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Corona in Bavaria: nationwide lockdown still avoidable? Söder makes the first decision today


The corona numbers in Bavaria continue to rise. Munich is in the dark red area, as is Augsburg. Two counties are already in lockdown.

The corona numbers in Bavaria continue to rise.

Munich is in the dark red area, as is Augsburg.

Two counties are already in lockdown.

  • In Bavaria and Munich, the number of Corona * cases is rising unchecked.

  • In Augsburg, the seven-day incidence is 205.4 - there is a risk of a lockdown (see update from October 26, 10:27 a.m.).

  • The value is even higher in the Rottal-Inn district (260.1) - a partial lockdown applies here from Tuesday (October 27).

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Update from October 27, 8:02 a.m

.: The hospitals in Bavaria are increasingly restricting

the number of visits for patients

due to the increasing

corona numbers


As the spokesman for the Bavarian Hospital Society, Eduard Fuchshuber, explained, often only

one visitor per day

is allowed.

In addition, the data of the visitors would be recorded.

He expected that such measures will be decided in other houses in the next few weeks.

Individual hospitals go even further.

The Asklepios City Clinic in Bad Tölz has decided that from this Wednesday on,

“a general ban on visits

"Applies. * Exceptions are possible when treating children or dying patients.

"We decided to take this drastic step in order to protect our patients and employees and to prevent the virus from reaching our hospital," said managing director Felix Rauschek.


to Fuchshuber, such visiting bans are currently still the exception in the Free State.

Cabinet advises on corona crisis: press conference with Prime Minister Söder announced

Today, Tuesday, the Bavarian cabinet is again advising on the increasing number of cases.

Then there will be a

press conference


Prime Minister Markus Söder, Minister of Health Melanie Huml, Minister of Science Bernd Sibler and Minister of Education Michael Piazolo will provide information about the results of the meeting.

Corona in Bavaria on Tuesday (October 27): Cabinet is advising this morning on rising numbers

Update from October 27, 6:50 a.m.:

The massively increased

corona numbers


the Bavarian cabinet


Tuesday (10 a.m.)


Before the next prime ministerial conference on Wednesday, the focus should be on how the unchecked spread of the virus can be stopped.

On Monday, the second region in Bavaria, the Rottal-Inn district, had to impose strict exit restrictions.

The declared goal of the state government is

to prevent


nationwide lockdown

through early regional action


In addition, the new financial aid for artists announced by Söder in the Bavarian state parliament is to be discussed in the cabinet meeting.

Update from October 26th, 4:14 pm:

Due to the rapidly increasing

corona numbers



"lockdown" has been


for the




Shortly afterwards,



the next bad news: the world-famous

Christkindlesmarkt was


Corona in Bavaria: Söder speaks of a "decisive week" in the fight against pandemic

Update from October 26th, 2.44 p.m.:

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) sees the

fight against Corona

in a

crucial week


"I do believe that it is pretty serious now, and that everyone has to make it clear again what it is about," said Söder on Monday at the Munich Media Days with a view to the next Prime Minister's Conference in a few days.

"This is the

decision week

." Söder reiterated: "We have clear goals: We want to do no harm to the economy, we want to keep schools and day care centers as long as possible open." He also referred to the

Bayern-and nationwide ever-increasing Corona numbers


Update from October 26, 10.55 a.m

.: The city of Augsburg reported a seven-day incidence of 205.4 on Monday.

According to the municipality, a lockdown is possible if measures already taken have no effect (see update from 10:27 a.m.).

The value is even higher in the Rottal-Inn district.

According to the RKI, it is 260.1 - nationwide top value.

As a

correspondent for Bayerischer Rundfunk

tweeted, citizens of the district will probably only be able to leave the house for good reasons from tomorrow.

Schools, kindergartens and daycare centers are closing, as is the catering trade.

The general decree should apply for ten days from midnight.

Lkr. @Rottal_Inn announces factual #Lockdown: According to the LRA, district citizens are only allowed to leave the house from tomorrow for good reasons.

Schools, kindergartens & daycare centers are closing, as is the catering trade.

General decree is to apply for ten days from 00:00.

@ br24

- Laila Heyne (@LailaHeyne) October 26, 2020

Augsburg with corona incidence value over 200: is a lockdown threatened?

Update from October 26, 10:27 a.m.:

Bavaria's third largest city has

exceeded the mark of 200 new corona infections

in the

seven-day value


As the

city ​​of Augsburg

reported on Monday, there were

205.4 new infections

per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days


By the middle of the week, the city wants to see whether the protective measures that have already been taken are having an effect.

"Then - in coordination with the government of Swabia and the state government - it will be decided how to proceed," said the city.

According to the municipality,

a second


is also possible.

Augsburg had already issued

stricter regulations to

curb the number, which has been rising for weeks.

For example, in schools in all grades, a mask is required in class.

Only people from two households or a maximum of five people are allowed to meet, this also applies to family celebrations.

In the Augsburg center, a mask is also required outdoors.

Munich now Corona “dark red”: Stricter rules apply from today - the incidence is rising by leaps and bounds

Update from October 26th, 9.42 a.m.:

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) delivered current figures for Munich on Monday morning. * The incidence in the

state capital

has increased further: from previously 100.6 to


In a Twitter graphic, the city once again explained exactly which rules apply from today.

Munich 7-day incidence> 100 means further tightening of the #Corona measures.

The following applies from Monday: Gastro curfew, alcohol ban at hotspots and alcohol sales ban from 9 p.m.


50 visitors at events.

More information at

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) October 25, 2020

Corona virus in Bavaria: National holiday in Austria - Melanie Huml expresses concerns

Update from October 25th, 9.48pm:




national holiday

on Monday



Health Minister Melanie Huml

(CSU) has concerns that the Austrian neighbors could use the day off for a shopping trip in Germany.

But there are no exceptions to the

quarantine rules

, said


on Sunday.

"Even if we like to have our Austrian neighbors with us under normal circumstances -

cross-border travel

just for shopping trips is

not a good idea

with the current

corona infection


and is not allowed", emphasized the

Minister of Health




obligation applies to everyone who



from a

foreign risk area

, underlined



A purchase, however short, is no exception.

The rule says that people who have been in an official

risk area

for more than 48 hours

are obliged

to go




The Minister underlined: “And that is the case for people





As a result, the 48 exception rule does not generally apply to people who live permanently in a


area and enter Bavaria from there. " 


appealed, “I ask everyone to use common sense.

Now is not the

time to


and meet.

We want to prevent the

virus from


as much as possible. "

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Minister of Health appoints new Corona task force coordinator

Update from October 25, 5:56 p.m.:

Health Minister

Melanie Huml

(CSU) announced on Sunday evening that

State Secretary Klaus Holetschek

(CSU) should



the work of the

Corona task force in the Ministry of Health


It will mainly take care of coordinating the

corona regulations

with the municipalities.

"We had to record the highest number of new infections in Bavaria since the beginning of the corona pandemic in the last few days," said



The Minister of Health also added: “We are all facing an intense Corona autumn and Corona winter.


Covid19 patients have to be


again in the Bavarian hospitals


This worries me, even if

sufficient treatment

capacities are


available for the patients. ”In the meantime, 20 Bavarian cities and districts have exceeded the threshold of 100 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days.

The total number of infections reported since the beginning of the epidemic climbed over the

90,000 mark

over the weekend


Corona in Bavaria: Incidence values ​​in Munich and Berchtesgadener Land remain high

Update from October 25, 4:23 p.m.:

Now the

city ​​of Munich

has officially confirmed it.

The Bavarian capital has


the “dark red” threshold for the

7-day incidence


The value has been 100.6 since Saturday.

206 people were newly


with the



However, this is less than the day before (223).

Therefore the number of




to 1.2.

In # Munich, 206 new #coronavirus cases were confirmed for Saturday, October 24th.

The 7-day incidence per 100,000 population is 100.6 (RKI, as of October 25).

This means that further tightening will come into force on Monday.

More information at

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) October 25, 2020

Good news from the Germany-wide front-runner district in terms of the

7-day incidence



Berchtesgadener Land

, the value fell to 255.8 (as of October 25, 10 a.m.), the

District Office announced

in a press release.

There have been 971 cases that have tested positive there since the beginning of the pandemic.

19 have been added since the previous day.

Ten people with

Covid 19

are currently being treated as inpatients, two of them are in intensive care.


Berchtesgadener Land

remains in first place in Bavaria.


district of Rottal-Inn

follows just behind with an incidence value of 228.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Over 700,000 voluntary tests have already been done

Update from October 25, 11:40


The medical practices of the Association of

Statutory Health Insurance Physicians


in Bavaria have



709,000 voluntary corona tests


the state government began


test program

three months ago.

The Bavarian Health Minister

Melanie Huml (CSU)

announced this Sunday.


voluntary tests



for by the state government and not by

health insurers

, as they are intended for citizens without symptoms.

How many of the voluntary tests were actually


has yet to be evaluated separately.

The offer was

particularly popular during the

summer holidays

, as many

returning travelers

had undergone


corona tests


Corona in Bavaria: Hundreds of thousands of voluntary tests - Minister Huml (CSU) emphasizes the meaning of the procedure

Both politicians and doctors had repeatedly



of the

symptom-independent mass tests


However, Huml stuck to the statement that these are

enormously helpful

in identifying and preventing


chains of infection at an

early stage.

Update from October 25, 11.20 a.m.:

After a

soccer game

, 23 people celebrated in front of a club house in


and therefore received a


under the


Protection Act.



of players and fans was

in full swing


" said a police spokesman on Sunday.

“They set up



sets in

front of the clubhouse, played loud



consumed alcohol.

“The officials broke the celebration on Saturday evening.

According to information,

private celebrations

are currently

limited to a maximum of

five people


two households in

the Neu-Ulm district

Corona in Bavaria: new curfew senseless?

Landlord from Augsburg is suing against "dark red" measures

Update from October 25th, 10.30 a.m .:

Is the


in the

catering trade


9 p.m.,


should now take effect



when a city or a district has a

7-day incidence

of over 100,




Augsburg restaurateur

Bernhard Spielberger is of this opinion - and is




“dark red” measure



Prime Minister Söder


The landlord had already

successfully enforced

a lawsuit against the prevailing

corona measures

in May


Should he get right again, the

regulation would

probably have to

be adjusted throughout Bavaria


Update from October 25th, 7.55 a.m.:

The Bavarian capital Munich has



7-day incidence value



new infections per 100,000 inhabitants



Robert Koch Institute reported

on Sunday morning (25.20.).

Accordingly, the value is now




corona traffic light,

which Prime Minister Markus Söder held at his press conference to introduce more stringent corona measures, now jumps to

"dark red"

for the state capital


On Saturday the incidence was 98.3.

Corona in Munich: Incidence value over 100 - curfew is brought forward

As a result,


stricter measures will also come

into force

in Munich

from next





in the catering trade is brought



9 p.m.

instead of the previous 10 p.m.

Also apply






to sell or consume in public.



of all kinds are only a maximum from this time also

50 people


Munich 7-day incidence> 100 means further tightening of the #Corona measures.

The following applies from Monday: Gastro curfew, alcohol ban at hotspots and alcohol sales ban from 9 p.m.


50 visitors at events.

More information at

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) October 25, 2020

Munich: Corona numbers continue to rise - culture industry is hit hard

This is

a bitter blow,

especially for the already badly shaken

culture industry

, because the number of spectators admitted to concerts or theater performances was

200 people

and is therefore limited to only a quarter


Exceptions from the regulations are


, lectures at the



church services,

where the strictest



and the

mask requirement still


The new regulations apply from next Monday until at least the end of the week.

Even if the state capital falls below the incidence value of 100 again, the


measures will remain

in force


five more days


Corona in Bavaria: "dark red" alert now in four districts and cities - Söder sends a video message

Update from October 24, 2020, 4:06 p.m.:

In the



fifteen Bavarian cities and districts have

now exceeded

the threshold of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants

in the past seven days.

That is four more than on Friday, as can be seen from the overview published on Saturday by the State Office for Health.

According to the Corona traffic light, this threshold value means the status "dark red" and results in everyday restrictions for the residents of the respective municipalities: the curfew applies from 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m., and alcohol is also prohibited in public places from 9 p.m.

The development in Swabia is particularly noticeable

: among the newly added municipalities are the district of


(104.16), the district of


(103.9) and the city of



The fourth new 100th municipality is the




Corona is still spreading fastest in

Berchtesgadener Land

, where the 7-day incidence value is a good 282 according to the RKI and just under 257 according to the LGL. The difference is mainly due to the fact that the infection rates are calculated at different times.

The health system in Berchtesgaden is not currently overloaded either.

Currently, 10 Covid-19 patients are being treated as inpatients in the clinics in the district, two of them in the intensive care unit.

"There is no new death to complain about," reported the district office on Saturday.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder makes citizens responsible - values ​​in Munich are approaching critical levels

First report from October 24, 2020, 2:28 p.m.:

Munich - Since Friday, the

corona rules have been tightened again




The “dark red” warning threshold was introduced.

It is reached when the

7-day incidence



exceeds 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the

State Office for Health and Food Safety

(LGL, as of October 24, 8 a.m.), 15 districts and cities in the Free State are above this mark.

The Bavarian capital just barely missed this limit on Saturday.

In the whole of



incidence value is

now 76.8.

According to the


2136 people have been newly


with the


since Friday (October 23)


Almost half of the cases (921) are in the administrative district of

Upper Bavaria


In the meantime, 2,739 people have died of the disease in the Free State.

Corona in Bavaria: The number of cases is increasing extremely in Munich


Corona *




reported for Friday are anything but reassuring.

There are 223 newly tested positive people compared to the previous day.

This increases the number of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic to 14,868.


7-day incidence

increases to 98.3.


is only just below the “dark red” warning threshold.

Also the number of

reproductions *

of 1.25 is still at a high level.

In # Munich, 223 new #coronavirus cases were confirmed for Friday, October 23rd.

The 7-day incidence per 100,000 population is 98.3 (RKI, as of October 24).

More information at

- City of Munich (@StadtMuenchen) October 24, 2020

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder appeals to the discipline of the citizens


Prime Minister Markus Söder

(CSU), who has already been sharply criticized for his policy in the past *,


the citizens of Bavaria to continue to adhere to the Corona * rules.

"Anyone who


to the measures


can play a major role in achieving something for everyone," said the

CSU boss

in a video message on Saturday.

He knows that many

can no longer hear

the topic of


, but it doesn't help, you have to go through it now.

His credo is: "Less alcohol, less partying, fewer contacts and simply more mask".

Video message on Corona: If we all take part, we can get through the winter well.

We are better prepared than in the past.

Let us be considerate of each other, be patient and give others optimism.

- Markus Söder (@Markus_Soeder) October 24, 2020

You can only get through the winter safely if all of these guidelines are taken to heart.

"Everyone has to be considerate of each other,"

Söder implores the solidarity of the citizens


The Prime Minister is also positive.

We are much better prepared today than at the beginning of the

corona pandemic


The old people's and nursing homes are much better protected.

This is followed by a renewed appeal to the citizens: "If we do more now, we will have to live with fewer final consequences later."

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder again defends the mask requirement in schools

“We don't want any economic damage.

We want to keep daycare centers and schools open, ”continues



But you have to do a lot for that.



creates more normality", is

the key to this goal

for the

CSU boss


At the end of the video speech,


is once again insistent.

“We can decide as much as we want.

That doesn't help if you don't all take part. ”And with




, the citizens of Bavaria can best get through the coming months, is Söder's last call to the people in the Free State.

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