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The Best Humidifiers of 2020 | CNN


When winter comes, it brings very dry air with it. Add heating systems for the home, or air conditioning throughout the year if you are in | CNNE Underscored | CNN

When winter comes, it brings very dry air with it.

Add in home heating systems, or year-round air conditioning if it's in a warmer climate, which can suck every last bit of moisture out of your home and a good humidifier becomes a must.

Humidifiers come in many different forms: cool mist, diffuser ... And there are a number of factors you should consider before buying one.

For example, do you need a small humidifier to keep your skin cool?

Or maybe a larger unit to keep an entire floor at the proper humidity levels.

How about a humidifier to help with a little cold?

Good news: There is a humidifier for almost every situation.

In order to find the best humidifier for your needs, we researched the best deals on the market, putting together a group of the nine best options.

Once we settled on them, we tested and retested them in real-world environments for several weeks - these three stood out from the crowd:

  • Best overall



    TaoTronics cool mist humidifier

  • Best for large spaces:

    Vicks V5100NS

  • Best for Bedrooms:

    Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

The TaoTronics cool mist humidifier increased the humidity in a room in about an hour, which was faster than most of the options we tested.

Most importantly, though, it maintained those humidity levels for the longest period of time, 24 hours to be exact.

The levels were easy to check with the built-in reader (and we checked that reading with an external reader to confirm accuracy).

We also loved how easy this humidifier was to clean, and the night mode eliminated any bright light in the bedroom.

Second is the Vicks V5100NS, with a larger tank than many of the other humidifiers we tested.

The large tank was easy to take into the kitchen or bathroom to refill, which was not the case with the other larger humidifiers we tested, and it raised the humidity level quickly in a large, open space.

This humidifier runs very quietly and contains enough water to keep you running all day and night.

The only problem: it produces a dense fog, so it can lead to congested rooms in smaller spaces.

But that's exactly what makes it ideal for larger areas.

For bedrooms (yours or the kids'), the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier was a clear winner, as it is virtually noiseless (none of our top three was louder than a properly functioning refrigerator) and has a function of night light that gives the cute teardrop-shaped machine a soft glow.

Automatic shutdown means that you can never leave it on all day by mistake.

Best Overall Humidifier: TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier ($ 46.86, originally $ 49.99;

We put this humidifier to the test, testing it in different rooms of different sizes, and it clearly stood out as the best performance.

It's easy to install, it's easy to clean, and it did the job better and more efficiently than any other humidifier we tested.

The highlight could be how boring it is.

If a humidifier is getting your attention, then it is simply not doing its job.

The TaoTronics cool mist humidifier came first because it really is one of those machines you set up once and you can forget about it.

During our tests, the humidifier spent more than 24 hours maintaining optimal humidity in our tests, right at 35% (which is in line with the humidity levels recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, and we checked with our external reader, Of course).

It only took an hour to get to those optimal levels, and the humidity levels never increased throughout the 24 hours of use.

This workhorse kept moisture for days in a row, which was impressive for how compact it is, compared to the larger (and less attractive) models.

In fact, only one humidifier we tested ran longer (the Magictec, which ultimately had a lower quality experience).

Since the EPA recommends that humidity in homes be kept between 30% and 50%, and our tests were conducted during a particularly dry week in the Northeast, we looked at how long it took to reach 35% humidity and how long time remained there.

The built-in reader on this humidifier was consistent with our external meter readings and managed to smoothly maintain a healthy level in the room without any issues.

Right from the start, the TaoTronics cool mist humidifier was easy to use.

It comes ready to use, and it was filled and fogged in no time.

The bulk of this humidifier is the tank so it takes up minimal space, another reason it was ranked as our top pick.

It excelled at cleanliness, too, which is huge if you've ever dealt with a filthy, moldy filter or humidifier tank.

The reusable filter is permanent (read: You don't have to buy replacements and change it all the time).

It needs to be soaked in vinegar once a month, depending on how hard your water is, to keep it clean.

If you have hard water, you probably know that it contains higher amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium.

While this is not harmful, it can leave build-up on household accessories, such as your humidifier.

It is easy to remove the filter from the cap where it is attached to clean it.

With a handle on the top and bottom, this was the easiest humidifier to refill, and it didn't spill any water on the floor (or us) in the process.

We also found in our testing that getting the right-sized humidifier for rooms and spaces was key, with some larger humidifiers overwhelming smaller rooms with humidity, and some smaller units not having the power to make a room go away. really comfortable.

This one worked well in a variety of room sizes (working effortlessly and efficiently in spaces from 400 to 500 square feet).

And the TaoTronics won't be distracting while you sleep, as the light display has a night mode that dims, leaving only a tiny green light.

Or, if you prefer a night light, the tank can be illuminated, creating a soft glow in the room that could be relaxing for little ones.

It is also extremely quiet.

The only negative: the machine, while not aesthetically unpleasant, is only available in white, which can be a problem for some decorating schemes.

However, at under $ 50, if you're looking for a plug-and-play humidifier that you can set and forget, unless you need refilling and the occasional filter cleaning, the TaoTronics Cool Mist is the clear winner based on our testing.

Best for large spaces: Vicks V5100NS ($ 49.99, originally $ 59.99;


A few points behind the TaoTronics, with a solid, attractive build and increased tank capacity, the Vicks V5100NS is the humidifier you want in larger spaces.

This is a hardworking machine that blows lots of moisture into the air, easily filling open spaces - we tested it in a space that was roughly 500 square feet - in just over an hour (an hour and 10 minutes, to be exact).

In that time, the Vicks V5100NS achieved a humidity rating of up to 35%, based on the independent humidity reader we used to measure accuracy.

With a tank holding 1.5 gallons of water - most of the others we tested contained a gallon or much less - this humidifier required no assembly and, once filled, it was ready to hold more than 20 hours of 35% humidity. on a very dry day in a 200-year-old house (not exactly a laboratory, but probably a lot like many conditions).

With the adjustable mist functionality, you can make the Vicks spray go in any direction you want, such as away from delicate furniture and décor, or towards plants.

And it is very quiet, we observed that it has the weakest and barely audible hum during our tests.

It was also stable at 35% humidity and never made the space feel sticky or steamy.

What kept this filterless humidifier from being our best option was a slight difficulty cleaning the tank, which is recommended to be done weekly.

It can only be reached at an awkward angle which makes it difficult to scrub thoroughly.

If you have hardwood floors or anything that can be easily damaged, you'll want to put the Vicks V5100NS on a raised surface to avoid condensation, which is quite common.

Due to the heavy fog, trust us: This is made for larger rooms, as when we tested in smaller spaces, the humidity levels started to rise too high.

With its larger tanks and powerful performance, this Vicks humidifier is the ideal choice for large, open spaces.

Best for Bedrooms: Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier ($ 39.99;

Sleekly designed, the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cold Mist Humidifier amazes once unpacked.

It is also easy to configure;

just rinse with water, fill, plug in and turn on.

And, as we mentioned earlier (because we can't mention this enough), it's extremely quiet, emitting the slightest whisper of a buzz.

While this humidifier has a smaller tank than our other top picks, it easily runs at night for the promised 16 hours - a shorter duration than some of the larger models.

But the advantage of that smaller tank?

It's easy to fill in the bathroom sink (so no need to travel to the kitchen).

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cold Mist Humidifier lost points for taking over an hour for even the smallest rooms we used to test to reach optimal humidity levels.

However, it kept the humidity level consistent.

Once again, we give points for not filling the room with steam.

Because this humidifier seemed to work better in a small room or bedroom (about 400 square feet) compared to larger spaces, we couldn't give this the title of best overall, but it's a great addition to a desk or table. night.

While this humidifier was easy to clean, many buyers note that they only use distilled water, either filtered at home or bought bottled, to keep the humidifier even cleaner.

After more than a month of testing, we didn't notice any build-up, but it could be a problem for a longer period of time.

What we love about this one for bedrooms and kids rooms is the nightlight functionality that makes the entire machine and tank glow a soft blue hue.

While some of the other units have dimmer lights, this was the softest, giving off a subtle glow that makes the product very relaxing.

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier also had the best warranty of our first three - five years.

Combine that with its quietness and nighttime features, and this is the choice for any bedroom.

Other humidifiers we tested

Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture (starting at $ 85.73, originally starting at $ 99.99;


Of the two Honeywell humidifiers we tested, this was the best and a strong contender for runner-up status.

This machine was something of a beast, and it would be a good choice for creating moisture in a larger space.

It stayed consistent throughout the night and kept several rooms comfortable during our tests.

At a slight downside, this machine felt bigger than it actually had to be, with two unwieldy top fill tanks, but it was extremely rugged.

We initially dragged the tanks to the sink to fill them, but then (a revelation!) We realized that it was much easier to fill them by bringing a jug of water.

No more awkward fights with a wet tank.

With a three-year limited warranty, it's a good investment.

We also liked that it is available in black and white.

Cool Mist Adorable Crane (starting at $ 24.99, originally starting at $ 49.99;


Not only the cutest of the products we tested (the fox, chicken, frog, Hello Kitty, and other versions of characters are adorable too), this machine is also an easy-to-use humidifier.

We loved the looks for the kids, along with the absence of sound and the bright lights to keep the little ones awake.

The simple dial allows for easy humidity adjustment, and the humidifier operates efficiently and is easy to set up.

Since you do not need a filter, the machine must be cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegar quite frequently depending on the use.

We really liked the ease of this lovely humidifier, but it takes over an hour to reach the desired humidity rate of 35% in a bedroom.

It never made the room too steamy though, so it's not a bad option.

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser ($ 33.99;


The smallest humidifier we tested, this machine has a small tank that emits low humidity for eight hours.

It really wasn't able to provide a high humidity level in a room larger than a bathroom, or maintain a constant humidity level, all of which cost it points.

We'd classify this as more of an essential oil diffuser than a humidifier, and what we liked about it was that it was quiet, had a sleek, clean design, and a soft, color-changing light.

You can also add essential oils for a relaxing spa experience in your bedroom or bathroom.

For the record, we loved this little machine for the purpose mentioned above, but it's not ideal for someone looking to alleviate respiratory issues.

Levoit LV600HH ($ 89.99;


This humidifier looks great, but it wasn't the best due to the confusing instructions, which we found too complicated compared to the instructions for the other units.

However, the humidity went straight to 37% in the rooms we tested, and it stayed there, according to our external reader and the humidifier's own reader.

It ran super quietly, emitting very little noise for almost two days.

This machine got low marks due to the difficulty of cleaning.

It was difficult to get the water out of the base, and much of it ended up on our clothes and on the ground.

It was also difficult to fill it without making a mess, and we spent quite a bit of time on the floor with a towel cleaning up after this humidifier (at least it's just water!).

For the price, it didn't seem well built.

Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier ($ 27.95;


What we liked about this machine is how quickly it raised the humidity levels in the rooms we tested it in, and how easy it was to adjust those levels with the simple front dial.

The humidifier comes in black, has a simple and elegant look and is easy to use out of the box.

The build felt really weak compared to the other humidifiers we tested.

The water tank sat very loosely on the base, and when people walked nearby it shook a bit.

That said, it was super easy to clean up and got the job done, and we like it for the price.

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist ($ 38.48, originally $ 76.99;


While some of the machines we tested increased the room humidity quickly, this one actually surpassed them, reaching 35% humidity in less than an hour.

But it felt like it wouldn't stop blowing steam and it made the room feel super steamy.

Although it had no distracting lights, it was the least aesthetically appealing humidifier we tested.

It ran for 24 hours, but it was too strong and it was difficult to adjust the humidity levels.

The biggest detractor point, however, was the construction of this humidifier, which was surprisingly poor quality.

Every time we picked up the machine, the bottom fell off and rumbled on the ground.

The bottom was supposed to be removable for easy cleaning, but it was actually super uncomfortable

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