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Car rams the gate of Merkel's Chancellery: labels pretty clear - driver is still known from 2014


A car drove into the gate of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. The dark station wagon was labeled with political messages.

A car drove into the gate of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

The dark station wagon was labeled with political messages.

  • A car drove into the gate of the Federal Chancellery on Wednesday morning.

  • The blue station wagon had messages written on the sides.

  • The background is so far unclear.

Update from November 25, 3:46 p.m.:

According to



information, the

man had

a wheelchair with him in the incident,

but could also walk


The wheelchair was probably in the

dark green golf wagon,


License plate from the Lippe district in

North Rhine-Westphalia

, with which he drove towards the gate of the Chancellery.


police do not want to commit to




One can only speculate "whether it was a

symbolic act

or should



The driver spoke to the police on Wednesday.

In terms of content, however, nothing was revealed.

The police spokesman said that he would be interrogated, then it would be decided how to proceed with him.

Nobody expects




Assumption confirmed: The same man drove against the gate of the Chancellery in 2014

Update from November 25, 2:18 p.m.:

The man who



gate of the Chancellery

with his car in the morning

is apparently a

wheelchair user




reported this

to the


In the meantime, the assumption has been confirmed that the same man was

responsible for a similar action




The spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Steve Alter, confirmed that "the perpetrator is known from a similar incident in 2014".

According to the police, the background was initially unclear.

A spokesman said whether it was a "

mental state


another motive

" is still being clarified.

Car rams the gate of Merkel's Chancellery: No danger to the people in the building

Update from November 25, 1.30 p.m.:

The incident on Wednesday morning occurred

during an ongoing meeting of

the Federal Cabinet.

This usually meets on Wednesday mornings in the Chancellery.

The police cordoned off the area after the incident.

The federal police said on Twitter that there was no


to the people in the building at any time.


security measures

on site have proven themselves, it is said.

The security measures at the #Kanzleramt have proven their worth.

For the #Bundes chancellor, the other members of the federal government & the employees in the Chancellery there was never a risk.

The @polizeiberlin has taken over the investigation.


- Federal Police Berlin (@bpol_b) November 25, 2020

Car incident in front of Merkel's Chancellery: Police give first details about the driver

Update from November 25th, 12:34 p.m

.: The driver who


his car into the

gate of the Federal Chancellery

in Berlin is a

54-year-old man


The Berlin police tweeted this on Wednesday.

The man drove a vehicle against the gate shortly after 10 a.m.

"Both the gate and the vehicle are slightly damaged," it continues.

From security circles it was said that the vehicle had "



slow speed

against the gate of the Federal Chancellery".

Initially, a greater speed was assumed.

According to a report by a dpa photographer, a person is said to have been

slightly injured

and treated in the ambulance.

The ambulance did not leave until around noon.

The police say they are investigating in all directions.

Car hits the gate of the Federal Chancellery: Was it a political motive?

First report from November 25th:

Berlin - A dark station wagon


into the

gate of the Federal Chancellery

in Berlin

on Wednesday morning


A police spokeswoman for the

German press agency



The background is unclear.

Initially, nothing is

known of the




political motive is possible

, because on the car it says in white lettering: "You damned murderers of children and old people".

On the other hand one reads: "Stop the globalization policy".

This can be seen in photos of the scene of the accident.

The car must also

have crashed into the gate


some speed

, because it is also visible that some of the fence posts from


* Chancellery are bent.


Political messages were written on the car.

© Michael Kappeler / dpa

Attack on Merkel's Chancellery in Berlin?

Perpetrator caught

According to


information, the

police and rescue workers have



shortly after the incident


The police have the driver of the car

was arrested

as she announced on Twitter.

The car is at the gate of the building.

“We are currently clarifying whether the driver acted against it.” The driver is probably an older man.

Our college is currently.

together with @bpol_b at the #Bundeskanzleramt in action.

There is a car at the gate of the building - we are currently clarifying whether the driver has steered it against it.

He was taken into police custody.

More information will follow.

^ tsm

- Police Berlin (@polizeiberlin) November 25, 2020

The incident occurs shortly before the



Corona summit

with the state premiers.

In the past few months there have been repeated protests against the

corona policy of

the German government under

Angela Merkel


Some of these were also violent.

Angela Merkel: Car crashes into the gate of the Chancellery in Berlin - in 2014 there was a similar incident

The events on Wednesday are reminiscent of a

similar incident in 2014


At that time, a very similar-looking car also made it to the gates of the Federal Chancellery, as





At that time, too,


were probably written in white on the pages


"No more human-killing

climate change,

" was the sentence on one side.

On the other was a

declaration of love

: "Nicole, I love you".

It is possible that it is the

same vehicle

, but this cannot be considered secured.

The then 48-year-old driver was uninjured in 2014 and was questioned by the police.

(mam / dpa) * is part of the Ippen digital network.

List of rubric lists: © Michael Kappeler / dpa

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