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The Tishrei holidays are approaching, and this is exactly the time to upgrade the family • Many dogs and cats are waiting for you to give them a home on Rosh Hashanah | Adoption corner

The Tishrei holidays are approaching, and this is exactly the time to upgrade the family • Many dogs and cats are waiting for you to give them a proper home on Rosh Hashanah

Herzliya and Netanya love animals


- the sweet little 4-year-old and waiting for a house of love forever.

He so does not deserve to wait in a cage, after a tragic story like his.

We found Naftol when some boys in Kiryat Gat played football with him, he was the ball.

His family decided to get rid of him, they closed the door on him and left him on the street, and the boys in the neighborhood would abuse him.

Today in foster care, he is charming with family members and with people he knows but is still afraid of strangers, so less suitable for a family with small children.


- A two-year-old mixed pit bull, stunning, muscular, strong, and full of energy and vigor.

Should and will be happy to go on fun and long trips and spending energy in a warm and loving home for the rest of her life.

Phone: 055-6675229;

For more details and adoption you can contact the link:;

Adoption in Netanya Municipal Dogs - Friday 15: 00-13: 00;

Saturday - 13: 00-10: 00.

In Waze - 12 Harkav Street, Netanya.

Adoption in the municipal dogs Herzliya, Friday - 16: 00-14: 00.

In Waze - Veterinary Department, Herzliya Municipality

Let the Animals Live


- He came as a little puppy and grew up in a cage.

A timid and gentle dog who has not yet found patient efforts.

He is also bitten and with a crooked mouth, no one is interested in a face that does not look like everyone else.

It's time to make room in the heart and give 6-year-old Louis the life he's been so looking forward to.


- A stunning shepherd in his beauty, 7 years old, poor olive, is in a terrible state of neglect, seems to have been walking around like this for too long.

The ears were injured and bleeding, he underwent surgery to remove the canals and now he is a deaf dog, a deaf dog surrounded by dogs and people he can not hear - can you imagine how scary it is?

Olive needs efforts with experience, who will learn together to communicate without words.


- our stunning 4 year old, an eternal child who loves to play, frolic and most of all, endlessly indulge. One of the most stunning there is, waiting too long for the best house there is.


- a die-hard 4-year-old football fan, the puppy who is all about energy and love, our wealthy Sean!

Handsome on an energetic and charming, who most of all loves to play, frolic but does not give up on treats either!

Indeed, Sean is very territorial for his games ... so he needs experienced efforts, for a home without small children. 


- This is a 6-year-old princess from the legends, who has been waiting for many years, to have a happy and happy life, in a patient home that will pamper endlessly.

Our stunning Zionism, a delicate apprehension, that after a brief acquaintance opens the whole to love.

She will bark apprehensively when you pass by her cage, but if you give her a chance to remove the walls - you will fall in love very easily.  

For details about adoption: 3703 * extension 3;

The dogs and cats are waiting at our shelter at the entrance to the village of Ruth

Animal cruelty in Israel


- 3 year old mixed dog, gentle and loves hugs.

She is charming, sociable and needs owners who will strengthen her confidence a bit and give her a warm home and lots of love.


- 3 month old mixed cat, curious and cute.

He loves to play, enjoys being pampered and pampered, and will love coming to a warm home with embracing owners.


- 4 month old mixed shepherd, playful, energetic and full of love.

A sweet and sociable puppy who gets along with dogs and people, looking for owners who will be educated, trained and have a loyal and wonderful dog.


- a one year old mixed bitch with a huge heart who wants to love.

Looking for dedicated owners who will make her an integral part of the family.

Needs education for needs and training.


- A 3 month old mixed kitten with a mesmerizing look, found abandoned and cared for by our team.

He is now ready to find a permanent and stable home with dedicated owners, who will pamper, caress and always love.

The sweets in the photos were abandoned by the Animal Welfare Association of Israel.

Sad for them in the cage.

They are our best friends and they deserve a warm home and a great love for a lifetime.

We call on the dog and cat lovers to open their hearts and come and adopt a friend for life.

waiting for you.

Animal Welfare Association of Israel, Herzl 159 Tel Aviv.

Tel: 4553 *.

Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 08: 00-20: 00, Friday: 08: 00-14: 00, Saturday: 11: 00-14: 00 Website:

Animal cruelty Ramat Gan and the surrounding area


- energetic and playful, caressing and embracing.

A charming and kind-hearted dog.

Excellent with people and children.

Wonderful with all the dogs but not fond of cats.

About a year old, vaccinated, playful and neutered.

Needs patient owners with experience in the breed.

An owner who will guide him and give him time to be properly absorbed in the new home.


- hugs and caresses about 3 years old, energetic and playful.

Great with people and kids.

Gets along with all dogs, does not like cats.

Naughty and spayed and sterilized.   


- furry, about a year and a half old, cuddles socially and loves everyone: people, children and dogs of both sexes.

Does not like cats.

Naughty and sterilized vaccinated. 


- good and sociable, about 3 years old, energetic and playful, embracing and cuddling.

Gets along with all dogs but does not like cats.

Naughty and sterilized vaccinated.


- a good and devoted two-year-old, sociable to everyone - people and children.

Gets along with all the dogs.

Naughty and sterilized vaccinated.

For more information: Chafetz Chaim 4, Tel Aviv;

2313 *, operating hours: Sunday-Thursday - 12: 00-17: 30;

Fri - 11: 00-15: 00;

Sat - 11: 00-16: 00

SOS Animals


- Lovely about 10 months old, a young dog involved in every good thing.

Hungry and scared came to us from a troubled home, where there was no one to take care of him, a kind-hearted puppy who had not had a good start in life.

A sociable and loyal dog is always happy to receive love and give back twice as much.


- Almost 4 years old who came from a home he could no longer take care of.

Labrador mixed with chocolate color.

A good and sociable dog that loves and connects with people and can also adapt to a home with small children.

Pete gets along with other dogs and is probably educated for needs.


- a big, calm dog with a huge heart.

A 5.5-year-old who rolled in difficult places, reached an urban quarantine in the north and from there was absorbed into the association.

We discovered a stunning, gentle, peaceful and calm dog.

Loves people and quickly attaches to a teeplate and gets along with other dogs. 


- a six-month-old adolescent puppy.

Involved in all good and already educated for needs.

Strawberry is a lovely puppy, with a puppyish, sweet, and bouncy playfulness.

She is a little possessive and can growl.

Not suitable for a home with small children and gets along with some dogs.

Tut needs a home with experience that will continue to invest in training and setting boundaries. 

SOS adoption days live every Friday and Saturday - Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00, adoption day for dogs and cats - puppies and adults. Adoption day for dogs and cats - puppies and adults: at WAZE SOS Herzliya Animals. Friday from 10:00 to 13:00. Adoption day for dogs only, at WAZE - SOS Animals Herzliya. Friday between the hours of 11: 00-14: 00 - Adoption day for cats only, Tagore 38 Ramat Aviv. In WAZE - SOS Animals Tel Aviv.

Source: israelhayom

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