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Residents want to stop flood protection


The Sempt residents in Altenerding in particular continue to fight against walls and dykes along the river. Almost 5,000 signatures have been received against the plans.

The Sempt residents in Altenerding in particular continue to fight against walls and dykes along the river.

Almost 5,000 signatures have been received against the plans.

Altenerding - The flood protection is a burning issue for Altenerding residents.

This became clear in the citizens' meeting, which took place for the first time in the Semptsporthalle on Tuesday evening in accordance with corona.

The Sempt residents are demanding maximum support from the city in the fight against the dykes and dams planned by the water management authority.

Mayor Max Gotz (CSU) spoke of an “unspeakable solution” and got a lot of homework along the way.

In his report, Gotz only touched on the flood protection briefly, but crisply.

All he wanted to say was that after the WWA inspections (we reported) the next step would be to weigh up whether mobile flood protection walls are better than walls.

With regard to the trenches, Gotz assured that the suggestions of the citizens' initiative would be taken seriously.

But then he attacked Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber (FW) sharply for his appearance in Wörth.

"There, contrary to the WWA's suggestion to build a retention basin near Niederwörth, he shook a solution off his sleeve that now provides for walls in Erding." That was an anticipation of the variant decision.

This makes Glauber the politically responsible person.

“When he comes to Erding, and I expect that, he will have to say how he handles it.

I'm curious."

Ten percent of the Erdinger have signed

The citizens' meeting used BI spokesman Christian Veicht to present Gotz with a pack of 4588 signatures against the linear expansion, including 3600 from Erding's citizens.

"That is ten percent of the city's population, which I think is remarkable," said Veicht and emphasized: "We are not working against the city or the water management authority." However, planning must now be halted in order to pave the way for a decentralized, natural solution or to discuss them.

Veicht appealed to Gotz to proceed in the same way as with the S-Bahn ring closure: “The city has also achieved a lot here.” Gotz thanked Gotz for the solidarity and support in the form of signatures.

BI: We are not looking for a lawsuit

Anton Bichlmeier recalled that "it is the goal of BI to influence the water management office to deviate from its plan of linear expansion".

One is not out to file a lawsuit.

It is better to switch to another, better variant as early as possible.

Bichlmeier reminded that the former Environment Minister Ulrike Scharf was against the walls.

And he reminded Gotz that a year ago he had declared at the town hall that walls could not be made with him.

"That's why you now have to negotiate intensively with the water management office."

Bichlmeier also inquired about the Sempt alliance.

Gotz emphasized that he was in close contact with the mayors in the upper and lower reaches.

His Eittingen colleague Reinhard Huber was appalled "when we press the water through Erding".

Ditch on the B388: renew and extend

Josef Stimmer went into the flood protection on the ditches, for which the city is responsible.

He thanked Gotz for being open to alternatives.

As a quick improvement of the situation, he suggested the rehabilitation of a pipeline from Austraße to Sempt.

“The passage is 60 years old.

Nothing was done for years. ”This had to be renovated so that it could do its job again.

In addition, Stimmer suggested that an approximately 100 meter long open drainage ditch in the area of ​​the B 388 should also be piped in order to prevent a blockage in the event of danger.

“We don't need a dam on the main road because it is higher and thus protects the Austraße,” he said.

At the same time, a 90-degree bend with a bridge over the open trench in the area of ​​Petersbergstrasse must be removed.

“This requirement has existed for 35 years,” says Stimmer.

Citizens want to see plans

In addition, he demanded immediate inspection by BI of the plans of the engineering office, which was calculating the flood protection for the trenches - “before the application for planning approval”.

Gotz pointed out that “we are still a long way from the planning approval process”.

In fact, the drainage pipe has long been forgotten.

"We'll do this investigation."

Rainer Hörl questioned the calculations of the water management office, the Ardeo bridge could remain standing, it would be sufficient for a hundred-year flood.

"That doesn't fit," he said.

A good 30 centimeters were missing.

An external expert has already been asked who has described this assessment as a “very daring approach”.

Therefore one is considering a new expert opinion.

"We would be happy if the city were the client," said Hörl.

Gotz rejected this, among other things, with reference to lawsuits against noise, where the city also did not commission counter-reports.

"We can't spend tax money on that," said the OB.

In conclusion, Gotz emphasized: “The goal must be an amicable solution, a compromise.” He does not want hardened fronts.

A consensus could be significantly lower walls or mobile protective walls.

Source: merkur

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