences on quarantine- and "Kicillof begins to speak and not for".

He also spoke about the vaccine and its possible arrival in Argentina in the first quarter of 2021: "Two months before the vaccine is already on sale with Once's manteros ."

Lanata dedicated a few paragraphs to the controversy over the possible agreement with China to produce pork in Argentina and the allegations that this would have a serious negative impact on the environment.

The journalist linked this issue, for example, to other side agreements with the Asian country, such as the renewal of the Chinese swap  for some 18.7 billion dollars, more than 40% of the total reserves.

Finally, in the traditional segment of "The idiot of the week" Diego Brancatelli put this time for a question that the journalist of Intratables asked the Buenos Aires health minister, Fernán Quirós.

That time, Brancatelli told him the case of a friend who works in the City of Buenos Aires, he was infected in that district but they recorded the contagion in the suburban town where he lives.

"Brancatelli: According to your reasoning backwards, the only city that got infected is Wuhan," Lanata concluded.

Source: clarin

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