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“An IMG until the 9th month for '' psychosocial distress ''? It is to devote a vague and subjective notion ”


FIGAROVOX / CHRONIQUE - This summer, the Assembly adopted, within the framework of the bioethics bill, an amendment adding to the grounds authorizing a medical termination of pregnancy (IMG) up to the 9th month “psychosocial distress”. Gilles-William Goldnadel strongly criticizes this amendment.

Totems and taboos of the neurotic era without nuances.

Feminism is a totem pole, including the most aggressive.

Questioning the right to abortion?

A taboo, including when it is excessive.

To take just the most recent example, France Culture, on Saturday, explained that Mother Teresa had disappointed:

“Since her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionaries of Charity, has become a decried personality in because of its position on abortion. ”

You read




As Abbé Pierre Amar wrote with subtlety on Twitter:

"When you are in the camp of Good, you must necessarily be for abortion"

and to continue ironically,

"say France Culture, you are not going all out. not even blame Mother Teresa for being Catholic?


Everything is said: in a supposedly humanist world where human life is considered sacred, including that of the worst criminals that the State cannot kill except by behaving like a murderer, the question of the lives of children should not be asked. , under penalty of attacking the sacrosanct cause of women.

I who am clearly in favor of the Veil Law, I mean the fear and the revolt that this villainous amendment inspires in me, passed in secret on the night of August 1st.

As far as I am concerned, even if it means breaking the feminist totem and transgressing the taboo of the right to abortion, I who am clearly in favor of the Veil Law, I mean the fear and the revolt that this villainous amendment inspires in me. , passed quietly on the night of August 1, as part of the already controversial bioethics law on assisted reproduction for women and which now expressly authorizes abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy for a new reason: "psychosocial distress" .

I wish to write here solemnly that a fetus in the ninth month of its life is called a child, and such an act is therefore called legal infanticide.

Here I make my own the legal conclusions of the collective forum published on FigaroVox on August 12, entitled “IMG until the ninth month for“ psychosocial distress ”: the danger of an imprecise reason” and written by competent jurists such as my colleague in particular Hubert Veauvy, Fabien Bouglé as well as Gregor Puppinck.

They perfectly explained that the IMG in question could not be confused with the abortion which can be performed without medical reason until the 12th week of pregnancy.

They recalled that this IMG was already included in the Veil law, which only wanted to retain the possibility of having recourse to it only when the mother's life was in danger, including for serious psychiatric causes.

But that was not yet enough for some.

On October 31, 2019, the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians published a press release indicating the cases in which, according to it, a

“medico-social IMG”

could be performed.

The mad drift was evident in the cases, more social than medical, cited by this College.

According to him, should open the possibility of recourse to an abortion-infanticide until the ninth month, the cases of "personal danger, violence, major psychological difficulties or of extreme precariousness".

To read also:

"Why the IMG until the 9th month for psychosocial distress is necessary in exceptional cases"

In the process, Olivier Véran, Minister of Health affirmed, without any legal basis, that the smoker "psychosocial distress" would be retained as the reason for the requests of dozens of late abortions delayed beyond 12 weeks due to confinement.

From then on, the way for a drastic denaturation of the Veil law - which was a law of equilibrium - was marked out.

This famous “psychosocial distress” therefore becomes a sufficient reason to kill an unborn viable child.

And it was absolutely necessary to consecrate it solemnly.

I have great respect for the gynecologists and for the Minister of Health, but I did not know that they could plead of a particular ethical and philosophical magisterium to be able to allow themselves to transgress the law or to say who should live or die .

However, this was the case since the Council of State had noted in a judgment of June 15, 2020 that

“an IMG until the ninth month decided for the sole reason of a“ psychosocial distress ”without any serious danger, certain or immediate for the health of the mother is found, would constitute an illegal practice ”.

But such legal or ethical considerations have been obsolete since August 1, since the amendment adopted in the middle of the night, on the sly, now makes it possible to kill a nine-month-old fetus when

"the continuation of the pregnancy puts in serious danger women's health, which may result from psychosocial distress ”


This famous “psychosocial distress” therefore becomes a sufficient reason to kill an unborn viable child.

And it was absolutely necessary to consecrate it solemnly.

We are told that the IMG would be a rare practice, which would concern between 200 and 300 abortions per year (LCI, August 5).

A trifle.

This vague notion is protean, subjective and arbitrary: precarious social situation, risk of conjugal violence, even if the mother's life is not in danger, and under the control of a college of experts as the one wishes to recall. who carried the amendment, Marie-Noëlle Battistel, Socialist Member of Parliament for Isère, vice-president of the delegation for women's rights and co-rapporteur of the fact-finding mission on abortion.

To justify the passage of such a law without warning, without national debate, in full summer torpor, our parliamentarian highlights

"strong territorial inequalities as regards access to abortion"


It's a bit short.

We are also told that IMG is a rare practice, involving between 200 and 300 abortions per year (LCI, August 5).

A trifle.

We have understood: only the feminist totem and the taboo of the right to abortion for women can explain why a deep ideological reason a legislative provision leading to fatal consequences for human life was adopted without social debate, in secret, at full speed and with spelling mistakes, when no urgency required.

The amendment must now be considered by the Senate.

This dirty law of summer will not survive the winter.

Source: lefigaro

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