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Toast with the “Hafennutte”: Bar in Bavaria offers a special “Special” - and triggers debate


The “Shot Special” in the “Artesano” bar sparked a sexism debate. The Ebersberg women's emergency call was indignant about drink names like “port hooker” and “horny pussy”.

The “Shot Special” in the “Artesano” bar sparked a sexism debate.

The Ebersberg women's emergency call was indignant about drink names like “port hooker” and “horny pussy”.


- The history of

alcoholic beverages

is a story of more or less original naming.

Cranberry, vodka, peach liqueur and orange juice - that sounds appealing if you like it sweet.


"Sex on the Beach"

, this

cocktail is

one of the most famous in the world.

The name does it.



, this phenomenon


a veritable



via a




This was ignited by the

“Shot Special” of



from last weekend.



bar advertised a list of liqueurs





, including “Kettenfett” (liquorice),

“Scharfe Granate”

(pomegranate chilli), but also



“Hot Widow”

(plum) and

"Horny pussy"

(Cherry-banana; here the Internet research only provides a drink as a result after several attempts - and thus an indication of the



Sexism debate in Ebersberg: “Artesano” bar offers questionable drinks menu at “Shot Special”

The cardboard-sweet offer from the

Ebersberg women's emergency number is pissed off


In a

Facebook post

, the voluntary advice center calls the choice of drinks

“sexism in its purest form”.

When asked by EZ, Angela Rupp, the managing director, explains why: The

female anatomy is used

in a

degrading way

in advertising for such products.

And the names also conveyed a

sexualized, disparaging image of women.

“We don't want to leave it that way,” says Rupp.

The women's emergency number sees itself not only as a contact point in the event of

domestic and sexual violence,

but also as part of public lobbying for the interests of women.


sexualization is



especially in connection with


, explains Rupp.

There is hardly a young woman who has not already been confronted with

highly sexualized pick-up lines

and intrusiveness

in the nightlife


“It starts with language,” warns Rupp.

“This creates images in the mind.” And those who resisted would like to deal with the

perpetrator-victim reversal

- “Don't be so prudish,” they say.

Or personal attacks on one's own appearance followed.

In contrast, the

women's emergency number

wants to

raise awareness.

The advertising adviser was asked here - but they had also

hoped for more insight

from the operator of the



“Hafennutte” and “Hot pussy”: Ebersberger Frauennotruf outraged by the sexist drinks menu

Danjiel Babic, the landlord, deleted the

controversial liquor menu

from the network on Friday in view of the criticism.


shot special


“Geiler Muschi”



was still available at the weekend.

“I can’t help the names,” said Babic when asked by EZ.


"harbor hooker"

and the

"Geile Muschi"


ready-filled from the manufacturer.

“I didn't mean to piss anyone off,” says Babic too.

And: "That was

not intended to be misogynistic."

The guests would have accepted the drinks well across the board - regardless of age and gender.

“Everyone ordered that,” says the landlord.

"Otherwise every après-ski bar would have this discussion." For Babic, the case is closed - it was a

one-off "special"



Women's emergency call calls for sexism debate over drinks menu: Unfortunately not an isolated case in the restaurant business

Not only since the

“Black Lives Matter”

movement has the

“Cola white” replaced



on the



- the

majority of


has agreed that the name is




sexism debate

is apparently still in full swing;

Result: open.

A restaurant in the northern district also advertises with the slogan: “Your wife can't cook?

Never mind

Eat with us and keep your wife as a hobby! "


Another sexist-looking notice at a restaurant in the Ebersberg district, photographed last weekend.

© J.Dziemballa

Sexism debate about drinks menu: men on Facebook annoyed by female outrage

Mostly with

angry smileys

, the female Facebook fans

wordlessly supported


women's emergency number's

contribution to the promotion of the



“Dogged”, “hysterical”, “It's annoying!”, On the

other hand


is the criticism of the

women's emergency number

on its

Facebook post.



who react there like this:

all men.

What is still acceptable advertising, and where does sexism begin? This has already been heatedly discussed in Dorfen (district of Erding). The trigger for the sexism debate was the advertisement of an insurance agency in Taufkirchen. The sexism debate triggered by a Passau student at the beginning of the year reached a much wider audience. She was outraged by the lyrics of the Danube Song - a popular beer tent hit - and demanded that the song be banned immediately from German folk festivals.

Source: merkur

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