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The Philippine Prisons│Four trials in 20 years. Lost the case and the review is the last chance. Deng Longbiao: Hope is fair to brother


The Mid-Autumn Festival was originally a reunion of two people and the moon. For Deng Longwei, a Hong Kong citizen sentenced to life in the Philippines, after 20 years of imprisonment, he received news of a final appeal before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. Brother Deng Longbiao described


Written by: Lu Jiayu

2020-09-30 07:00

Last update date: 2020-09-30 07:00

The Mid-Autumn Festival was originally a reunion of two people and the moon. For Deng Longwei, a Hong Kong citizen sentenced to life in the Philippines, after 20 years of imprisonment, he received news of a final appeal before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

The elder brother Deng Longbiao described that since 2011, his younger brother's case has undergone 4 interrogations, and each time he saw the light, he was disappointed. He still has not dared to tell his elderly mother who had failed the appeal to his elderly mother with Parkinson's disease.

He thought that the failure of the final appeal meant that his brother’s case could not be reversed. Deng Longbiao later discovered that there was still a chance for a review of the appeal. He hoped that the Hong Kong government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would put pressure on the Philippine side to take the rationale and judgment seriously and allow his brother to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible. Mother reunion.

Deng Longwei applied for a final appeal on the drug possession case in 2018, but this month received news that the appeal failed.

Deng Longbiao looked at the verdict carefully and believed that the local court did not take their appeal evidence seriously.

(Photo by Chen Nuoxi)

In this appeal, the defense presented 5 points of evidence, including the mistake of Deng Longwei’s English name in the confession of the Philippine police (stranding Lung Wai Tang into Way Luk Tan) and the defense’s hard work through the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines. The record of Deng’s entry into the Philippines in 2000 showed that Deng entered the Philippines on June 19 of that year, which proves that the Philippine police stated that they had begun to monitor Deng’s evidence on June 1.

However, the court’s judgment stated that the relevant evidence could barely prove that Deng arrived in the Philippines on that day, and that the police monitored Deng until July 17 of that year. The relevant evidence failed to convince the court that there was a factual error in its past rulings.

The verdict was awarded in November last year and only received this month

Having obtained relevant records to testify the year before last, Deng Longbiao expressed with confidence that "I hope he will return to the Mid-Autumn Festival." Unexpectedly, on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival two years later, he received the result of the appeal failure. I think this appeal will be won, and I expect my brother to be released at the end of this year or early next year at the latest. "There should be a result in the first year of the battle. It must be won. I know that it was the result. I am disappointed." He said that he looked closely at the verdict and found out that the original verdict was handed down in November last year, but the lawyer received it last week. He also claimed that the local court did not take their evidence seriously. "Wrong names and wrong time can be trivial. In a trivial matter? The wrong name is wrong," I think the local court's decision does not respect the law.

The year before last, he obtained the record of Deng Longwei's entry into the Philippines in 2000 to testify. Deng Longbiao said with confidence that "I hope he will return to the Mid-Autumn Festival."

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[Filipino situation] Deng Longwei's final appeal failed verdict refers to the weak new evidence and his brother is disappointed

[Philippine Prison Situation] Brother Deng Longwei, representing the immigration record of the Philippines

[Philippine Prison Situation] Successfully filed a letter of appeal before the deadline. Deng Longwei Concern Group hopes the court will face up to the new evidence

Wanggang Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs pressured to assist the review

Upon receiving the news that the appeal was unsuccessful, Deng Longbiao originally planned to apply for his brother to return to Hong Kong to serve his sentence and seek a presidential pardon. However, he later learned that after the final appeal, there was still a chance for a review. He needed to apply for Deng Longwei within 14 days after receiving the sentence in prison He hopes that the retrial will be fair to his brother, but he expects that the retrial will be heard by the original court. He hopes that the Hong Kong government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can put pressure on the Philippine side to take the rationale and judgment seriously. "We must call him (the Philippine side) seriously. See it clearly, if it’s not, then the original verdict is upheld."

How long the review will take is still unknown. Long Biao estimates that if the Philippines delays again, it may have to wait another year and a half for a result.

[Philippine Prison Situation] Wearing a T-shirt written by his younger brother to complete the slagma Deng Longwei brother: a symbol of walking with him

[Philippine Prison Situation] Deng Longwei’s mobile phone was received before the final appeal, and the prison was restricted for visits

[Philippines Prisons] Book release bursts repeat offender, prison police and black collusion Deng Longwei is not afraid of silence: Ning Ming died

I felt guilty for misunderstanding my brother

The wish to regain freedom as soon as possible fell through once again, and it was another torment for the Deng family.

For many years, I have been running around for my brother’s case, hoping for public attention. I participated in the marathon and also wore the T-shirt written by my brother in prison. However, Deng Longbiao admitted that he had mistakenly believed that his brother was really involved in drug trafficking. The (court) documents talk about drug trafficking. If you ask me if I believe it, maybe I really believe it."

Later, the police chief’s father swallowed a gun and committed suicide. He blamed his younger brother. The brothers almost did not interact with each other. Until the first trial in 2011, the media reported his brother’s case. Deng Longbiao knew that his brother had been in wronged prison. Feeling guilty, "I feel bad, blame the wrong guy."

I hope my brother will return to Hong Kong as soon as possible to reunite with his sick mother

In recent years, a mother who has reached her seventies suffers from Parkinson’s disease. She "fears to go to the toilet and suddenly stiffens her body and falls to the ground." She also forgets recent events from time to time, but she knows that her son is in prison. Even with poor eyesight, he still insisted on counting pages every day. After reading the two books, he asked Deng Longbiao about the progress of Longwei’s appeal from time to time. "When will Aaron return? Qu Ling (Philippines) actually Is it possible that Mimi will let it go?" Deng Longbiao could only comfort him by saying, "I will meet, so fast." However, he confessed that he has not yet dared to tell his mother that his brother's appeal failed.

The brothers have been separated for 20 years, and this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival has not yet been reunited. Deng Longbiao pointed out that this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival’s wish is for his brother to be released and reunited with his mother in Hong Kong as soon as possible. In the past nine years, the mood has been down. I hope that the young people will know that I have the same mood as him, and I hope that he will come on and stand it."

A spokesperson for the Immigration Department stated that the group (group) for assisting Hong Kong residents outside Hong Kong received help from Deng’s family in 2003. It has been learning about its situation through the Office of the Special Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong and the National Embassy in the Philippines and respecting the local area. Under the principles of the judicial system, feasible and appropriate assistance is provided according to the request of the seeker.

Regarding the dismissal of Deng Longwei’s appeal, the team is understanding and following up with the family of the person concerned, and will continue to provide feasible assistance. The specific situation is not convenient to disclose.

The spokesperson also pointed out that the national embassy in the Philippines pays great attention to the case. In addition to sending personnel to visit the client and providing them with daily necessities and food, they have also contacted the local judicial department several times to understand the situation and progress. He also urged them to hear cases in accordance with the law, promptly, fairly and impartially. They have also assisted in reporting their demands to the Philippine government on many occasions according to the parties’ wishes, including ensuring that the parties are provided with daily necessities in prison and providing translation services for this case. They have also coordinated local The Chinese assist the client in hiring an interpreter.

In the past year, the team has also been in contact with the embassy in the Philippines regarding the treatment of the client after being transferred to the new prison, the requirements for epidemic prevention supplies, and the situation of the new coronavirus test to understand the client's condition in prison and reflect the demands of his family.


Deng Longwei, Philippines

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