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Corona in Germany: Hundreds of school classes in Baden-Württemberg close - alert level in Hamm


Germany has a new corona hotspot: The trigger for this second corona wave is causing trouble. The mayor announces fines and penalties.

Germany has a new corona hotspot: The trigger for this second corona wave is causing trouble.

The mayor announces fines and penalties.

  • How is Germany doing in terms of Corona containment *?

  • While the Federal Republic is doing well in a European comparison, one city is causing concern.

  • The government has postponed a policy change for returning travelers.

Update from September 24th, 5:58 p.m.:

Almost two weeks after the start of the new school year,

172 school classes


Baden-Württemberg have been

removed from




128 locations

, the classes are

temporarily only taught distance learning

because of an infection with the


or suspected infection, as the Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday.

Three schools in






are completely closed for the time being.


Stuttgarter Zeitung

had previously


In Baden-Württemberg there are around 67,500 classes at 4,500 schools.

The state greens are calling for a scientifically supported

model test for air filters

in order to reduce the risk of infection in schools and daycare centers.

"The minister of education now has to do quick preparatory work before more school classes have to stay at home in the winter months," said the faction's technology policy spokesman, Thomas Poreski, on Thursday.

You have to find out to what extent air purifiers are suitable

for effectively improving the air




daycare rooms


Corona in Germany: New quarantine rules for entry from risk areas

Update from September 24, 5:15 p.m.:

At the same time as the

introduction of

digital registration

for people entering Germany



October 15,

the federal states are to adopt new

quarantine rules


Only those who have previously been in a

corona risk area

need to register via the new online portal


The new test strategy for travelers "will be introduced on the basis of a new legal basis," said the spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Steve Alter, on Thursday of the

German press agency


For this purpose, the Ministry worked together with the Ministry of Health to


a new

model quarantine ordinance

, which the Länder then have to put into effect on their own responsibility.

"For this reason, the digital entry registration will also only be introduced at this time - on October 15th".

According to


information, anyone who enters their details in the portal receives a confirmation that they should show during a control - for example at the airport by the federal police.

At the same time, the data is also sent to the responsible health department.

Anyone who does not meet their obligation to register risks a



There should still be exemptions for commuters and other travelers in so-called small border traffic.

Corona: Red alert in Hamm - Stadt corrects the number of cases up again

Update from September 24, 2:42 p.m

.: Maximum value in Germany: In the city of


(North Rhine-Westphalia) the 7-day incidence increases to


, the city announced on Thursday.

The RKI, which publishes the numbers with a time delay, gives this value with 88.2, can be read on the website of the city of Hamm.

The RKI does not publish the current figures until midnight.

The number of new infections in Hamm has grown by 22 in the past 24 hours, so 196 corona cases are currently active.

13 people have to be treated in the hospital, one Covid-19 patient in the intensive care unit.

With this value,


is currently THE

corona hotspot

in Germany.

The trigger: a wedding celebration

(see update from September 24th, 9.11 a.m.)


The district of Dingolfing-Landau (Bavaria) has currently exceeded the critical value of 50 new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days - the so-called 7-day incidence.

In Dingolfing-Landau (Bavaria) there have been more than 30 corona cases at BMW * and its logistics service provider.


the numbers of infections * are rising so rapidly



is initially unclear.

In the Bavarian capital, there has been a stricter ban on contact and a mask requirement since Thursday.

In the

district of Cloppenburg

(Lower Saxony), according to media reports, private parties and violations of hygiene concepts in the catering industry are said to be the reason for the increase in corona infections.



(North Rhine-Westphalia), the infections could mainly be attributed to families who have returned from vacation, according to the RKI management report (September 23).

Several schools and kindergartens are affected.

Corona hotspot

7 day incidence

City of Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia)


Dingolfing-Landau district (Bavaria)

64.44 *

Munich City (Bavaria)

45.12 *

District of Cloppenburg (Lower Saxony)


Remscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia)


* Case numbers from the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL), as of September 24, 8 a.m.).

Corona in Germany: Berlin plans to ban alcohol like Munich

Update from September 24, 12:38 p.m


There are currently


corona hotspots

in Germany: The

city ​​of Hamm



Rhine-Westphalia) and the Bavarian district of


are marked in red on the overview map of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Munich is an orange spot on the Covid-19 map, as is



In order to slow down the number of infections, the Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) announced

new corona rules

on Thursday 


"I assume that we will 

actually have to make restrictions again

 , especially at these celebrations in public spaces, that will not be allowed," said Müller on Thursday in the ZDF morning magazine.

Similar to Munich, the governing mayor could imagine a ban on alcohol.

In Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg the numbers have shot up in the past few days.

Especially when young people sit outdoors in the park and celebrate privately, the risk of infection is high.

Unlike in restaurants, where things are more orderly.

Müller currently does not see a mask requirement in Munich.

Corona hotspot Hamm (NRW): 40 school children tested positive for Corona

Update from September 24, 12.24 p.m

.: In the

city ​​of Hamm

, many

school children

are also


by the

corona outbreak

(see update from September 24, 9.11 a.m.)


"We have more than 40 infected children and young people in schools," a city spokesman told the


news agency on Thursday


Nine schools are currently affected.

There was only one case where there was no connection to the wedding.

Corona: Red alert in Hamm - trigger for second wave makes OB rage: "It can't be ..."

Update from September 24th, 9.11 a.m

.: Red alert is in the

city ​​of Hamm

(North Rhine-Westphalia).

On the RKI map, the city is a

red spot

on the Covid-19 map of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).


7-day incidence

is according to RKI figures at


(as at: September 24, 9:20).

The city of Hamm gives a value of


and points out that the RKI would publish figures with a delay.


Coronavirus in Germany: In the city of Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia) a wedding triggered a second corona wave (symbol photo).

© Guido Kirchner / dpa

Corona in Germany: Trigger for second corona wave in Hamm causes trouble

Lord Mayor

Thomas Hunsteger-Petermann

found clear words about the situation in the Westphalian city in a video message on Monday.

He was particularly

outraged by


trigger of the second corona wave


"I am extremely upset that the situation


from a

single wedding

," says Mayor Hunsteger-Petermann in the Facebook video.

The wedding celebration took place three weeks ago in Dortmund, said Hunsteger-Petermann.

It would be difficult to track and break the chains of infection now.

The city announced that more than 100 of the current 179 corona infections in Hamm are related to the wedding.

300 wedding guests are under quarantine.

A family celebration now has drastic consequences for the city of 182,000.

For two weeks there are strict contact restrictions, a mask requirement in schools and a registration requirement for private parties.

An absurdity for the mayor.

“It cannot be that a

small group

then essentially


life in an entire city

significantly,” says the mayor in the video.

"We will also take


here with all legal options that we have,

" emphasizes Hunsteger-Petermann in the video message.

“We are in the process of finding out who are responsible and are examining how we can hold them accountable,” a city spokesman explained to the dpa.

Fines or damages are conceivable.

The corona rules for private celebrations are to be tightened throughout NRW, reports *.

Corona virus in Germany: RKI reports more than 2,000 new corona infections

Update from September 24, 8:14 a.m

.: In the past 24 hours, the health authorities in Germany have reported

2,143 new corona cases


19 deaths

to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) (data as of September 24, 12 a.m.).

There are currently

21,742 active Covid-19 cases


  • So far, 278,070 people in Germany

    have been shown to have contracted the




  • According

    to the RKI, the

    number of


    in connection with a corona infection is



  • Around

    246,900 people

    survived the infection according to RKI estimates.

Corona in Germany: is Germany threatening a lockdown again?

Answer from Lauterbach surprised

Update from September 24th, 7.30 a.m


SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach


a lockdown

like at the beginning of the pandemic to be


despite rising corona numbers in


, reports the dpa news agency.

“I consider the probability of experiencing a lockdown like a few months ago to be zero,” Lauterbach said to the news portal

Most of the population will do what is necessary to avoid a further lockdown voluntarily.

“I'm absolutely sure of that.” The general public was too alarmed and sensitized to the issue, said Lauterbach.

"She has understood how dangerous Covid-19 can be, the long-term damage that threatens after the illness, and accordingly people will be ready to take prompt action to prevent the worst."

Update from September 23, 10:46 p.m.:

Most recently, a larger proportion of the

corona tests

carried out in Germany were



The so-called positive rate in calendar


38 was

1.19 percent

(previous week: 0.86), as the

Robert Koch Institute

(RKI) wrote in its management report.

That is the highest value in more than ten weeks.

According to the RKI, around 1.086 million tests (previous week around 1.121 million) were made in Germany in calendar week 38.

Around 12,900 tests were positive, in the previous week it was significantly fewer with around 9,700.

Update from September 23, 2:05 p.m.:

With regard to the continued high number of infections in


(see the current RKI


report, update from 11:15 a.m.)

, the federal government rejects easing the

corona measures


There are fewer and fewer counties without cases, an increase in hotspots and “diffuse events”, said Chancellor Helge Braun on Wednesday in Berlin at a press conference on the occasion of the 100-day balance of the Corona app.

For this reason, "there is no reason to think about further easing".

Rather, one must continue to talk about clear restrictions "so that the whole process can be further contained".

In the coming week, the federal and state governments want to meet again to discuss the restrictions.

Coronavirus in Germany: RKI management report - R value falls below one - 1769 new infections

Update from September 23, 11:15 a.m.:


health authorities in Germany


1,769 new infections

within one day


According to the

Robert Koch Institute (RKI),


number of

Covid 19 deaths


Wednesday morning was 9409, which corresponds to an increase of 13 on the previous day.

According to RKI estimates, 245,400 people have survived the infection, 275,927 have been proven to have been


with the


(data status 23.9., 0.00 a.m.). 

Last Saturday (September 19) the highest number of

new infections in Germany

since April was reached.

In the management report, the RKI writes: "After a temporary stabilization of the number of cases at an increased level, a

further increase

in transmissions in the population in Germany can


be observed." An overview: With more than 6000 new infections at the end of March / beginning of April, the numbers were down at a peak.

After the numbers fell, they rose again in June.

In August the number of cases was once over 2000.

According to the RKI report, the

R value

on Tuesday was 0.92 (previous day: 1.06), which means that an infected person infects slightly less than another person on average .

This value depicts the infection process about one and a half weeks ago.

The seven-day R-value was 0.99 (previous day: 1.04).

It shows the infection process from 8 to 16 days ago.


Returning travelers must currently be tested.

© Markus Scholz / dpa

Coronavirus in Germany: Government wants to replace compulsory testing for returnees from risk areas with compulsory quarantine

Update of 23 September, 7:55:

The federal government wants the

test mandatory


returning travelers


areas at risk

by a

mandatory five-day quarantine


The starting point for this project should actually be October - but the change in strategy has now been delayed by a month.

This is reported by the


citing government circles.

The reason for this: The health authorities should be technically able to track returnees from risk areas.

This can only be realized from November.

This means that a

negative corona test

is still sufficient

for travelers during the autumn holidays

to bypass the quarantine.

Meanwhile, the health authorities


new corona infections

on Wednesday



Could there be a second lockdown?

The chairwoman of the German Ethics Council has declared such a measure to be disproportionate.

Alena Buyx

said in the

ARD Tagesthemen

on Tuesday evening: "All experts agree that we will not need a second lockdown and I do not assume that that will happen," says Buyx.

"We can now deal better with the diseases and treat them better."

  • Since the beginning of the corona pandemic,

    275,927 corona cases have been


    in Germany,


    the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) (data as of September 23, 12 a.m.).

  • 9,409 people

    died in connection with Sars-CoV-2.

  • The RKI estimates that around 243,700 Covid 19 patients survived the virus infection.

  • 22,818 active corona cases

    in Germany.

Corona in Germany: Death numbers are increasing

Update from September 22nd, 8:15 p.m.:

The spread of the

corona virus

has been


up speed again for weeks, the number of

new infections

remains at a consistently high


on Tuesday


As n-tv and now


citing the

health authorities



, the number of new infections remains consistently high on Tuesday.

Accordingly, around 1,839 people had tested positive for the corona virus in the past 24 hours.

According to this,


in particular should be affected

with around 521 new infections and


with around 448 people who tested positive.

After the number of new infections had remained at a constant level in the past few weeks, the number of deaths is now skyrocketing.

As reports, the health authorities recorded 13 more


in Germany

on Tuesday

, all of which are said to have died of or with Corona.

In the past few weeks, the health authorities in Germany recorded daily death rates in the lower single-digit range.

The actual number of new infections for Tuesday will be found out on early Wednesday.


Robert Koch Institute

reports the official Corona numbers for Germany in the early morning hours.

Corona in Germany: is there now a nationwide lockdown for NRW?

Update from September 22, 5:30 p.m.:

The 180,000-inhabitant city of



North Rhine-Westphalia

has developed into the new

Corona hotspot

in Germany.

The so-called seven-day incidence there was 87.1 on Tuesday lunchtime and thus significantly above the critical value of 50 as currently nowhere else in Germany, which resulted in new contact restrictions.

The head of the

Chancellery, Helge Braun

(CDU), also urged the citizens to be cautious with insistent words: "Now the population needs to be disciplined."

Meanwhile, the

Prime Minister Armin Laschet


spoke out

against a nationwide tightening of the corona requirements despite the increasing number of infections.

"We do not want a

comprehensive lockdown



Rhine-Westphalia," said Laschet on Tuesday at the moated castle Anholt in Isselburg.

So far, the chains of infection are traceable.

It will therefore continue to react locally, such as in Hamm, where the requirements have been tightened.

According to Laschet, there is no need for new rules.

"But it would be good if everyone adhered to the rules," said the Prime Minister. If there were violations - as in Hamm - an administrative offense would have to be responded to. "If there are problems in Hamm, you don't need people in the Eifel and Sauerland to suffer for it. "

Our first report: Corona in Germany: 116 infected people after wedding - new hotspot drastically tightened measures

Hamm - The

corona numbers

in Germany are rising again.

After the pandemic curve had flattened two months ago to around 500 new infections per day, up to four times as many cases are currently recorded.

Within the past 24 hours, the health authorities reported 

1,821 new corona infections on Tuesday


Before the weekend, this value was sometimes above the 2,000 mark.

According to the Robert Koch Institute *, there are currently 

21,062 active coronavirus cases

 in Germany.

These are distributed across the whole of


, but are most strongly represented in five federal states.

The seven-day incidence * is, according to the RKI information on Monday, "in




very clearly, in





North Rhine-Westphalia

well above the national average." A total of three of the 401 German rural and urban districts exceed it currently the critical threshold of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

The city of Munich, which was also heavily hit by Covid-19, is just below the mark at 49.3.

7-day incidence in Germany (as of September 22, 3 p.m.)

City of Hamm

: 87.1

City of Würzburg

: 61.0

District of Cloppenburg

: 56.1

Corona in Germany: New hotspot in North Rhine-Westphalia - Hamm tightened measures

Meanwhile, one place is of particular concern: the

Corona hotspot Hamm


In the North Rhine-Westphalian city of 182,000 inhabitants, a total of 164 people are acutely






corona cases

are related to a wedding, 99 wedding guests or relatives are currently infected.

309 wedding guests are in quarantine.


Hamm had given

the incidence value as 70.9 on Monday, it soared to 87.1 a day later.

Because of the significant increase in corona, the city tightened its pandemic requirements on Tuesday.

Only five people or people from two households are allowed to come together in public spaces.

In addition, it is again mandatory to wear a mask in class at secondary schools.

The regulations initially apply for two weeks, as reported by *.


 had already tightened the first corona requirements with immediate effect on Monday.

For example, private celebrations with a sociable character such as special birthdays, weddings and anniversaries from 25 participants must be reported.

From 50 participants up to the upper limit of 150 participants, celebrations must be approved by the city.

Also, only a maximum of 150 spectators are allowed at sports events, a Sunday shopping was canceled.

The number of corona infections is still increasing in #Hamm.

That is why the #StadtHamm has decided to take further measures: From tomorrow, # contact restrictions and #masking in class will apply (excluding primary schools).

All information:

- City of Hamm (@hamm_stadt) September 22, 2020

Corona in Germany: Situation relaxed compared to neighboring countries

All in all, the situation in

Germany is

currently very difficult to assess.

On the one hand, the number of cases is rising again significantly, on the other hand, the

Federal Republic is

just as clearly better off than many other states.

In comparison with the nine German neighboring countries,



to be managing




This is shown by a look at the 14-day incidences in Europe compiled by the WHO.

After the three inglorious front runners


(544 cases per 100,000 inhabitants),


(480) and Spain (216), two neighboring German countries, the Czech Republic and France, follow.

Germany comes to a value of 26 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and is ahead of eight of its nine neighboring countries.

(as) *, and are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

The 14-day incidence in neighboring German countries (source: WHO, as of September 22, 3 p.m.)

Czech Republic: 206

France: 198

Luxembourg: 157

Netherlands: 119

Belgium: 115

Austria: 105

Denmark: 90

Switzerland: 67

Poland: 23

List of rubric lists: © Guido Kirchner / dpa

Source: merkur

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