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History of a 'narco-plane' between Cuernavaca and Venezuela


On Tuesday two men stole a jet in Mexico and eight hours later it crashed in Guatemala with weapons and drugs. In the interval it landed in Venezuela after flying over seven countries.

Elements of the Guatemalan army guard the site where the aircraft crashed.

Last week Donald Trump received the world drug report from the State Department and gave Mexico a slap on the wrist for not doing more to stop drug trafficking.

The report, which is presented each year, is hundreds of pages long and Latin American countries occupy a prominent place.

However, sometimes, there are accidents relegated to the last corner of today, which explain hundreds of pages.

The plane stolen Tuesday in Cuernavaca is a summary of the frenzied airlift between Mexico, Central America and Venezuela that moves through the Caribbean.

On Tuesday night the Guatemalan Army reported that a plane had crashed in a jungle region between Alta Verapaz and Quiché, very close to the border with Mexico.

The aircraft was looking for a clandestine runway and ended up stamped against the cornfields.

Two charred corpses, weapons and several packages of cocaine appeared next to the fire.

Only a few hours before that plane was parked at the Cuernavaca airport.

On Tuesday morning, around 9 a.m., three people arrived at the Mariano Matamoros airport in Temixco (Morelos) and advanced to the filter where the airport staff controls access.

The Mariano Matamoros is a small airport next to Cuernavaca, used by some of the great fortunes that have a home in Cuernavaca and where small planes and helicopters usually arrive.

The men said they were mechanics who came to check a jet and do engine tests and after presenting the relevant documentation they went to the hangar where the aircraft was, a white Hawker 800 with capacity for 10 passengers and a cruise speed of 800 kilometers per hour.

The aircraft with registration XB-PYZ, which has not yet been located, belonged to a Colombian company.

The men spent two hours there checking the aircraft, during which time they even filled the plane with fuel and paid by credit card.

Half an hour later, one of the three people went to the exit and commented that his two companions were preparing to make a test flight.

At that time, the control tower reviewed the authorizations and flight permits for that day and none of the Hawker 800 appeared.

When the authorities reacted, according to the version of the airport personnel questioned by the National Guard, the aircraft had already closed the doors, had the engines running and was heading towards the runway.

At 11.50 in the morning, without authorization or registered flight plan, the jet lifted off.

In her eventful outing, she was even about to take a plane from the aeronautical school that was doing an internship with her.

When the tower tried to communicate with the aircraft, the radio was already off.

However, according to the Morelos prosecutor, Uriel Carmona, it was not until 5:00 p.m. that the state police were informed of the alleged robbery.

However, since the plane took off from Cuernavaca, the aeronautical authorities of Mexico, Central America and Colombia began to monitor it and that is how they mapped out the route.

In it you can see how the plane went from Morelos to Oaxaca and then to Tabasco where it entered Guatemala at the height of El Progreso.

That way he crossed Belize and entered the Caribbean Sea where he reached Venezuela, where he entered through Lake Maracaibo.

Four hours after taking off from central Mexico, at 4:00 p.m., the plane landed in the state of Zulia, near the border with Colombia.

The satellites confirmed that the plane was parked in Zulia for less than two hours and at 6:00 pm it took off again in the direction of the Caribbean.

At 8:00 p.m., the Hawker 800 entered Guatemala and at 8:30 p.m. it crashed near the Santa Marta Salinas community.

All of this happened in nine hours.

When the Guatemalan Army arrived at the scene, they found two bodies, weapons and several scattered drug packages with swastikas symbols and the initials "FFF", confirmed the Armed Forces.

From Morelos, the Secretary of Government, Pablo Ojeda Cárdenas, later said that the XB-PYZ registration of the jet was false, the airworthiness certificate was no longer valid and the people entered authorized by the International Corporate & Cargo Services company, which had a I have guarded the aircraft for a month, in its hangar.

The authorities are looking for the owners of the jet to file a complaint but so far there is no trace of the company that managed the access permits for the false mechanics.

In April, Trump launched "the largest US anti-drug operation in the West, with naval and air forces, to prevent dictatorial regimes from taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis."

According to Andrew Tiongson, director of operations for the United States Southern Command, with the collaboration of Nicolás Maduro, drug trafficking through the Caribbean increased by 50%.

So far this year, 26 planes of different sizes associated with drug trafficking have fallen in Guatemala, of which 13 have been jets and 13 propeller ships. In the Petén, Quiché, Santa Rosa or Alta Verapaz regions, it is common to hear the nighttime drone of light aircraft flying over the areas or looking for landing strips. Last year 54 aircraft were found, according to the Guatemalan Army.

Source: elparis

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