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A small world: the tenants in America, the house here and the designer in Skype - Walla! Home and design


The design process is done from both ends of the ocean, containers make their way to land and the end result is a home. And what does it look like in the end? Judging by these pictures, amazing

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A small world: the tenants in America, the house here and the designer on Skype

The trend of remote control design is becoming more common in the country.

The process is done from both ends of the ocean, containers make their way to land and the end result is a home.

And what does it look like in the end?

Judging by these pictures, amazing


  • exterior design


Home and design

Friday, 04 September 2020, 07:05

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Placing furniture, locating and purchasing items, planning a kitchen and changing lighting locations - all by remote control.

The living room and dining area (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

It's no secret that since the internet came into our lives the world has become one small global village.

Business is being done from both ends of the ocean, tens of thousands of packages are making their way to Israel every day from all over the world and recently there has been a growing trend of remote home design, with the designer here and the homeowners far, far away.

This is how this house was designed, located in one of the cities of the Sharon, with the professional help of interior designer Keren Gens.

After years of living in the United States, the couple (in their 30s) and their three children decided to return to Israel. A few months before their return, they purchased a new home in one of the Sharon cities that they hoped would become a warm, family, cohesive and authentic living space. Interior designer Keren Gens, who designed the furniture stand, changed the lighting locations accordingly, designed the new kitchen for them, a large part of the furniture items and of course had faith in the choice of items and clothing.

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“The work process was fruitful, unique and also challenging because it was done remotely and with time constraints,” Gens explains.

"Unlike most cases where the designer sees and feels the items before he chooses, I located the items for this house on American sites that the couple collected abroad and brought them to Israel in a container.

It was important for them to bring an international and cosmopolitan spirit to the new home and to break away from the American style that has accompanied them over the years. "

Sought to bring into the house an international and cosmopolitan breeze.

The living room (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

The designer's work process with the couple was based on Skype meetings twice a week.

"Once the furniture plan was agreed upon and the new kitchen design was completed I made a detailed list of the items to purchase and created a separate mood board for each space that helped me illustrate and define the colors and materials designed for each space," Gens says.

The base is used as a bench and storage for bags, the high part is a closet.

Inverted L-shaped carpentry item (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

At the entrance to the house, Gens designed an inverted L-shaped carpentry item for the family members made of solid wood and oven-painted facades in graphite black.

The upper part is used as a wardrobe and the lower part as a bench and an area for storing the children's bags.

The lamp and rounded mirror are made of iron and add an extra material dimension to the area.

The black chairs balance the whiteness of the kitchen (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

Although the original house envelope and interior design were excellent, the couple decided to replace the kitchen because it did not meet their needs as a family.

"It was important for them to create as much storage space and seating for everyone as possible," Gens recalls.

"For the sake of interest, I designed a dining counter for them as part of a peninsula attached to one of the walls, which allowed good flow and left the kitchen as open as possible towards the public space. In order to 'warm up' "In the process, I also incorporated colorful ethnic utensils, and I equipped the thin balcony for breakfast with light bistro chairs in a yellow color that also add animals and color to the entire area."

A huge and massive dining table surrounded by light chairs.

The dining area (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

In the center of the dining area stands an extra-large dining table (3 / 1.1 m) made of solid wood that can comfortably seat 12 diners.

Gens chose to match them with colorful wooden chairs that lighten the space and give it an UP TO DADE look.

Since the ceiling of the space is not very high, Gens chose to decorate it with an airy bronze Petite friture lamp.

An iron library in the living room designed together with designer Arik Ben Simhon (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

One of the most prominent elements in the living room is the iron bookcase that the designer designed with furniture designer Arik Ben Simhon, according to the proportions and needs of the space.

"It was important for us to create an impressive element with a present but at the same time look modern, relatively light and uncluttered. The seating system consists of a dark brown leather sofa (venge), three airy iron tables of different sizes and two mustard-upholstered chairs. We create an encounter between ethnic and geometric examples - different design concepts that together create a harmonious and cohesive look. "

"Anchors that bring a smile and joy."

The family corner on the mezzanine floor (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

The inviting family room is located on the mezzanine floor and is designed in a unique and cross-time style.

"For the clean and modern shell, we created retro games and childhood photos from the beginning of the last century - anchors that bring a smile and joy," says Gens.

The TV cabinet and the hive above it were purchased from IKEA, on the floor is a rug in a geometric pattern in shades of black / white and above it are three round tables in Nordic style.

The rug is wow.

Geometric and colorful rug in the master bedroom (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

In the center of the couple's bedroom stands a luxurious king-size bed and upholstered in dark leather.

In order to soften the atmosphere, Gens chose to place a rug with colorful geometric patterns underneath it and place bright chests with a geometric three-dimensional facade on both sides.

Wooden shelves made of natural oak have been created and designed especially for the room and warm the look in it.

Each child is given a space that expresses his character and hobbies.

Children's room (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

The children's rooms were clad in light wooden carpentry items with touches of paint and iron fittings and airy metal wires.

Each child has been given a space that expresses his or her character, hobbies and favorite colors.

Another children's room (Photo: Assaf Pinchuk)

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