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Tsang Junhua Column|CSV is the core value of a company to promote Hong Kong as a social enterprise capital


About the author: He has served in the government for 35 years, former Financial Secretary John Tsang (John), whose image of uncle potato chips is deeply rooted in the people. After the self-willed John "snap the guns", he has no fixed position and enthusiastically participates in different activities. He except

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Author: Zeng Junhua

2020-09-28 07:00

Last update date: 2020-09-28 07:00

About the author: He has served in the government for 35 years, former Financial Secretary John Tsang (John), whose image of uncle potato chips is deeply rooted in the people.

After the self-willed John "snap the guns", he has no fixed position and enthusiastically participates in different activities.

In addition to founding the non-profit organization "Uncle Potato Chips Co-Creation Society", he is also the host of commercial radio music programs and the fencing coach of La Salle College.

In recent years, as Bowtie's senior consultant, he has played the role of future builder.

His vision is that all Hong Kong people can be protected and truly enter a new era of self-protection.

[A series of articles written by John will meet with readers on "Hong Kong 01" every Monday morning.

I still remember that at the beginning of the epidemic, the whole city was covered by panic and there was a shortage of epidemic prevention materials. Masks that were originally less than 50 yuan a box were also fired to hundreds of yuan.

This is undoubtedly worse for families whose lives are already struggling.

Some people are forced to use fire wine to disinfect and reuse masks, and some want to share a mask with their children. The situation is very bad.

During the epidemic, everyone in society is facing adversity.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of people in Hong Kong. Seeing that many people in Hong Kong are exhausted, they have set up factories on their own funds and invested in the production of masks and epidemic supplies quickly, so that everyone can protect themselves; some companies have set up "self-service mask extraction machines" in the 18 districts of Hong Kong to let the grassroots The citizens receive it for free; even if they don't have strong financial strength, some small landlords, even though they cannot protect themselves, will understand the difficult business of the tenants and generously reduce or exempt rent.

There is no shortage of interested people in Hong Kong. Even if they do not have strong economic strength, they hope to provide support to Hong Kong people within the scope of their ability.

(Provided by the author)

I am glad that Hong Kong has so many conscientious enterprises.

After all, the horizon not only determines a person's achievements, but also determines the upper limit of an enterprise.

Throughout the past and the present, China and foreign countries, most companies that have made a difference have adhered to the original intention of "take the society and use the society" and are willing to give back to the community in different ways.

It is necessary to make money, but creating shared value is the "most core value" of modern enterprises.

In recent years, more and more people believe that enterprises are the culprit in causing social, environmental, and economic problems.

Scholars Michael Porter and Mark Kramer put forward the importance of the concept of "Creating Shared Value" (CSV) in 2011, advocating that companies should cross the boundary between profit and non-profit, and try to create solutions to social problems in the process of doing business. Business strategy that brings solutions.

Human demand for consumption has always existed, but the value orientation of "what to buy" is constantly changing.

According to a study by the American business magazine Fast Company, about 90% of millennials prefer companies that support the implementation of "social responsibility."

In short, what modern people buy is not only the commodity itself, but also contains multiple meanings such as self-worth and spiritual satisfaction.

The value of different brands will attract a group of exclusive supporters.

The "economic circle" that has emerged in recent years is a good example-the quality of food there may not be the best, and the price may not necessarily be the cheapest. However, there are always crowds and long queues at mealtimes.

The reason why the diners have to work hard and have to patronize, is it just for the dish to stir-fry Niuhe?

Obviously it is not that simple.

Consumption activities reflect people's social wishes to a certain extent. Consumers would rather spend a little more time, effort, and money, or unconditionally support certain small shops. Customers are happy to enjoy spiritual satisfaction beyond appetite.

I believe many people will question why I want to mention CSV at this time. Shouldn't I protect myself in the cold winter of business and business?

The great thing about "creating shared value" is that you don't need to make a trade-off between social responsibility and business, but you can continue to develop steadily.

Companies need to step out of the Comfort Zone. Starting from the "heart" in advance, decide what step to take to solve social problems, and then embark on the right path of business.

It is absolutely in the interests of the enterprise to contribute to all areas of society.

(Provided by the author)

Coinciding with the economic downturn, the form of fund support is limited. Enterprises should integrate with society at this time and create opportunities by taking advantage of the current situation.

CSV can help companies establish emotional connections with customers. It must be said that this is a powerful factor in driving customer loyalty and consolidating customer base.

According to the survey statistics of Gallup, an international consulting company, users who have a relationship with a brand are more willing to spend than ordinary customers, and the consumption amount can be nearly 50% higher. Even if there are other alternative products or services on the market, users still Will always choose companies that have an emotional connection with them.

This "long love" allows the company to continue to develop, so it is absolutely in line with the interests of the company to contribute to all areas of society.

In Hong Kong, CSV can be said to be a blue ocean.

With reference to the survey results published by the Government Social Innovation Fund in 2015, among the 50 Hang Seng Index constituent companies, only 4 non-local companies implement CSV.

There are good people in Hong Kong, and there is still great room for development in CSV.

In addition to the environmental protection, elderly and poverty alleviation we are familiar with, there are still many areas to be explored. Hong Kong has the conditions to become the "capital of social enterprises."

The power of an enterprise may be insignificant, but as long as it gathers supporters through common goals and values, the enterprise will gain more and more influence, and it is more likely to bring changes to society and even the world.

For example, a start-up insurtech company understood that medical care is under immense psychological pressure. They are too busy at work. After returning home, they are afraid of infecting family members. They did not dare to relax for a moment, so they decided to exempt medical care and their relatives. Medical insurance plan premiums.

This move not only supports a group of medical staff who are at the forefront, but also reminds the insurance industry's due social responsibilities. Other companies have launched similar plans together, and the support is instantly strong.

Good deeds can always get the recognition of customers and peers with similar ideas, and implement the concept of shared value.

At first hearing, it seems a bit complicated, but in fact, what an enterprise has to do is to "take the right way" and "do not forget the way." If you are passionate about society, you are a warm capitalist.

Zeng Junhua pointed out that what an enterprise needs to do is to "take the right way" and "do not forget the way." If you are passionate about society, you are a warm capitalist.

(Provided by the author)

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