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Before leaving it, the Anti-Corruption Office changed its lawyers in the trial against Cristina Kirchner


After leaving the lawsuit in 32 cases, the body headed by Felix Crous replaced the plaintiffs in the trial for road public works.

Lucia Salinas

11/18/2020 12:58 PM

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Updated 11/18/2020 12:58 PM

This week and as an immediate result of having desisted from prosecuting 32 corruption cases, the Anti-Corruption Office (OA) led by Felix Crous, reported before the Federal Oral Court 2 (TOF 2) that it is trying Cristina Kirchner for the alleged corruption in the public works, which

removed the lawyers who had been participating in the hearings until now


Upon being appointed to new positions within the organization, they reported that they had to be replaced in order for them to exercise their "functions fully."

The OA will remain in the trial until the allegations begin, then,

it would not accuse the vice president and 15 other defendants


In the second section of the investigation, whose trial has not yet begun, they have already reported the official withdrawal as a complaint.

The body headed by Felix Crous -referential of

Legitimate Justice-

, decided that it will not intervene as a plaintiff in 32 cases of corruption.

Of that universe of files, 28 involve former Kirchner officials, and

in six of them the main accused is Cristina Kirchner. 

In the resolution that the OA sent to the Courts of Comodoro Py, it stated that “the role of plaintiff shall be terminated in criminal proceedings in which it intervenes in this capacity.

In order to contribute to the order of the litigation (the lawsuit in dispute), those who go through the oral hearing stage of the trial will comply with the provisions herein when the receipt of the evidence proposed by the representation of this Office is completed.

In those in which, after the oral hearing, the punitive claim has been finalized, when the Court of trial passes judgment ”.

Now the body announced that they will replace the lawyers participating in the trial against Cristina Kirchner for the alleged direction of public works, assigned by the macro-government management in 2018.

According to the OA resolution to which




on March 18, the lawyer Omar Sosa, who was involved in the trial, "was appointed to the position of National Director of Investigations, dependent on the Anti-Corruption Investigations Undersecretariat of the Office Anti-corruption ".

Meanwhile, on June 4, the other lawyer who participated in the hearings, Juan Carlos Duré, "was appointed as Information Analysis Coordinator, reporting to the Anti-Corruption Investigations Undersecretariat of the Anti-Corruption Office."

For this reason, "in the face of such appointments, and in order for them to fully assume the responsibilities corresponding to those functions for which they were appointed, it is necessary to proceed to replace the lawyers who intervene on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Office" in the trial against the vice president, "both as representatives, sponsors and assistants, in order to adequately exercise the role of plaintiff in the oral trial underway."

At TOF 2, chaired by Judge Jorge Gorini and also made up of Andrés Basso and Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, it was reported that

from now on the lawyers Lucas Trigo and Sergio Orlando Aleo will intervene in the trial.

When he announced that he was withdrawing from 32 corruption cases, Felix Crous argued that the body had "a lack of personnel and budget limitations." 

In the main section of this process, whose oral debate began in May 2019, Cristina Kirchner is identified as the head of an illicit association that defrauded the State by directing 51 road contracts in favor of Grupo Austral (from Báez) for 46,000 million euros. pesos.

At the testimony stage, the hearings progress virtually for the parties, and in person for the Court.

There is still an extensive list of testimonies to hear, and then it will be time for the allegations of the complaints and the prosecution to begin, and then give rise to the defenses of the 16 accused to do the same.

According to the resolution of the OA,

his lawyers will remain in the trial until the moment where the allegations begin


In this case, the body that Felix Crous leads

did not specify if that means that it will refrain from making an accusation

, something that is within its powers.

Judicial sources told


that the letter of the official document "is not entirely clear, but they make it clear that until then they will participate as plaintiffs in the case."

Nobody imagines this Anti-Corruption Office asking for a conviction against the vice president.

In any case, the Financial Information Unit (UIF) is still a complaint.

If the anti-laundering body were also to withdraw, only the prosecution of Diego Luciani would remain. 

Regarding the second section of the case of alleged corruption in public works, the OA has already reported that it is withdrawing. That trial has not started yet. Last week, several defenses asked before the TOF 2 that, since both files were related and since the state body was officially out of the second part, it be removed from the "mother" file. The judges did not make room for this proposal and thus rejected the OA withdrawing from the trial that is in full swing.

Source: clarin

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