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Lei Jun's shareholding|Lalamove's active corporate customers for purchasing and delivery services soared by 50%


This year, Hong Kong’s economy has blighted, and many start-ups have struggled to operate. However, there are still start-ups that have become dazzling. Obtained the investment of Shunwei Capital and Lal, a Hong Kong-based freight logistics platform under Xiaomi (1810) founder Lei Jun

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Written by: Kwong Yueting

2020-10-19 08:07

Last update date: 2020-10-19 08:09

This year, Hong Kong’s economy has blighted, and many start-ups have struggled to operate. However, there are still start-ups that have become dazzling.

Lalamove, a Hong Kong-based freight logistics platform under the Shunwei Capital investment by the founder of Xiaomi (1810), Lei Jun, immediately changed its course under the epidemic. Although the business of decoration and event planners recorded a significant decline, the platform relied on anti-epidemic supplies (such as testing) Products and masks) and take-out delivery services, the overall business is still rising.

"During the epidemic, our active corporate customers increased by 50%, and the catering business was as high as 30%. We also saw that there were few companies that accelerated the pace of online shopping during this period, and we all asked us to deliver goods. All industries are recovering tightly.” said Hong Xiaoling, head of marketing department at Lalamove.

The freight logistics platform Lalamove is a Hong Kong-produced unicorn with global business covering more than 21 markets.

(Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

Founded in 2013, Lalamove mainly provides local courier and cargo delivery services. Its main customers include the catering industry, decoration engineering, furniture and household products, retail and other industries.

Hong Xiaoling stated that the platform’s biggest purpose is the same as its promotional slogan: "Send and take the sound", that is, to provide fast and simple express service. After the customer places an order, the system will follow the model requirements, distance, cargo category, order preference, etc. , The order data is transmitted to the drivers within the nearest range. The driver can choose whether to take the order. The driver who successfully takes the order will go to provide services to the user.

Users can also track progress and contact drivers through the app.

Hong Xiaoling said: "Delivering small items to our customers may not be difficult for us, but when the value and size of the goods are up and down, we will be asked to deliver them. Our order only takes 4 to 6 seconds on average. Complete the match!"

The platform delivers all kinds of goods, including documents, furniture, goods, fruits, cakes and gifts. Hong Xiaoling emphasized that "except for illegal goods, basically everything will be delivered!" Her most memorable order was once someone commissioned the platform to deliver The ashes of relatives and friends were sent to the Heheshi Cemetery. During the epidemic, the platform also received a special order. Some clients in the media industry donated the company’s remaining newspapers to voluntary groups that care for stray animals through Lalamove. It was used to clean up the excrement of animals, because it felt that this move was very meaningful, and finally the platform only charged a friendly price.

Lalamove driver partners can earn up to 2,600 yuan per month by attaching "car stickers" (Lalamove stickers on the body).

(Photo by Kuang Yueting)

The average monthly income of drivers is about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan

In addition to continuously upgrading the technology and shortening the matching and delivery time, we must also do a good job of basic skills: increase the number of driver partners.

At present, Lalamove has more than 30,000 driver partners, covering motorcycles, vans and 5.5-ton trucks, and infantry is also responsible for delivery.

Hong Xiaoling pointed out that more than 80% of the platform's business comes from vans and trucks.

Since Lalamove’s driver partners can freely decide the time to take orders, each driver also has a different order volume and income. As long as it is not "selective", the average monthly income is about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan; some driver partners can even earn as much as 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.

During peak seasons, the platform will send special bonuses to driver partners.

"During the epidemic, more people will switch jobs to become drivers to earn extra money. We have always welcome people who don't come to the stage to become Lalamove driver partners."

Lalamove stepped across the border in mid-March and partnered with the travel booking platform Klook to launch the "Daily Meal Good Guide" local cross-regional food courier service. Hong Xiaoling laughed and said, "Maybe the epidemic is a magic moment." The company and Klook was a hit, and it took only 2 weeks for both parties to determine the specific operation of the service.

When asked about the difference with the take-out platforms in the market, she explained that other take-out platforms only deliver take-out orders from the local area, but the company accepts orders for cross-regional delivery, and even delivers suckling pigs and ducks.

"We don’t charge restaurant commissions. If customers place orders, Guozhen’s take-out menu will not increase the price. Originally, only the road fare is charged. The cost depends on the distance. Even orders below 100 yuan will be delivered. If you use the goods van to deliver the food, It costs more than 100 yuan per bill.” In addition, Lalamove also delivers ingredients to restaurants, such as frozen meat, eggs and vegetables.

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Hong Xiaoling said that Lalamove partnered with Klook to launch a local cross-regional food delivery service in March, which increased the catering business by 30% during the epidemic.

(Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

"Opportunities must be created by yourself" Positive thinking helps out financial difficulties

The economy of Hong Kong is deteriorating. This year is a relatively "difficult" period for start-ups. It turned out that Lalamove also experienced financial difficulties in the past. At that time, the funds on hand were only enough to pay employees for two months, and finally the company received timely capital injection from investors. , Just overcame difficulties.

Hong Xiaoling believes that the company's biggest secret to overcome adversity is to never give up, continue to try, learn from failure, and maintain a positive thinking.

Even if the economy is currently in recession, the economic cycle is like a pendulum. "There must be ups and downs, and there will be ups and downs." People or companies can also use this time to explore opportunities in the market. With low cost and low barriers to entry, one can open an online shop by himself. If he is fired, he can learn different skills and even let Lalamove do part time. The opportunity is to create it yourself!"

Relying on this kind of thinking, Lalamove finally jumped out of Hong Kong, and its global business covers more than 21 markets, such as Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, America and South America.

Hong Xiaoling revealed that the company's expansion plans in the United States and India are progressing well and will continue to expand into more markets in the future.

In addition, although Lalamove's core business is express delivery services, it also expects to provide more additional services for driver partners and customers, so the platform is conceiving to launch car sales and car rental services.

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