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KOL inadvertently inserted the willow and became a yellow camp YouTuber. The content is not only about politics, "yellow label" affects income


The New Democrat Party Li Zijing launched the "KOL100" project after the anti-regulation turmoil last year. A group of blue camp KOLs have opened their own YouTube channels, driving the trend of online public opinion. Facing the challenge of Lanying KOL, he has always been active on the Internet

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Author: Guo Xiaoqing

2020-09-20 11:00

Last update date: 2020-09-20 11:00

The New Democrat Party Li Zijing launched the "KOL100" project after the anti-regulation turmoil last year. A group of blue camp KOLs have opened their own YouTube channels, driving the trend of online public opinion.

Facing the challenge of Lanying KOLs, the Panminist faction, who has always been active in online publicity, also joined the filming. There were also KOLs who had been quite well-known who expressed their positions and were named "Huangying KOLs" by netizens.

"Hong Kong 01" compiled YouTube data, analyzed Huang Ying YouTuber's business methods and response strategies.

Looking at Huangying’s KOL channels, they have an average of 160,000 subscribers and a total of up to 400 million views. Many YouTubers have increased their support after the anti-regulation turmoil, including Zhou Ting, a former member of the Hong Kong enthusiasts. Since the channel was opened in February, the average number of video views has exceeded 290,000, ranking 35th in Hong Kong.

The reporter initially sorted out Panmin and Huang Ying’s politicians to comment on the channel in time, joined the channel regarded as Huang Ying by netizens, and made incomplete statistics.

The following are 21 Huangying YouTube channels (see the table below). Unlike the Lanying YouTubers, it is obvious that most of the YouTube channels with more subscriptions and views are YouTubers with a certain degree of popularity. They have started a few years ago. Running its channel has its supporters, such as JASON (alias "Big J"), Du Wenze, cooking man, etc.

Among them, there are YouTubers who have operated channels for more than ten years. Not all of them are mainly political comments, and their content is different.

It can be seen from the above that the channel with the highest subscription volume is "JASON", with more than 970,000 subscribers. The channel was opened in 2013. According to statistics from NoxInfluencer, a YouTube influence statistics platform, the number of subscribers of "Big J" ranks 30th in Hong Kong. name.

Ranked second is "Du Wenze Lisao", which has 620,000 subscribers since it was opened in 2018 and has an average of about 220,000 views.

It is worth noting that most of the blue camp YouTubers emerged after the anti-revision incident, and affected by the "KOL100" project, they will proactively declare that they are a member of the blue camp KOL, and they also add links to other blue camp KOLs on their channels.

On the other hand, Huangying KOLs are different. Some of them do not clearly label themselves as Huangying KOLs, and the content may not be related to politics. On the contrary, most of them are regarded as Huangying KOLs by netizens because of their words and deeds. Therefore, the channels listed above are not fully displayed. All relevant YouTubers.

Well-known YouTuber video content diversified leisure and satire content parallel

Compared with the blue camp KOLs of the "KOL100" project, because most of the yellow camp KOLs are already YouTubers, and their personal orientation is not politicians or current affairs commentators, their video content has different content and styles.

For example, "Big J" has been operating its channel for 7 years. It mainly focuses on shooting game videos and life records. Later, it was supported by many people for expressing its position in anti-revision incidents. The current videos are still mainly for leisure content. Occasionally talk about views on current events.

Similarly, the movies of the cooking man are mainly dietary, with comments on current affairs occasionally mixed in.

The early films of "Du Wenze Lisao", founded by former TV artist Du Wenze, were mainly entertainment programs created by the second time. They also satirize current abuses in a relaxed way. Now they are added to the introduction of pornographic stores that promote the "yellow economic circle" and other satires of current abuses. program.

In addition to the above YouTubers who shoot videos in different ways and formats, there are also channels that focus on chatting, commenting on current affairs, and the number of subscriptions is also not low.

(Image source: Zhisen and Zhihao YouTube screenshots)

Politicians have the most live broadcasts and talk shows as the main weekly channel subscribers

Members of the Pan-Democratic Legislative Council such as Yang Yueqiao, Chen Zhiquan, Xu Zhifeng, etc. have been running channels. The content is mainly commentary on current affairs, mostly in the form of talk shows and editing of highlights of the Legislative Council meeting.

After the outbreak of the anti-amendment legislation and the district council elections, new district councillors joined the ranks of YouTubers, including the Civic Party member Zheng Dahong, the Democratic Party Yuan Haiwen, and the Eastern District Councilman Qiu Xuxin, who were ruled to be invalid for the Legislative Council election.

They started operating the channel in 2020, but compared to other YouTubers, or due to the shorter opening time and different release times, the number of temporary subscribers and views is not as good as other YouTubers.

Pan-democratic videos cover issues such as politics and people's livelihood. Recently, epidemic information will also be mentioned.

Although their subscription volume is not as good as other channels, the social media they have been operating will upload different videos, including live broadcasts, and netizens will also interact on social media.

Although the channel style of most politicians is serious, there are exceptions.

Zhou Ting, a former member of the Hong Kong Zhizhi, opened his channel in February this year, and accumulated 305,000 subscribers in about six months, ranking 140 in Hong Kong in terms of subscription volume.

Her film style is more relaxed, the screen design, content in addition to political commentary, but also sharing life, Japanese teaching and other videos, with a more relaxed approach to attract viewers, the highest number of videos more than one million views.

The maximum income of 200,000 yellow labels may affect the livelihood of YouTubers

Qualified YouTubers can apply to join the YouTube partner program and earn advertising revenue based on the number of views on the video.

According to NoxInfluencer's estimation, YouTubers with high support such as "Big J" can get advertising revenue of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan per month, and the Pear channel can get 60,000 to 120,000 yuan per month. Among them, Huang Shize’s Martin Oei has the opportunity to earn the highest income, exceeding 200,000 yuan per month.

However, it should be noted that the above figures are only general estimates. Because YouTube has its video review mechanism to determine whether the video is suitable for most advertisers, if the content is judged to be inappropriate, a yellow dollar sign will be displayed next to the video, the so-called "Yellow label", the advertising revenue of "yellow label" videos will be correspondingly reduced, or even unable to obtain advertising revenue.

Since the yellow label is not clearly defined, some YouTubers were “yellow labeled” and their income was reduced due to the content of the video containing “controversial topics and sensitive events.” This has a wide impact on full-time YouTubers who make a living on YouTube, and they may become A consideration of YouTuber’s creation of video content affects whether he continues to be a "Huangying KOL."

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