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By ceasing to be a complainant, the Anti-Corruption Office stopped claiming $ 483 million seized in cases of fraud from the State


The head of the OA, Félix Crous, confirmed this week that his body was leaving that key role in 32 corruption cases, 28 of which are against former K officials. In 6 of the latter, Cristina Kirchner is on trial.

Lucia Salinas

10/24/2020 11:41 PM

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Updated 10/24/2020 11:41 PM

The international commitments that the country signed in the fight against corruption that involve public goods and money, referred to the need as a State to take measures to prosecute corruption, but rather

the recovery of assets derived from said crimes


Since 2016, they have taken up the complaint in countless cases against former Kirchner officials, where

the money seized exceeded $ 483,000 million

, funds that were estimated in the case respond to the maneuvers committed, and that in an eventual conviction can be claimed.

Something that the current government will

no longer do when it withdraws from 32 files for corruption.

There are more funds involved in assets that could end up confiscated, the recovery of them will not be requested by the current management.

Money seized in corruption cases, secured assets, all as part of what the judges during the investigation considered was similar to money laundering operations, fraud maneuvers against the State, accusations of corruption against an extensive list of former officials of the Kirchner administration and the vice president herself, Cristina Kirchner.

The figures calculated are multimillion-dollar but the Government of Alberto Fernández will no longer claim their recovery by withdrawing from 32 files, as confirmed on Tuesday by the head of the Anticorruption Office (OA) headed by Felix Crous.

The previous management had stated in

a report that it seeks the reinstatement and recovery of the money involved in corruption causes


The Anti-Corruption Office (OA) of the macrista administration had been accepted as a plaintiff in different files that involve Cristina Kirchner and former members of her cabinet.

It was determined that from 2016 to this year, the embargoes ordered amount to 483,115 million pesos, equivalent to almost 3,715 billion dollars.

Among the main defendants are Cristina Kirchner, Julio De Vido, José López, Ricardo Jaime, Amado Boudou, Lázaro Báez, Cristóbal López, among others.

That figure is just a portion.

It responds to guarded money that in a possible conviction can be requested as compensation, reparation of the damage caused mainly to the State with the investigated maneuvers that range from illicit enrichment, fraudulent administration, bribery, money laundering, among which predominate.

Now that the OA will no longer be a plaintiff, not only will it not accuse the cases whose oral trials are about to begin,

but it will also not demand the recovery of the money.

The current administration will not intervene in 32 cases,

28 of which involve former K officials and in 6 of them

, the main defendant is Cristina Kirchner and Amado Boudou, the former vice president, is on trial in three.

The causes in which the OA will not participate as a plaintiff are the Cuadernos de las Coimas case where the former president is prosecuted and sent to trial as head of an illicit association that was dedicated to the collection of illegal funds, an embargo was set - adding the related ones-, $ 11,721 million.

To this must be added the figures included in the files against Julio De Vido for diverting funds that were to be applied to the Río Turbio coal mine, embargoes for 3,126 million pesos were locked. 

On the other hand, in the case of Skanska II where Odebrecht's gas pipelines were investigated, the figures are $ 4 million, while in the first section of AysA works in the hands of the Brazilian firm with local partners and where it was investigated the direction of the contract, embargoes were locked for 13,676 million.

In the case that investigates the route of the money that was applied to the purchase of the ex-chalcographic Ciccone, measures for $ 2.8 million were ordered. 

Regarding the files where Julio De Vido, José López, Roberto Baratta, Carlos Ben, Oscar Biancuzzo, Carlos Wagner, Jorge “Corcho” Rodríguez were investigated, among others, for directing contracts in favor of Odebrecht and the payment of bribes from the signature, there are embargoes locked for $ 4,073 million.

There is more.

The report includes the money guarded in cases during 2016 and 2017. In the case of Roads and the alleged illicit enrichment of José López they amount to a total of 75,280 million pesos.

In the causes of the route of the money K and the alleged illicit enrichment of former Secretary of Transportation Ricardo Jaime, the signed precautionary measures reach 212,255 million pesos.

Som just a few examples.

The total amount of the embargoes for those four years amounts to approximately 483,115 million pesos, money that, in case of convictions, the Government will not claim.

Source: clarin

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