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Apple Keynote: Tim Cook announces its own chips - and sends Intel into retirement


Apple invites you to the next keynote tonight. The group announces “One more thing” based on Steve Jobs. So it is clear: It's about a very big thing.

Apple invites you to the next keynote tonight.

The group announces “One more thing” based on Steve Jobs.

So it is clear: It's about a very big thing.

  • Apple

    is already facing the third


    this fall.

  • When invited to the virtual event, the Californians set the


    unusually high.

  • Now Apple fans are speculating what CEO

    Tim Cook

    might have in his luggage on Tuesday.

Update from November 10th, 8:01 pm:

So what's left of this keynote?

  • 1.

    Apple is

    making itself - as expected - independent of Intel.

  • 2. With the

    MacMini, the group is



    a new attempt to score points with stationary home computers.

    The Californians even lower the price for this.

    This is not really good news for traditional PC manufacturers.

  • 3. The other devices expected by many, such as the

    AirPods Studio

    headphones or the


    electronic key


    come later - and may not even come at all.

    In any case, we had only given the two product groups outsider opportunities (see below).

  • 4.



    a weaker than expected quarter

    mainly because of the delayed launch of the

    iPhone 12


    In the Christmas quarter, the Californians should now really clear away.

That's it for tonight for the third and probably last Apple Keynote this year.

Thank you for reading along and have a nice evening.

Update from November 10th, 7.48pm: Apple

has just officially


goodbye to



The Californians are now equipping their most popular mobile computers with chips they have developed themselves.

They should be faster and more economical with one battery charge.

Bad for Intel, but good for the holiday season.

Update from November 10th, 7.43 p.m.:

The new computers can be ordered from today.

The new operating system will be available for download from tomorrow.

Update from November 10th, 7.40 p.m.:

Apple's MacBook flagship naturally also gets the new


chip based on the ARM architecture.

The MacBook Pro 13 inch is the device of choice for many users at universities and in companies.

It looks like it's getting even more popular now.

According to


, the device now offers 17 hours of battery life for surfing and 20 hours for videos.

Chargers will probably have a hard time in the future.

The price: $ 1,299.

Update from November 10th, 7:32 p.m.:

In addition to the MacBook Air,



wants to

drill out



with the M1.

It looks as if the group now wants to conquer private households as well.

A look at the connections also shows this.

There is even an Ethernet connection for the DSL connection at home.

The price: 699 dollars, 100 dollars less than its predecessor.

Now there is really only one model missing: the popular MacBook Pro.

Update from November 10th, 7:31 pm:

Thanks to the M1, the MacBook Air should be able to last 15 hours on one battery charge while surfing.

For videos, one charge should be enough for 18 hours without a socket.

The charger can therefore stay at home in the future if you can be on the road again after Corona.

In any case, the price sounds reasonably modest: $ 999.

Update from November 10th, 7:23 pm:

The first computer to be equipped with the new


chips is the

MacBook Air


According to Apple, the ultra-light notebook is the best-selling 13-inch mobile computer worldwide.

Update from November 10th, 7:16 p.m

.: But the new operating system together with the new semiconductors from Cupertino still has a big advantage: All apps that run on the iPad or iPhone now also run on the Macs.

That could be pretty cool.

Update from November 10, 7:16 p.m

.: In addition to the new

Apple Silicon

, the company is of course also announcing the appropriate operating system:

macOS 11 Big Sur


Programs should start faster and everything should be even safer.

Update from November 10th, 7:07 pm

: The new Macs from


get their own chip.

Apple calls it the



Eight cores should ensure the right speed.

The group promises the fastest processing unit in a computer and, at the same time, significantly lower energy consumption.

The group is confident as always: "The M1 is the best chip that has ever been developed."

Update from November 10th, 7:06 pm

: Now it's official:



Tim Cook

announces Macs with Apple Silicon.


is history as of today.

Update from November 10th, 7:05 p.m

.: Apple boss Tim Cook does not dwell long with prefaces.

Today it's about one thing: "The Mac".

So it looks like the Californians are sending computers with Apple Silicon to the start.

Update from November 10th, 7:04 pm


Tim Cook appears




boss logs in again virtually from the smart corporate headquarters in



And it starts right away with a look back at the last

Apple Watch

, the

iPad Air

and the iPhone 12. 

Update from November 10th, 7pm

: Music - the show starts.

We have integrated the live stream - and are really excited.

Update from November 10th, 6:01 pm:

The countdown is on.

One hour until the start of what is expected to be the last



this year.

If not all is wrong, CEO

Tim Cook


likely to

present one of the most important strategic decisions since the introduction of the



We're ticking live here for the keynote. 

Update from November 10th, 5:01 p.m.:

The upcoming keynote from


this evening has not yet been seen to improve the mood among investors.

A good two hours before the start of the event,

Apple shares are

quoted at 115.10 dollars and thus around 1.1 percent in the red.

That is a little weaker than the overall market.

In the late afternoon German time, the market-wide

S&P 500 was

 0.8 percent lower at 3527 points.  

Update from November 10th, 4:27 pm:

Even before



Tim Cook presented

"One more thing" this evening, the company had reason to celebrate.

13 years ago today, the Californians opened their

Apple Store


The start of the web shop on November 10, 1997 is still one of the most important milestones in the company's history.

The company from


does not show the sales figures for its virtual shopping mile separately.

However, experts estimate that the Californians worldwide turn over a double-digit billion amount on the web.  

Update from November 10th, 3:08 p.m.:

Preparations for the likely last


keynote this year are underway.

The Apple Stores are temporarily unavailable in the USA and Germany.

“We'll be right back,” it says on the relevant store page.

Usually the rows of shops

can be reached again

at the end of the 



In Germany that should be around

9 p.m.




Apple temporarily shut down its store on Wednesday.

© Screenshot utz

Update November 10, 11:29 a.m.:

Just before the keynote on Tuesday,


has to swallow a bitter pill.

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer


sold more smartphones than Apple for the first time in the third quarter and pushed the Californian company to fourth place.

This emerges from the latest figures from market researchers Canalys, IDC and Counterpoint.

After that, the first three places are now occupied by


and the two Chinese providers


and Xiaomi.


the fourth quarter of its fiscal year in China,


had to accept a drop in sales of almost 30 percent.

The Californians recently sold around 41.7 million iPhones worldwide, almost seven percent less than in the previous year.

Xiaomi gained 46 percent over the same period.




make up ground again in the current quarter.

According to market researchers, many



would have

waited to buy a new iPhone until

Apple presented

its new iPhone 12, which supports the super-fast, new 5G data standard.

The new

iPhone 12

has been on the market for a good three weeks.

Apple before the keynote: Products and probabilities - Tim Cook could present these innovations

First report from November 9th, 10.15 a.m.



usual product timetable

* for autumn is actually very clear.

In September, the group presented the latest version of the iPhone in order to top it up with a smaller keynote in October - provided there are also new


or new



But in the


* year 2020, a lot will be different for the Californians.

As early as September, CEO

Tim Cook

* sent new iPads and the new

Apple Watch

to the start.



* 12,

eagerly awaited by many, followed in October,





to go one better

in November


“One more thing”, promises the group in its invitation to

what will

probably be the last

Apple keynote of

the current year, reminding us of its legendary co-founder *

Steve Jobs


On Tuesday (November 10th) from 7 p.m. German time, Tim Cook will take part in the next virtual

Apple keynote


And if everything is not wrong, it could be the biggest strategic decision since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

Apple Announces November 10 Event, Apple Silicon Macs Expected to Debut by @julipuli

- (@MacRumors) November 2, 2020

What the experts


at the next

Apple Keynote

, how likely the individual products are - and what the company will save for later.

An overview:

Apple Keynote: Silicon Macs - 95 percent probability

Almost all


experts are practically certain that the group will present the first Macs with chips on Tuesday that no longer come from


, but from Apple itself. By 2022, all MacBooks and stationary iMacs should run entirely on in-house chips.

The new


platform is based on the architecture of the British specialist ARM.

The move is considered a milestone in the industry.

According to reports,


is likely

to upgrade its two most popular mobile computers

with the

MacBook Pro

and the

MacBook Air


The iMacs will follow later.

On the other hand, it remained open until the end whether the group would also drill the 16-inch brother of the MacBook Pro at the start on Tuesday.

The responsible



Quanta Computer

is said to have had production problems recently, according to industry circles.

Therefore, the start could possibly be delayed, reported the Bloomberg news agency a few days ago.



Apple switched

its computers from the PowerPC architecture from




to the significantly faster Intel chips.

With the radical cut,


boss Steve Jobs

wanted to

come back on par with the Windows competition in terms of computing power.

The bet worked.

According to an overview by market researcher





now number four worldwide with a market share of 8.5 percent.

Apple Keynote: Intel was obviously too slow for the Californians

But recently

Intel had lost

its nimbus as an innovation leader.


was increasingly dissatisfied with the pace of development of the world market leader, it was said from industry circles.

In addition, Intel had to struggle with massive problems when switching to the latest chip generation.

In June,


therefore pulled the rip cord.

In the future

, CEO Cook announced that the company

will use its own


based chips


The company from


has years of experience

with the relevant semiconductors

, after all,

a chip from the ARM family was

already in the first





users, this should bring two decisive advantages: First, all iPhone apps will run on all new Macs in the future, provided the new

macOS 11 Big Sur


system is installed.

Second, the new system architecture promises significantly longer battery runtimes.

In the future, so speculate


August, Macbooks could last 15 to 20 hours without recharging.

In addition, the new technology probably also allows flatter housings and a lower weight.

Apple Keynote: macOS 11 Big Sur - 95 percent probability

In addition to the new MacBooks with


Silicon, the group should also present its new operating system macOS 11 Big Sur on Tuesday.

It was only on Thursday that

Apple made

another beta version of the new operating system available to developers, Version 11.0.1.

The demands on the software are higher this time than usual, because in addition to the ARM platform, the new software must also be able to handle the widespread Intel architecture.

This is considered technically quite tricky.

Apple Keynote: AirTags - 50 percent probability

According to bloggers,


CEO Tim Cook





on Tuesday


They are a kind of digital tag that is supposed to help you find lost keys or bags.

Apparently AirTags should send a broadband signal that can be located with the help of other iPhones.


applied for a patent to this


last year.

The presentation of the new


search aids was originally


for the


Keynote in October, but then did not take place.

Now Cook could open the cyber show on Tuesday with the AirTags.

With an estimated price of 25 to 30 euros, the AirTags could become the cheapest entry into the


world to



These patents of an #AirTags keychain that were filed a year ago now seem extremely likely. @ Jon_prosser previously announced that a leather carrying case would be sold separately.

Seems #Apple are cashing in on the accessory market with their new hardware releases

- The Apple Bizz (@theapplebizz) November 1, 2020

Apple Keynote: AirPods Studio - 45 percent probability


could announce

the launch of a new line of headphones

on Tuesday with the

AirPods Studio


The AirPods Studio, located in the premium segment, are classic headphone headphones.

Technically, they should be based on the now widespread Bluetooth technology and thus be completely wireless.

Similar to the current

AirPods Pro

, the new premium headphones should also be equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) as standard.

Okay, how about "One More Thing"?

After this November ARM Mac event, the next Apple Event (currently a digital event) will happen on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 🗓

Event headliner will be AirPods Studio (B515) / oCxVhg3owb

- Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 16, 2020

They should also be able to be used during sports.

Bloggers speculate that the auricles and headband could be replaced depending on requirements.

In terms of price, the new high-end headphones could be between 350 and 600 dollars, depending on the features.

But the first reports about a possible entry of


into the market for headphone headphones have been around since 2018 - so far nothing has happened. 


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