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Navalny poisoning: Chancellor Merkel with internal clear text announcement - Russia with violent allegations against Germany


Escalation in the Navalny case: Even Chancellor Angela Merkel is no longer ruling out a construction freeze on Nord Stream 2. The Putin critic is no longer in an artificial coma.

Escalation in the Navalny case: Even Chancellor Angela Merkel is no longer ruling out a construction freeze on Nord Stream 2.

The Putin critic is no longer in an artificial coma.

  • Chancellor

    Angela Merkel (CDU)


    no longer

    ruling out the

    consequences of the

    Nord Stream 2


    because of the Navalny case


  • Federal Foreign Minister

    Heiko Maas (SPD)

    had previously


    consequences for Russia in the project of the

    Baltic Sea pipeline


  • The

    doctors treating

    Andrej Nawalny

    at the

    Berlin Charité


    meanwhile ended


    artificial coma


Update from September 9, 2020, 12.25 p.m.:

On Wednesday,


accused Germany of an

"unconstructive approach"

in investigating the

poisoning attack on Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny


The Russian government wanted an intensive dialogue with its German colleagues, declared the Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

“Unfortunately, the German side is slowing down this process.” The German ambassador Géza Andreas von Geyr is expected to speak at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The ministry also vehemently rejected international criticism of Russia.


Russian General Prosecutor's Office

had applied for legal assistance in Germany.

Federal Foreign Minister

Heiko Maas (SPD)

 had in the


announced that Germany would agree.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has now declared that there are baseless

attacks on Russia

and a massive

"disinformation campaign"


“The hysteria in this case is only increasing.” The focus is not on education and concern for Navalny's health, but on promoting the cause of sanctions.

Navalny poisoning: Chancellor Merkel with internal clear text announcement - consequences for Russia?

Update from September 8, 7:50 p.m.:

Details from the parliamentary group meeting of the


around Chancellor


on the


case had



This made it clear that Berlin is keeping all possible sanctions open.

Now more details are seeping through, which above all make the Chancellor's view of what is happening clear.

According to picture information, Merkel called the poisoning of Navalny a

"dismaying process"


The Chancellor is also reported to have added that Russia “is not making this type of attack for the first time”.

She is said to have referred to the Skripal case.

Merkel therefore called on her Union colleagues to “not overlook the incident so quickly”.

According to the report, CDU boss

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer



She was appalled by the Russian allegations that Germany had poisoned Navalny.

Then AKK is said to have shown determination: On the German side, they are

“very sure”

that they have submitted the right analyzes.

Now Russia, not Germany, has to provide evidence in the case.

"Patient Navalny": Internal Merkel assessment leaked - Kremlin sees "dirty fuss"

Update from September 8, 3:20 p.m.:


Angela Merkel

(CDU) has

left open

a stop on the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline in response to the poisoning of Russian government

critic Alexej Navalny


"I have not yet made a final judgment," said Merkel on Tuesday, as the


claims to have learned from several participants in the first meeting of the Union parliamentary group after the summer break in Berlin.

The Chancellor once again called for a European response to the events surrounding Navalny.

It has been proven beyond doubt that he was poisoned - the Chancellor spoke of the

"patient Navalny".



is now also sending clear diplomatic signals.

Moscow is now waiting for the

German ambassador

to speak.


spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Sakharova

, announced on Facebook on Tuesday.

The conversation should take place on Wednesday, it said from the German embassy.

According to Sakharova, the Kremlin expects Germany to present its findings on the case.

She made a drastic statement: "It is time to lay the cards open, because it is clear to everyone: Berlin is bluffing in order to serve dirty political affairs."

In the

 meantime, the

Federal Government is


all options open

in the

case of

possible sanctions against Russia

in the

Navalny case

- despite warnings from Minister of Economics Altmaier (see previous update).

"We have made it very clear that we are checking the entire instrument kit," said Foreign Office State Minister Michael Roth (SPD) of the





He also referred to questions about the controversial

Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline


Navalny: The dispute over the German reaction continues - Altmaier warns of "hard but fair"

Update from September 8th, 7:05 am: In

view of the "cowardly assassination attempt" on the

Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny, the


Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier


the effectiveness of sanctions against states like



He does not know of any case in which a country like Russia has been induced to change its behavior by sanctions, said the

CDU politician

on Monday evening (September 7th) on the ARD talk show "hard but fair".

This would rather lead to a hardening of politics.

"We also have to clarify the question of what we

want to achieve

with our


: Is it just about looking in the mirror, or is it about achieving and creating something positive for human rights?"

Said Altmaier


"For Nord Stream 2 we now need at least a construction freeze if there is

no cooperation



," said the

CSU politician


“It's about a system that is apparently ready to kill people or, in the



, to poison them in order to silence them.

As can


do not stand on the side. "Is needed are clear signals.

Poisoned Navalny awakes from coma - long-term consequences cannot be ruled out

Update from September 7th, 6:55 p.m.:

Alexej Navalny has woken up from the coma.

The dispute over who was responsible for the poisoning of the

Russian opposition member

continues to rage.

CDU interior expert Patrick Sensburg

has now again rejected doubts about the origin of the apparently used poison Novitschok.

According to Sensburg, the German authorities have very precise knowledge of the

substance with which Navalny was poisoned


"Of course, the Western services have Novichok samples in order to be able to prove the different forms from this group," said Sensburg on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the parliamentary control body responsible for the secret services on the case.

He told the


that these samples could be obtained through "intelligence services"


"That annoyed the Russians very much."

The samples were used to detect the substance, said Sensburg.



has very precise analysis methods for this.

"You can even partially prove from which production this type of Novitschok comes", he added.

Navalny awakes from coma after poisoning - long-term consequences cannot be ruled out

Update from September 7th, 3:18 p.m

.: Kremlin critic


Navalny awoke

from his


after the

poison attack


This emerges from a communication from the

Berlin Charité

, where Navalny is currently being treated.

His health has improved and he will be gradually weaned from mechanical ventilation, the university clinic said on Monday.

He responded to the speech that

long-term consequences of

the severe poisoning could still not be ruled out.

1/2 🇬🇧 The condition of Alexei #Navalny has improved.

The patient has been removed from his medically induced coma and is being weaned off mechanical ventilation.

He is responding to verbal stimuli.

- Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (@ChariteBerlin) September 7, 2020

Russia continues to deny being involved in the case of the 44-year-old opposition member

(see original report)


Kremlin spokesman

Dmitri Peskov

spoke again on Monday of

"absurd attempts"

to link the Russian government with it.

The Russian General Prosecutor's Office had applied for

legal assistance

in Germany.

The German Foreign Minister

Heiko Maas (SPD)


on the


that the German side would agree to this.

According to Peskow, Moscow also sees no reason why Berlin should not cooperate in the case.

Poisoned Navalny: Merkel and Maas threaten Putin - "I don't hope the Russians force us ..."

Original message from September 7th

: Berlin - After the

poison attack

on the Kremlin critic

Alexej Navalny *,

various members of the political establishment are calling for


construction of the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 * to be stopped or suspended

as a consequence for Russian President

Vladimir Putin



Angela Merkel (CDU) *

has now

considered stopping the project for the first time.

Merkel "joined" the corresponding statements made by

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) over

the weekend, government

spokesman Steffen Seibert

told journalists in Berlin.


Chancellor *

was of the opinion that "it would be wrong to exclude something".

You have not yet


to Putin about the

Navalny * case

, Seibert said, according to



Nord Stream 2


is being built through the Baltic Sea and is intended to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany.

Maas had hinted: “I do not hope that the Russians will force us

to change

our stance on

Nord Stream 2.

” Merkel was “working with Maas on this important issue,” said Seibert.

The federal government had the "clear expectation" that sic

h Mosk

au to

m drop Nawal

says ny.

Russia denies being involved in the poisoning of the opposition party.

If there are no contributions on the Russian side to investigate the attack on Mr #Nawalny in the next few days, we will have to discuss an answer with our partners.

The attack is a serious violation of international law.

- Heiko Maas 🇪🇺 (@HeikoMaas) September 6, 2020

Navalny case: Chancellor Angela Merkel describes Russian opposition activists as "victims of a crime"

“Alexei Navalny is the

victim of a crime


He should be silenced, and I condemn that too on behalf of the entire federal government to the strongest possible terms, "Merkel declared. The

federal government

had a special laboratory of the Armed Forces informed by studies that they as it


look proven that Navalny with the military

neurotoxin Novichok

had been poisoned.

As far as the stand of Nord Stream 2 is concerned,

tens of thousands of


pipe sections

are already lying

on the floor of the Baltic Sea, each weighing a good

24 tons


Welded together, they form the two strands of the gas pipeline, which is around

1,230 kilometers in



Most of the route runs parallel to the existing Nord Stream pipeline.


Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is currently in consultation with Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) about the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline about the poison attack on Putin critic Alexej Nawalny.

© Michael Sohn / AP-Pool / dpa

Nord Stream 2: Trump administration wants to prevent construction - critics accuse USA of export interests

The starting point is the Russian Baltic coast west of

St. Petersburg

, the destination is Lubmin not far from



The huge double tube is not yet finished - resistance from the

USA has

delayed its completion so far.

The administration under

US President Donald Trump *


sanctions in

late 2019

to prevent completion of the pipeline.

In mid-July, the US government threatened further sanctions.

The US argue that Germany and Europe would become


on Moscow.

Critics accuse the USA of only

wanting to


its own

liquefied gas

at the highest possible prices


At a higher level, Europe's concern about being too


on Russian natural gas also plays a role.

The country currently covers almost

a third of

the EU's needs.

The EU wants to reduce its dependence.

This could

two Nord Stream

but contrary, the

EU Commission

is therefore against the building.

(frs with material from AFP)

* belongs to the Ippen digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Pavel Golovkin / dpa

Source: merkur

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