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The action call sign replaced the police number to cause controversy


In June last year, an anti-regulation campaign broke out. The riot police and the special tactical team commonly known as the "Speed ​​Dragon Team" later claimed that because of the trouble of "starting up", they no longer displayed the police number and replaced it with the "action call sign". practice

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Author: Zheng Qiuling

2020-11-19 21:08

Last update date: 2020-11-19 21:08

In June last year, an anti-regulation campaign broke out. The riot police and the special tactical team commonly known as the "Speed ​​Dragon Team" later claimed that because of the trouble of "starting up", they no longer displayed the police number and replaced it with the "action call sign". The practice is controversial.

However, it was later discovered by the media that the call sign was not "unique", etc. However, it is still advisable for the Police Commission to review the report to support the "action call sign". It only pointed out that it must be "clearly visible" and "indispensable", and even pointed out that it was "very exceptional". And "specific" circumstances can be exempted.

The dispute has continued for more than a year. The High Court ruled today (19th) that the method of not displaying the police officer's number and replacing it with an "action call sign" when the police are on duty is not in compliance with the Human Rights Law.

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The controversy over the police's unwillingness to display the police officer's number stems from the fact that after the conflict in Admiralty on June 12 last year, the "Athlon Squad" did not display the police officer's number when clearing the scene. This practice caused controversy and left the public with nowhere to complain.

The Secretary for Security Li Jiachao responded to urgent questions in the Legislative Council and explained for the first time that the overalls of the "Speed ​​Dragon Team" were designed according to operational and tactical needs, and there was no place to display the police officer number.

The police also pointed out that more than 2,000 police officers and their families had been "understood".

After the IPCC held a regular meeting with the CAPO representative in mid-September, it pointed out that the complainant had failed to identify the police officer.

Liu Cihui, then Director of the Supervision Division, pointed out that the helmets of the Athlon Squad were printed with serial numbers, so that the police could identify the officers in time and would review the relevant practices later.

The call sign of the action did not help to know the department of the police officer

Until mid-October, some riot police took the lead in placing "white cards" on the heart of the combat statement vests. The police later explained at the end of the month that they had been distributed to the front since October 27, replacing the police officers’ numbered "action call sign". "Means "unique".

After the media gradually dismantled the codes, the police began to explain at the press conference that they were coded in formations, representing their units, teams and positions, such as PTU A1 1/1.

But the outside world still has no way of knowing the department of the police officer.

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[Athlon decoding] The helmet has added three sets of characters to identify the department team A, C, R belong to...

The "action call sign" has also been criticized many times, including being exposed by the media as having the same number of the "action call sign" of police officers on duty on the same day or even on the same day. For example, in December last year, the media filmed at least 4 police officers on duty in Harbour City on the same day. Member, use the same code.

Later, some police officers covered up the "action call sign," including some "cheer up" emblems, even without wearing them.

The then Senior Superintendent of the Police Operations Department, Wang Weixun, was asked at a press conference in December why the "action call sign" had not been fully implemented. Wang Weixun pointed out that it would take time for the police officers to adapt, and asked how "no police have ever worked". Moderate difficulties, including whether there is a suitable space for the card on the police officer’s chest, and whether it will be blocked by other protective equipment, all need to be considered.

The IPCC’s review of the anti-amendment legislation report was released in May of this year. There is a chapter devoted to relevant issues. It refers to the use of “action call sign” to replace the police officer’s number as “a step in the right direction”, which is believed to be protecting police officers from “starting from the bottom”. A proper balance should be struck between "and accountability to the public. A clearly visible identification number should be an integral part of the overall uniform and equipment design. It is recommended that exemptions can be allowed under "exceptional" and "specific" circumstances. .

[Report of the IPCC] Unable to identify police officers

The Records Association and several citizens filed for judicial review. The High Court had conducted a joint trial earlier, including the guardian member "Chen Bo" Chen Jiqiu, Liberal Studies teacher Yang Zijun, "Cheung Chau Review King" Guo Zhuojian and Liang Songheng, the public Chen Gongxin, Lu Zhansi, Wu Kanglian, and the Association of Journalists.

One of the defendants, Senior Counsel Poon Hee-ting, mentioned in a statement that the guidelines on the display of police officer numbers and warrant cards in the General Police Regulations had been suspended at the end of November last year, but the public was not aware of it.

The High Court issued a verdict today (19th), ruling that not displaying the police number is a violation of the human rights law, stating that the "call sign" used is not unique to an individual. The same call sign will be used in turn and multiple police officers will also use the same call sign. The same action call sign is used on the same occasion, and the "action call sign" of the members of the Athlon team is displayed behind the helmet. There are even police officers who did not display the action call sign or cover it with other objects. The related practices weakened the effect of identifying police officers, but did not Evidence shows that the police have ensured that police officers properly display their call signs and take actions against police officers who violate the rules.

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Senior Counsel Pan Xi in the Judicial Review of Police Numbering Case

The verdict pointed out that it was understood that police officers were worried about being "understood," but it also pointed out that an adequate mechanism was needed to not override responsibility. Displaying the police officer's number would not directly expose the identity, and it would also help investigate police officers' complaints involving violence.

The judgment also pointed out that the mechanism for identifying police officers should not be implemented only through internal police procedures. However, the current two-tier system for handling police complaints by the CAPO and the IPCC does not meet the requirements of independent investigations under the BORO.

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