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We verify what the candidates said in the last presidential debate


We verified the claims made by Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the last meeting of the presidential campaign. False data was not lacking.

By Andrea López, Ronny Rojas, Adam Edelman

The president, Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, clashed tonight in the last debate of the 2020 presidential campaign. They spoke about immigration, the coronavirus pandemic, the economy and the environment, among other topics.

There were mutual accusations, they released figures, names and data on the air.

Not everything that was said was true. 

The claims of both candidates were analyzed live by T Verifica, the data verification platform of Noticias Telemundo, with the support of the PolitiFact organization.

[We verify what Trump and Biden said in their simultaneous forums]

Here are our verifications of the night: 

  • FALSE.

    "We have a vaccine that is coming, it is ready": 


President Donald Trump assured during the last presidential debate, held in Nashville, Tennessee, that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be ready in a few weeks and announced that it will be massively distributed immediately.

"We have a vaccine that is coming, it is ready, it will be announced in a few weeks and it will be delivered. We have Operation Warp Speed, which is the army, which is going to distribute the vaccine," Trump said.

Yet both the evidence and the experts contradict Trump. 

Your claim is not true.

Even when pressured by the moderator of the debate, Kristen Welker, Trump acknowledged that what he said "is not a guarantee."

This is not the first time Trump has said this.

On September 15, he said the vaccine would be ready in "three weeks, four weeks."

That did not happen.

But just one day after Trump announced the vaccine for October, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English), Robert Redfield, explained to Congress that it could be ready in November or December, but its supply would be "very limited and would have to be prioritized."

He advanced so that it will not be available to the general population until "end of the second quarter or third quarter of 2021".

That means, at best, between June and September of next year.

For his part, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Sept. 17 that he still believes a safe and effective vaccine may be ready in November or December.

However, he stressed that the battle against the coronavirus will not be won only with the development of a vaccine, but that there 

must be sufficient willingness of the population to be vaccinated.

President Trump said that a vaccine against COVID-19 will be ready in a few weeks for mass distribution.Noticias Telemundo

  • TRUE

    "Trump thinks windmills cause cancer": Biden

At a fundraising event on April 2, 2019, President Donald Trump attacked wind power and pointed out the following.

"If you have a mill near your home, congratulations, your home has already lost 75% of its value," Trump said.

"And they say that noise causes cancer."

The president's statement was the target of ridicule.

In a study commissioned by the Australian parliament, neighbors of mills complained of "high blood pressure, heart palpitations, stress, anxiety, vertigo, dizziness" among other ailments, but no one spoke of cancer.

In reality,

there is no evidence that mills cause cancer.


    "If (Biden) is elected, the stock market will crash": 


There is no evidence to support this claim.

Financial experts and analysts have repeatedly pointed out that there will not be a market crash just because Biden wins, and some have even said that the market is likely to rise during the Administration of whoever wins, Biden or Trump.

Ruchir Sharma, the chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, wrote a column in The New York Times last month, explaining that his investment research, dating back to the 1860s, evidenced that 

the market for securities "does not have a clear bias in favor of any party and that market volatility in the run-up to the elections is perfectly normal."

Sharma added that investors widely believe that Biden, if elected, "would rule more moderately when in office, increasing taxes and regulation while easing tensions over immigration, global trade and China," which he would have. " little effect on the general direction of the market. "

On the contrary, some financial experts predict that if Biden wins and can take control of the COVID-19 pandemic, the stock market could rise considerably.

Therefore, Trump's claim has no factual basis.

  • TRUE.

    "Over 20,000 Dreamers Fight Frontline Against Coronavirus" - 


During the five minutes of the debate dedicated to immigration, Vice President Joe Biden said that if he wins the presidency, during his administration he would allow young immigrants with DACA to remain in the country without fear of being deported.

He highlighted that more than 20,000 of them fight the coronavirus on the front lines of the battle.

"We owe them," he said. 

"We owe them".

It's true what the vice president said.

According to a study by the Center for American Progress published in April, an estimated 29,000 health professionals are recipients of DACA, the program created by former President Barack Obama to protect young immigrants who came to the United States brought by their parents from deportation. when they were kids.

Most of these youth in the healthcare sector are in California (8,600), Texas (4,300), New York (1,700), Illinois (1,400), Florida (1,100), and Arizona and Washington (1,000 each).

In addition to healthcare professionals, an estimated 

142,100 young people with DACA are also essential workers amid the pandemic,

 in food-related positions, from the agricultural industry and supermarkets to distribution centers and restaurants.

[We compile the lies and inaccuracies told during the first presidential debate]

  • FALSE.

    "The United States has the best system to detect COVID-19, that's why the country has many cases": 


The president, Donald Trump, assured that the United States has the best testing system to detect COVID-19 in the world and that is why the rate of positive cases is so high.

That is false.

 The Politifact organization has already verified this claim.

While the number of coronavirus tests being done is increasing over time, the positivity rate, which is the percentage of tests that test positive for the virus, has also increased since early June.

And that undermines Trump's argument.

Testing has increased nationally

, but epidemiologists say that if this was the only reason new cases were increasing, the percentage of positive tests should be declining or at least staying about the same.

That pattern occurred from early April to early June, a period in which the availability of tests expanded significantly.

However, that is no longer the case.

Since the beginning of June, the number of tests being carried out has continued to hit new highs, but the positivity rate almost doubled in July, before falling again.

In recent weeks it has been stable, but with a slight upward trend. 


    "There will be another 200,000 more deaths between now and the end of the year in America": 


No one can predict with complete certainty how many more infections and deaths the coronavirus will produce in the United States and in the rest of the world.

But by one measure, the country could double its death toll by the end of the year.

According to a prediction by the University of Washington Health Institute announced in early September, deaths from coronavirus in the United States will reach 410,000 by the end of the year, with a daily balance of up to 3,000 daily deaths.

As of Thursday, the United States had 222,991 deaths.

If the country adds 200,000 more deaths through December, the total would exceed the 410,000 predicted by the University of Washington.

When the university made its announcement, the death toll was hovering around 190,000.

Biden made his comment after Trump defended his handling of the pandemic by saying the initial projection in March was 2.2 million deaths in the United States.

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, said 200,000 more deaths from COVID-19 will occur in the United States.Noticias Telemundo

  • FALSE.

    "China is paying billions to US farmers": 


President Donald Trump assured that China is paying billions of dollars to American farmers through tariffs that he imposed on the Asian giant.

That is false.

"China is paying, they are paying billions and billions of dollars, I just gave 28 billion dollars to our farmers," Trump said.

The money that comes from the fees is paid through the Commodity Credit Corporation, a USDA-supervised government institution that can borrow up to $ 30 billion annually from the US Treasury.

And distribute them to farmers without the specific approval of Congress.

Tariffs are paid to the United States Treasury and the Treasury finances agricultural aid.

But there is no specific brand or conduit connecting the two.

 Trump's claim simply does not reflect how tariffs work.

The tariffs imposed by Trump have been paid almost entirely by US importers, who pass much of that burden on to consumers through price increases.

Some 545 children separated from their parents at the border have not yet been relocated with their families

Oct. 21, 202000: 27

  • TRUE.

    "The Government Cannot Find More Than 500 Migrant Parents Separated From Their Children": Biden

Vice President Joe Biden referred to the family separation policy implemented by the Donald Trump administration in 2018 and noted the following: “His children were ripped from his arms and separated.

And now they can't find more than 500 of these parents.

And those children are alone.

With nowhere to go

It is criminal ”. 

The claim of the Democratic candidate is true.

It was revealed Tuesday this week that attorneys tasked with identifying the migrant families separated by the Trump administration have been unable to find the parents of 545 children.

Furthermore, it is estimated that around two-thirds of these parents have already been deported to Central America without their children.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, every effort is being made and will continue to be made to find these migrants and reunite them with their families.

A court ordered the government to end its "zero tolerance" policy in early 2018, but there are reports that nearly 300 minors were separated from their families after that ruling.

[The false and misleading claims we verified during the Harris and Pence debate]


    "Over 400 miles of new wall have been built": Trump

President Trump boasted tonight during the last presidential debate that his Administration has built more than 400 miles of wall on the border with Mexico. 

That statement is misleading and needs context.

"We have more than 400 miles of new wall," Trump said.

On September 1, Customs and Border Protection reported that 307 miles of the border wall had been completed.

However, on June 23, the Los Angeles Times had already reported that of the 216 miles built to that date since Trump took office, only three miles were "built in places where there were no barriers before."

The rest were replacement or secondary walls to existing walls.

A similar figure was verified by Politifact in May 2020. 


    "America has the best carbon emissions in 35 years": 


The president said Thursday that "under the Trump administration, the United States has the best carbon emissions it has had in 35 years."

That statement, at the very least, requires context.

In February, Politifact investigated how carbon emissions were doing in the country and found that overall, emissions had increased from 2016 levels after a notable increase in 2018. After that, carbon emissions began to decline again.

But experts interviewed say those changes may have nothing to do with President Trump's policies.

According to Politifact, a study by the Rodhium Group found that while there was a significant decrease in coal consumption last year, which drove the overall decline, the United States made little progress in other areas.

According to the study, 

net greenhouse gas emissions remained slightly higher in 2019 than at the end of 2016.

By bragging about carbon emissions in the country, Trump also ignores the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although it is true that carbon emissions in April 2020 were the lowest in decades, according to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), it cannot be ignored the fact that during that month a part of the The population was confined to their homes as coronavirus cases soared.

The same EIA recognizes the effect of the pandemic on emission figures. 

“Consumer responses to the coronavirus, stay-at-home orders, and other travel restrictions that were in place across the country in April reduced the consumption of motor gasoline (the most widely consumed petroleum fuel in the United States) and fuel for aircraft (the third most consumed petroleum fuel), according to the same report.

And another study by the Rodhium Group, which specializes in climate research, noted in September that the rollback of Obama-era climate regulations, by order of President Trump, will cause the United States to pump an additional 1.8 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere between now and 2035.

"This cumulative impact is equivalent to almost a third of all US emissions in 2019," says the document, published on September 17.

This data verification was carried out by T Verifica thanks to the FactChat agreement, coordinated by the 

International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN)

 with the support of WhatsApp.

The objective of the project is to bring better information in Spanish during the US presidential elections in 2020. This and other political checks can be received directly by WhatsApp 

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We will wait for you.

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