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Many animals are thirsty not only for water, but first and foremost for home and love • They look forward to you in the various associations around the country | Adoption corner

Many animals are thirsty not only for water, but first and foremost for home and love • They are waiting for you in the various associations around the country • Come and earn a friend for life

Let the Animals Live

Ray - Won the title of "puppy with the longest tongue in the world". A 3-year-old beautician who was abandoned from home due to an allergy, then because he was territorial to his toys. And in short, for the third time Ray wants to get to a home that knew how to appreciate Kim and love as this spread has to give non-stop.

Lubello  - a two-year-old puppy with a heart painted on his face. Lubello, our gentle and timid prince, is waiting to meet patient and loving efforts, with which he can become the brave of dogs.

Voldemart - A 4 year old black panther, stunning in its beauty, gentle and loving and so fond of being pampered and pampered. Waiting for a perfect home where he can fill every corner with love.

Gemma - A gentle and shy 5 year old princess, worldly beauty, our gorgeous Gemma has been waiting for many years for very patient efforts. It's not easy to spend years in a cage and not be exposed to what's going on outside. Our Gemma who came as a puppy, and it's time for her to go out to the best house there is.

Buoyancy - from the supervisor about two years old, one of the most beautiful there is, who waits too long for a pampering home. Our stunning buoyancy is a bit of a shy kitten, which takes her more than a moment to show how pampered she is. She arrived as a puppy and is waiting for a loving home to heaven. 

For details about adoption: 3703 * extension 3; The dogs and cats are waiting at our shelter at the entrance to the village of Ruth

SOS Animals

Prominent - a real prince and all so wanting to be in his own house. He is smart, learns commands quickly, calm and good and loves people very much. Bolt has two problems that are not adopted - he is not small, and he gets along less well with other dogs and can be territorial towards them. This. Besides he is a perfect lover and very loyal to his owner. Bolt came to us 3 years ago when he was another scared and fragile puppy after going through quite a bit. Since then he has improved miraculously and yet he is left behind and the heart is just torn. We are looking for outstanding efforts with experience and without small children. For it to succeed, the escort of our stunning instructor Tali is guaranteed.

Chipopo - one year old who came to SOS Animals from the Haifa quarantine. Chipopo is a naughty boy at heart who seeks play and attention. He is still playing with puppy bites and therefore needs a home without small children. He is involved in everything good, medium-small in size, very cute, excited and full of joy of life. He loves people and connects with them and gets along with other dogs and loves to play with them.

Lancy - a  handsome and special guy about a year and a half old, vaccinated and neutered. Lancy is a mixed breed dog, medium in size, strong and solid. He loves people very much and connects with them and gets along with other dogs. 

Dom - The impressive son of about one year and 3 months is a young and sociable dog who gets along with other dogs, is sociable and connects with people. Dom really likes to cuddle, get treated and play. A strong dog who loves to run so he needs a sporty and assertive home that will invest in training, education and discipline and help him unleash energies.

SOS Adoption Days Live Every Friday and Saturday: Saturday, 10 am-4pm - Dog and Cat Adoption Day, Puppies and Adults. In WAZE - SOS Animals Herzliya. Friday from 10:00 to 13:00 - adoption day for dogs only; In WAZE - SOS Animals Herzliya.

Animal cruelty in Israel

Monza - a mixed dog one year and 7 months old, energetic, conquering and knows how to show love. He is physically large, loves people and gets along with most dogs, and needs strong and assertive owners who know how to tame, educate and guide.

Belle - a mixed and beautiful 7 year old bitch, who is used to home and family life. She is sociable, smart and looking for loving husbands who will give her a fresh start and make her feel like a princess again.

Nella - a 5 month old mixed dog, sweet and full of charm. She is physically large, a little apprehensive and needs to learn to play with dogs. Needs training and education for needs and is not suitable for a home with children.

Alfie - a cute and mixed two-year-old cat, who is used to living at home. It has been delivered to us and wants to reach owners who will always love, preferably in a home without cats.

Bono - 3 month old mixed cat, curious and full of charm. A young and sociable puppy is looking for committed owners who will always caress, play, pamper and love.

The sweets in the photos were abandoned by the Animal Welfare Association of Israel. Sad for them in the cage. They are our best friends and they deserve a warm home and a great love for a lifetime. We call on the dog and cat lovers to open their hearts and come and adopt a friend for life. waiting for you. Animal Welfare Association of Israel, Herzl 159 Tel Aviv. Tel: 4553 *. Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 08: 00-20: 00, Friday: 08: 00-14: 00, Saturday: 11: 00-14: 00

Animal cruelty Ramat Gan and the surrounding area

Ira - gentle and shy, caressing and devoted. Wonderful with people and kids. Sociable to all dogs. About a year and a half old, vaccinated, playful and sterilized.

Svetlana - cuddly and playful, sociable to everyone loves people and children. Gets along with other dogs. About a year and a half old, vaccinated, playful and sterilized.

Lena - very sociable and cuddly. Gentle and devoted. Wonderful with people and kids. Gets along with all the dogs. About two years old, vaccinated, naughty and sterilized.

Efrat - a good and charming bitch. Energetic and also looking for love. Sociable for all dogs but not fond of cats. Found after calving without her cubs (formerly used as a stud bitch). About 4 years old, vaccinated, playful and sterilized.

April - Furry, cuddly, sociable and loves everyone: people, children and dogs of both sexes. Does not like cats. About a year and a half old, vaccinated, playful and sterilized. 

For more details: Animal Cruelty Ramat Gan and the surrounding area. Chafetz Chaim 4, Tel Aviv. 2313 *; Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 12: 00-17: 30; Fri: 11: 00-15: 00; Sat: 11: 00-16: 00.

Source: israelhayom

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