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"Amy Coney Barrett Embodies the Traditional White Upper Middle Class of the Midwest"


FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - Amy Coney Barret is now a judge of the Supreme Court. His appointment satisfies Donald Trump's electoral base and, above all, switches the majority of the nine judges to the conservative side, explains lawyer Olivier Piton.

Olivier Piton is a lawyer in Washington, elected representative of the French abroad and author of

The New American Revolution (

Éditions Plon, 2016).

Amy Coney Barrett became a Supreme Court justice after the US Senate voted in her favor.

It occupies the seat vacated by the recently deceased progressive Ruth Baber Ginsburg and thus establishes a decades-long Conservative majority on most societal matters.

Amy Coney Barrett is in the constellation Donald Trump.

The latter always brooded her.

Thus, a few months after her election, he appointed her a judge of the United States Court of Appeal which is one of the anti-chambers of the Supreme Court and although she only sat there for three years. , Trump had never made a secret of choosing her one day.

She meets the three essential criteria for the president: supposed loyalty to Donald Trump, anti-Obamacare, member of the religious right and opposed to abortion.

Amy Coney Barrett is a Catholic Conservative at heart and conviction: "

Her religious beliefs are pro-life, and she lives her beliefs,

" said Justice Patrick Schiltz, her longtime mentor and U.S. District Judge for Minnesota, and who is also Catholic.

Amy Coney Barrett and her husband, Jesse Barrett, a former federal prosecutor now in private practice, have seven children, two of whom are adopted from Haiti and a young son with Down's syndrome.

They live in South Bend, Indiana, a culturally tight-knit community, like many small college towns in the Midwest.

The Barrett's are regulars

at Notre-Dame's



" and American football matches.

They are the epitome of the traditional white American upper middle class of the Midwest.

In addition, she is the new muse of the religious right.

It was during her hearing to be appointed judge at the Court of Appeal in May 2017 that Amy Coney Barrett became famous in traditionalist currents.

Attacked on the preeminence of “

religious dogma

” over the law, it received the support of Republicans who accuse the Democrats of a supposed anti-clericalism, in a country which calls itself “


” at nearly 60%.

Amy Coney Barrett has shown as a court of appeal judge that she is responsible for her choices on social issues.

Finally, it is an anti-abortion that immediately places her in the camp of "


", she demonstrated as a judge of the court of appeal, that she assumed her choices.

She notably influenced the Louisiana court against associations for the assistance of women.

This fight is at the heart of the claims of the American religious right, which presupposes that women who have abortions are "under the influence".

In addition, she is a disciple of the late Antonin Scalia, the former conservative and Catholic judge.

Died in 2016, he was as much an icon on the right as Ruth Baber Ginsburg was an icon on the left.

Amy Coney Barrett started working for him in 1998 and she was his favorite.

It completely espoused its rigorous and conservative conception (“


”, to use the technical term) of reading the Constitution.

This intellectual lineage is essential to understand the massive rallying of Republicans to the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett.

In addition, she is the antidote to the





Since the start of the campaign, Democrats have postulated that the women's vote will be "

the mother of all battles


The strategy consisted in mobilizing the female electorate to defend their rights potentially threatened by Republicans in the event of Donald Trump's re-election.

59% of the female electorate support Joe Biden (compared to 51% of men who say they support Trump).

Between a potential vice-president in office, at best, for four years, and a judge for life at the Supreme Court, the balance tilts widely in favor of the second.

However, by appointing Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Donald Trump is totally changing the situation.

His nomination is even more important than Biden's choice of Kamala Harris.

Between a potential vice-president in office, at best, for four years, and a life judge at the Supreme Court who can influence crucial subjects of American society for the next forty years, the balance tilts widely in favor of the second. .

It is as if Trump had appointed a "


" vice president.

Suddenly, it is not impossible that white American women recognize themselves more in this model mother than in an “



who did not shine by particular facts.

In any case, this is Donald Trump's bet.

Thanks to Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trump strengthens the weight of his supporters in the Supreme Court in case of contesting the election

The Democratic strategy of "


" not to say "


" the electorate - as in 2016 - could well backfire, this time, against Joe Biden.

Finally, thanks to her, Donald Trump strengthens the weight of his support for the Supreme Court in the event of a challenge to the election.

As in 2000 during the controversial election of George Bush against Al Gore, the Supreme Court may ultimately have to rule on the outcome of the presidential election.

The Republicans then seized the Federal Supreme Court to annul a provision of the Supreme Court of Florida, citing "

the breach of equality before the law because of the different methods used for the count


They won their case because the judges were - already - predominantly republicans.

In the event of a dispute, the strengthening of the Republican camp would be an undeniable asset for Donald Trump who leaves doubt on the fact of recognizing his defeat.

The appointment of Amy Coney Barrett is therefore a master stroke from Donald Trump.

Even a defeat of the latter would make him enter the hearts of the conservatives as the man who succeeded in tipping the country's most important court in their camp for decades.

Source: lefigaro

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