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US election 2020: when will there be a result after German time?


If there is voting in the USA, the result will not be known until early the next day, according to German time. It may take a long time again for the 2020 US election.

If there is voting in the USA, the result will not be known until early the next day, according to German time.

It may take a long time again for the 2020 US election.

  • When Donald Trump became president, the


    was not known until 8:30 a.m. German time


  • State schedules have a major impact on when there will be a result in the

    2020 US election


  • The

    swing states

    , in which the election results can be tight, are



Washington - On November


the Americans elect their next president.

By the time the result is certain, it will be

November 4th

in Germany for a long time


We show the schedule according to which




results can be expected.

When will the first projections and results for the 2020 US election be available?

In contrast to elections in Germany, there is no uniform time in the USA at which the polling stations close.

The "

polling places

", as they are called there, have

different opening times

not only due to the different

time zones

in the




local times

at which the polling stations close also differ.

When will the first results of the presidential election be available after German time?

Initial indications of the outcome of the 2020 US election are therefore only gradually


for individual



In the course of election night, the complete picture for the whole country emerges.

In the US state of Florida,

polling stations


at 7 p.m.

The time zone is closest to the German one, so the results are counted from 1 a.m. our time.

Alaska lets vote until 9 p.m. and belongs to one of us with the most distant time zones.

The ballot boxes are not counted

until 7 a.m.

German time


When Donald Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton, the result was only known around 8:30 a.m. German time.

Barack Obama secured his second term at 5.15 a.m.

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There's too much at stake for anyone to sit this election out.

We need to learn from 2016 and not let history repeat itself.

Make your voice heard.

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A post shared by Joe Biden (@joebiden) on Oct 10, 2020 at 2:34 am PDT

Projections provide information on the outcome of the 2020 US election

As a rule, voters in the US do not have to


wait of the last state.

The next

US president

can be determined long in advance.

The result of the individual states is always important, since the US presidential


are based

on the system of

electoral men and women


Each state is allowed to determine a fixed number of voters for the "Electoral College" - the number of which will again depend on the size of the state in the 2020 US election.

Strictly speaking, only the assembly of electors finally elects the president.

In almost every state, the candidate with the most votes wins all of that state's electorate.

For some states it is largely clear whether the Republican or Democratic candidate will win the majority.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden can therefore largely work out the number of safe electors with which they will start the election evening.

The decisive factor is rather the “swing states”, which cannot be clearly assigned to a political trend.

There elections in the USA are won and lost.

Therefore, on

election night, a

lot revolves around the question: When will the next result of a swing state come?

The magic number for the majority is

270 electoral votes


When do projections become results?

Since every US state is only about the electors, the exact result is not directly decisive.

Above all, there has to be a majority for one of the candidates.

Whether the lead is large or small does not matter as long as the electors are distributed.

There will also be

voter surveys

at the polling stations

for the US election in 2020

, which are known as "

exit polls


The extrapolations based on this can show a clear victory for a candidate long before the count is complete.

In such a case, the US media already rate the state as the victorious candidate.

It looks different when the majority is too tight for something to be decided.

"Too close to call" is what is called in the USA and in the statistics of the election night no candidate is initially assigned the number of electors.

When will the official result of the 2020 US election be available?

In the last election in 2016, it took over a month for the last votes to be officially counted.

This time, too, there may be some


that at least



time of

the result back.

Due to the

corona pandemic

, which has also hit the USA, there are likely to be many more

postal voters

than before.

The "

early voting

" has become popular due to the corona risk.

In the USA, the counting of postal votes sometimes takes much longer than in Germany.

It is therefore difficult to predict when the outcome of the 2020 US election will be certain.

If the projections in important swing states are very tight, the presidential election could only come after days of waiting for its result.

When will the candidates agree on the result on election evening?

In fact, nothing is certain until all of the official election results are announced.

But that does not prevent a clearly victorious candidate from declaring himself the next US president before the final results.

Depending on the course of the election evening, very clear projections may be sufficient.

However, it is customary in


for candidates to telephone to agree that the election has been decided.

The content of this private phone call is the so-called "



What is meant is that the defeated candidate admits his defeat.

On the night of November 3, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will also have this conversation.


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