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"They have to vote like never before": Obama campaigns for Biden and launches tough attacks on Trump


Former President Barack Obama, a potent weapon of Biden's campaign, ran in Pennsylvania, a Democratic state until four years ago when he voted for Trump, and where Biden now narrowly leads the president in the polls. We were there.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania.— In his first in-person electoral act this year, former President Barack Obama

urged the Democratic base on Wednesday to come out to vote “like never before”

and support the binomial of his former vice president, Joe Biden, and the senator Kamala Harris.

At the same time, he launched harsh attacks against the president, Donald Trump, and his policies.

“They have to go out and vote like never before;

we cannot leave any doubt… to vote is to use the power we have and add it so that the Government responds to their needs, ”said Obama, whose statements were punctuated by applause and the horns of about 300 cars in Citizens Bank Park, in the south of Philadelphia.

In a passionate 45-minute speech,

Obama asked voters to have faith in Biden's ability to "lift the country out of these dark times



Trump and Biden adjust their strategies for the last presidential debate before the elections

Oct. 21, 202002: 51

"Are they on?

Are you ready to vote? ”Obama said as he said goodbye to the public, at an outdoor event that was heavily guarded by police, the Secret Service, and a helicopter that was flying over the area.

Obama led the political rally in favor of the Biden-Harris binomial,

13 days before the general elections on November 3

, a date that he described as "a magic number."

The former Democratic president (2009-2017), the first black president in the history of the United States, fiercely attacked - sometimes with a mocking tone - Trump, his political agenda, his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his "crazy statements ”And his“ conspiracy theories ”tweets.

[Trump praises his handling of the pandemic, but more than 210,000 Americans have died and more than 30 states have increased cases]

Obama listed one by one the ways that Trump has retracted the legacy of his eight years in power, in particular his continued efforts to dismantle the 2010 health care reform, known as "Obamacare."

"How is he going to take care of them if he has not been able to take care of himself?"

Obama asked rhetorically, referring to Trump having refused to wear masks and recently caught COVID-19.

Former President Barack Obama during a campaign event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


Obama noted that


has never come up with a viable plan to replace Obamacare

, which was one of his 2016 campaign promises, and he is the first president since the Hoover Administration to cause major job losses.

The former president also did not hold back in his condemnation that Trump has avoided paying taxes - except for the 750 dollars he paid in 2016 and 2017 - and has maintained bank accounts in China, without being reproached by the conservative chain Fox News.

Can you imagine if I had a secret account in China when I sought re-election (in 2012)?

Would you think that Fox News would have worried even a little bit?

They would have nicknamed me Barry from Beijing, ”he said mockingly.

[Follow our 2020 election coverage]

Obama, who continues to enjoy high levels of popularity among the Democratic base, is considered

one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of the Biden campaign,

and the selection of the 'City of Brotherly Love', for the event, was not mere coincidence.

In the Citizens Bank Park parking lot there was a party atmosphere

, with hundreds of cars adorned with posters, American flags, and banners alluding to the Biden campaign.

Some people deployed plastic chairs outside their vehicles to listen to Obama's message, which was also projected on giant screens.

[Why the Trump-Biden contest is so much like the 2016 Hillary-Trump battle (and why not)]

With 20 votes in the Electoral College,

Pennsylvania ranks among the handful of states in contention in electoral chess this year

: With the exception of Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, the state has opted for the Democratic Party uninterruptedly since 1992.


This year, polling trends point to Biden holding a slight lead over Trump.

According to the US Election Project, which tracks early voting, as of Tuesday, just over a million voters in Pennsylvania have already cast their ballot by mail, with a total of 749,016 Democrats, and 190,668 Republicans.

In Pennsylvania,

Hispanics make up 5.3% of the electorate

, according to an interactive map from the Pew Research Center.

Noticias Telemundo spoke with several Latino voters, some of whom came from other states to listen to Obama.

Venezuelan Juan Guarrizzo, based in Philadelphia, said that he

supports Biden and does not believe in the "electoral lie" that he is a "socialist"

because, as he explained, he has never been so in his 47 years of public life.

“I support Joe Biden because I am convinced that it is the way back to democracy in the US, a democracy that has been lost and that is really threatened by the authoritarian practices of Donald Trump… (as Venezuelans), we recognize to an authoritarian, to a caudillo, when we see him and in Trump we see another caudillo ”, he argued.

[Trump steps up his attacks on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden]

In that sense

, Guarrizzo considered that the accusation of "socialism" is just a "scare tactic" directed at Latinos

who, like him, come from countries with authoritarian regimes.

For her part, Dominican Emily Ureña said she supports Biden because the country "needs immediate change" and a president who supports small businesses, the middle and working classes.

Asked about Trump's accusations against Biden, Ureña was blunt: "When one speaks the truth, we have nothing to fear."

Meanwhile, the state representative, Danilo Burgos, of Dominican origin, stressed that Biden will treat the problems of the Latino community "as if it were his own family," and

has pledged to create an office on Puerto Rico in the White House

, and also to appoint Latinos to his eventual Cabinet.

Trump and Biden redouble efforts to attract the undecided in the final stretch of the campaign

Oct. 15, 202001: 46

However, he cautioned that for Biden to deliver on his promises, he will need a Congress under Democratic rule, and that will require Latinos to vote for a fully Democratic ballot.

[Trump jokingly says he could leave the country if Joe Biden wins]

Before Obama appeared on the podium, the Mexican Janette Norcross, interrupted his rhythmic steps to the sound of songs from the 1980s, to explain that, in his opinion, Biden will be inclusive and fight for the immigrant community.

Contrast of offers

Trump has also been traveling to Pennsylvania - he was in the town of Erie yesterday - where he has repeated the promises for his second term: tax cuts, reduction of regulations, support for the police, defense of gun ownership and security. borders, and a "super economic recovery."

"A normal life is what we will finally resume," Trump has said.

But the president has again resorted to his campaign's strategy of repeating falsehoods

or inaccuracies about Biden's agenda.

[Trump and Biden measure forces separately in forums with voters]

According to Trump, a Biden presidency would mean a tax increase and an economic depression "never seen before";

the prolongation of the pandemic and the closure of schools;

more regulations;

the "dissolution" of the police and the borders (we have verified and the Democratic campaign does not propose this);

the confiscation of weapons (they don't propose this either), the elimination of private health insurance and religious freedom, and the “destruction of the suburbs”.

Neither of these statements is true.

According to the average of RealClearPolitics national polls, Biden leads Trump with 50.6% compared to 43.1%, while in Pennsylvania, one of the six most contested states, his margin of advantage is narrower, 49.5% against 44.6%.

However, Obama asked voters "not to loosen up or be overconfident,"

because the 2016 polls were wrong


"That cannot happen now, in this election," Obama said. 

Source: telemundo

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