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Result of the Dortmund runoff: Extremely close race - there is a new OB


The OB election in Dortmund 2020 remained exciting: The decision was not made until the result of the runoff election. Here you can find the numbers for the outcome of the local elections.

The OB election in Dortmund 2020 remained exciting: The decision was not made until the result of the runoff election.

Here you can find the numbers for the outcome of the local elections.

  • On 13 September found



    local elections

    now the run-off elections followed on 27 September - instead.

  • In


    , the election of the


    became a neck-and-neck race.

  • Here you will find the results of the mayoral elections and results for the Ruhr Parliament.

Result of the runoff election in Dortmund - SPD retains the OB post


be right

Thomas Westphal (SPD)


Andreas Hollstein (CDU)


Update from September 27, 2020, 7:13 p.m.:

In one of their historic strongholds, where the SPD has been the head of the city for decades, it was enough for the Social Democrats to win again.

The race was very close.

Thomas Westphal got 51.97 percent and is thus the Lord Mayor of Dortmund for the next few years.

Update from September 27, 2020, 6 p.m.:

The polling stations are now closing and the counting of the runoff results in Dortmund can begin.

Update from September 27, 2020, 5:09 p.m.:

The result of the runoff election in Dortmund could wrest one of its strongholds from the SPD.

The Social Democrats have provided the mayor for decades.

2020 can be tight, because when the polling stations close at 6 p.m., it is completely open who will get the most votes in the end.

The first interim results can be expected in the following hours.

If the result is expected to be known on Sunday evening, you will find it here.

+++ At this point you will find the result of the runoff election in Dortmund.

The count should be completed on election evening.

We will keep you up to date on important interim results +++

Preliminary results of the 2020 local elections in Dortmund - waiting for the runoff result

Update from September 14th:

As in many other cities, there is

still no winner

in the

OB election

in Dortmund.

No applicant received an absolute majority of the votes, which is why the two applicants with the most votes go to the runoff election.

The results in detail:

  • Westphal (SPD): 35.87%

  • Dr.

    Hollstein (CDU): 25.87%

  • Snail Burger (GREEN): 21.84%

  • Kowalewski (DIE LINKE): 4.44%

  • Kauch (FDP): 3.10%

  • Gebel (PIRATE): 0.90%

  • Schreyner (THE RIGHTS): 2.98%

  • Münch (FBI): 0.72%

  • Storb (The PARTY): 2.38%

  • Varghese (DKP): 0.20%

  • Draub (single applicant): 1.21%

  • Ziethoff (basic democracy now): 0.48%


final results are available

for the

council election


The following percentages were assigned to the individual lists:

  • SPD: 29.96%

  • CDU: 22.51%

  • GREEN: 24.81%

  • DIE LINKE: 5.62%

  • AfD: 5.48%

  • FDP: 3.49%

  • PIRATES: 0.88%

  • THE RIGHTS: 1.12%

  • CITIZEN LIST: 0.65%

  • FBI: 0.52%

  • The PARTY: 2.78%

  • DKP: 0.01%

  • Heinz Augat - Together: 0.03%

  • BAT: 0.82%

  • DOS: 0.10%

  • Basic democracy now: 0.27%

  • Animal Welfare Party: 0.94%

  • WiR in Dortmund: 0.02%

Runoff election: Result of the mayor election in Dortmund does not yet bring a winner

Update from September 13th, 11:13 p.m.:

The counting of a few voting districts is still


in Dortmund, but the result is clear.

The runoff election for the office of

Lord Mayor

will take place in two weeks between the SPD candidate Thomas Westphal and the CDU candidate Andreas Hollstein.

The almost finished counted

council election

shows the following picture in the evening:


(29.98 percent) ahead of


(24.81 percent),


(22.48 percent),

Die Linke

(5.61 percent) and


(5.47 Percent).

Update from September 13, 8:55 p.m.:

The changes in the interim results from Dortmund are getting smaller.

As the polls showed earlier, the city is heading for a

runoff election


Thomas Westphal (SPD) stabilizes with around 36 percent of the vote, while Andreas Hollstein continues to secure second place with around 26 percent.

On the way to the final result, there are still many votes to be counted in Dortmund - surprises cannot be ruled out.

Update from September 13, 7.42 p.m.:

In Dortmund, the

OB election is

moving towards the



Now that 460 out of 671 electoral districts have been counted, there is hardly a scenario that would bring a candidate victory today.

However, the gaps have become a bit clearer.

Thomas Westphal (SPD) is 36.1 percent, while Andreas Hollstein (CDU) with 27.1 percent was able to stand out from the Green candidate Daniela Schneckenburger (21.3 percent).

Perhaps the two applicants for the

second ballot


already been


OB election in Dortmund is heading for the runoff election - clear tendency for result

Update from September 13th, 6.40 p.m.:

Dortmund is heading

towards a

runoff election

in the

OB election


This is indicated by a forecast by the WDR.

Front is accordingly

Thomas Westphal (SPD)

with 35.5 percent.

Behind this, there is a close election result in Dortmund.

Andreas Hollstein (CDU)

is not far ahead of

Daniela Schneckenburger (Greens)

with 25 percent

, who is predicted to be 23 percent.

Only two candidates can stand in the runoff election.

According to the forecast, the SPD (30 percent), the Greens (25 percent) and the CDU (23.5 percent) would be the strongest parties in the city council.

Check out this post on Instagram

Hello from the town hall!

The first forecasts see me at 35.5% in #dortmund

A post shared by Thomas Westphal (@thomaswestphaldo) on Sep 13, 2020 at 9:19 am PDT

Update from September 13th, 6:23 p.m.:

The counting of the local election results in Dortmund is running, but at least on a larger scale there are already the first numbers.


prognosis for the whole of NRW

, across all cities and municipalities, sees the CDU nationwide at 36 percent, the SPD at 23.5 percent and Alliance 90 / The Greens at a value of 19 percent.

Update from September 13th, 6 p.m.:

After the

polling stations have closed

, the wait for the first results of the local elections in Dortmund remains.

As soon as the first figures or

total results


been counted

, we will immediately keep you up to date on the development.

Interim results from Dortmund - concrete figures even without extrapolation

Update from September 13, 5.43 p.m.:

In the local elections, the numbers look a little different than in other elections.

There is no real extrapolation.

Instead, the partial results of the already counted polling stations are published in the cities, which are not necessarily meaningful for the entire city.

A solid intermediate result can nevertheless be read off without giving a representative overview in the form of an extrapolation.

Update from September 13, 4:47 p.m.:

Dortmund is one of the cities participating in an additional election.

The Ruhr Parliament is also elected here, but of course local elections in the city have priority in the counting.

All the results of the local elections in Dortmund - the first numbers can be there quickly

Update from September 13th, 2.30 p.m.:

Immediately after the polling stations have closed, the

counting of the votes for the election result in Dortmund can


Although there is

no precise forecast for

local elections

at 6 p.m.

, it often does not take long before the first concrete figures are known.

As soon as individual electoral districts have counted the votes of the OB election, there should also be a first concrete picture of the mood in Dortmund.

As soon as the interim results of the various elections are published, we will inform you here in the results ticker for Dortmund.

Among other things, runoff elections will also take place here

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Local elections in NRW: In Dortmund there are three elections today

Dortmund - In the

2020 local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia



are faced with several decisions.

All citizens entitled to vote vote with

three ballot papers

on Dortmund's city policy.

Not only the


is newly elected, but also the

city ​​council

and the




While the city council decides on matters relating to all of Dortmund, the twelve district representatives are each responsible for the smallest urban areas, the

city ​​districts




voters will

have a fourth election because they also have to


on the parties in the

Ruhr Parliament

- an institution that can only be found in the

Ruhr area


But caution is advised.

The voter fills out several ballot papers for the

local elections

in Dortmund, but he has to be careful about one thing:

Only one cross may be made per sheet

- otherwise his vote is lost and the ballot paper is invalid.

You will receive an overview of the events in the state on election day with our news ticker for the runoff elections of the NRW local elections.

Dortmund: How will the 2020 local elections work?

The local elections in Dortmund will take place on September



Punctually at 6 p.m.

the polling stations

also close in the other large cities of Wuppertal, Bochum, Duisburg, Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne and throughout

North Rhine-Westphalia

- this is when the most important part of the work begins for the election workers: The counting of the votes - this also includes the submitted by postal vote.

Only when all votes from all

electoral districts have been

recorded will the results of the election of the

city ​​council

and the individual

district representatives be


after the first ballot - often on the same evening


However, there could be delays this year due to the coronavirus protection measures.

As a rule, all results are known no later than the Monday after the election.

Local elections in Dortmund: The results of the mayor election come first

First, the

mayor election

is evaluated

, which is why the

result of



election should

be known quickly -

but it does not lose any of




Because when

it comes to

electing the mayor

, it always depends entirely on: Only if one of the candidates can win at least 50 percent of the valid votes for himself is it enough for him.

If none of the candidates get the necessary votes, there will

be a runoff


September 27th

, which will ultimately decide who will be allowed to hold office in the future.

Our partner portal * also reports on the election results.

If one believes a representative survey on the

2020 local elections in North Rhine-Westphalia

, it remains to be doubted that the next

Lord Mayor

this year will be determined after the first ballot.

Accordingly, it would even be very likely that the OB election in

Dortmund will go

into the second round.

According to the survey, the OB candidates of the SPD and CDU would then



runoff election


For the



Thomas Westphal competes

in the election of the mayor in Dortmund, for the CDU,


Andreas Hollstein.

This year's local elections definitely mean a cut in local politics in Dortmund.

Change of power in Dortmund: a new mayor after eleven years

After eleven years, the incumbent Lord Mayor

Ullrich Sierau (SPD)


office without




was first elected in 2009.

Even when the city council decided to repeat this election, he was re-elected on May 9, 2010.

In the


OB election

, none of the candidates initially received more than half of the valid votes, so that a

run-off election

took place, which Sierau was able to win again.


SPD received

 38.2% of the vote, the 


 27.2% and the 



Die Linke

landed well behind 

 at 6.8%.

This time

Andreas Hollstein

would like to

get the office of

Lord Mayor

for the



He has been the mayor of


since 1999


The CDU politician became known nationwide through a tragic incident: in 2017 he was the victim of a politically motivated

knife attack


Hollstein's attacker rejected his liberal stance on

refugee policy


Thomas Westphal,

on the other hand, would like to succeed his party colleague Sierau as Lord Mayor.

Since 2013 he has been head of economic development in Dortmund.

Which party will rule in Dortmund soon remains exciting.

(cos) * is part of the Ippen digital network.

Local election results not only from Dortmund

On the evening of the election, will

keep you

up to date on all the results of the local runoff elections in NRW.

If you are particularly interested in one of the largest cities in the state, you will find the most important articles below:

  • Local election results from Cologne

  • Local election results from Düsseldorf

  • Local election results from Essen

  • Local election results from Duisburg

  • Local election results from Bochum

  • Local election results from Wuppertal

  • Local election results from Bielefeld

  • Local election results from Bonn

  • Local election results from Münster

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