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Corona measures for the school: Far-reaching decision has been made - the participant passes a bad judgment


With a view to Christmas and New Year's Eve, the country leaders decide on new corona measures. It is also about schools. Different rules are emerging here.

With a view to Christmas and New Year's Eve, the country leaders decide on new corona measures.

It is also about schools.

Different rules are emerging here.

  • In Germany, the restrictions will be tightened in the last few weeks of 2020.

  • Despite the increasing number of corona infections, the country leaders continue to rely on face-to-face teaching in schools.

  • More and more federal states are taking action on the topic of Christmas holidays.

Update from November 25th, 10:59 p.m.:

As expected, there was a new concept on the subject of schools after the long Corona summit.

Schools should remain open, but in higher grades they are

required to wear a mask


In the areas with an incidence above 200,

hybrid and alternating teaching should be


These measures apply from the said incidence value from grade eight - but not for the final grades.

Markus Söder

also praised

the commitment and ease of the students and young people, who seem to have fewer problems with the measures than adults.

Ultimately, the decision remains a matter for the country and is made locally on site.



is paid remains a top priority.

In order to be able to keep minimum distances and to make the transport to the #school safer, according to Merkel, hybrid and #change lessons should be used in higher classes.

- BR24 (@ BR24) November 25, 2020

Corona measures for schools: New regulation for hotspot regions

Update from November 25th, 8:39 pm:

Now there is apparently a little movement in the counting

school negotiations at the Corona summit


As the


of the summit participants wanted to know, in regions with high numbers of infections

from the 8th grade onwards, alternating lessons should be possible


In the “hotspots” defined in the afternoon - from an incidence of 200 -

“hybrid lessons”

will now also be

among the options.

This rule should also apply from grade 8, with the exception of final grades.

Update from November 25th, 7:55 p.m.:

In fact, the

dispute over school measures


to become a



The informants of the


newspaper report of annoying long discussions: It is insanely annoying, they say, "because everyone wants to say something about everything".

Corona measures for schools: bizarre school bus dispute in the Chancellery?

Update from November 25, 7:18 p.m.: The

federal and state governments are apparently threatening each other in a dispute

to entangle

the schools

in detailed issues.

As the


wants to know,

Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) is


an agreement on

school buses

: Saxony will only use more buses if the federal government pays the costs.

Here, too, the key is to provide more distance and thus more protection against infection.

Corona measures for school: Merkel round is now debating

Update from November 25th, 6.40 p.m.:

Angela Merkel and the prime ministers

have already cleared

some points of contention

in their

Corona summit

- from a new hotspot limit to an agreement on fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Now, according to information from



topic of schools is

on the agenda.

It seems questionable that the debates on this important topic will end quickly: Among other things, there is a dispute about




halving classes


In addition to the best possible school education, which is essential for young people, the focus is also on families - video lessons in their own home could put many mothers and fathers under additional pressure again.

Update from November 25th, 12:36 pm:


Changing classes



would be an existential mistake," said the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Education,

Susanne Eisenmann

(CDU) on Wednesday.

“Nothing speaks in favor of alternating lessons.

There is no substantive justification, neither numbers nor facts ”, Eisenmann said in the


customer conference.

The resolution proposed by the Prime Ministers before the

Corona summit with Angela Merkel

does not yet provide for comprehensive alternation classes.

Update from November 25th, 12.15 p.m.: Susanne Eisenmann

(CDU), Minister of Culture of


, warns of

criticism from working parents

in the debate about extended

Christmas holidays


"In the real world, this already triggers one or the other problem," said Eisenmann on Wednesday in the


customer conference.

"That is a big topic on site."

If you plan to start the

Christmas holidays

earlier, the call for emergency care will be loud, she said.

However, that would contradict the appeal for


before the holidays.

"That is why I believe that the measure does not really work, but causes problems," said the Minister of Education.

Corona summit with Merkel today: School is a big topic - measures are discussed


Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, speaks in the state parliament.

© Federico Gambarini / dpa

Update from November 25, 11:45 a.m.:

In the state parliament, North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister

Armin Laschet



face-to-face teaching

on Wednesday


“The kitchen table at home in a two- or three-room apartment is not a better place to learn.

The best place to learn is in school, ”said Laschet.

All Prime Ministers are in agreement on this point.



Christmas holidays


NRW have

now become a model for all of Germany.

Update from November 25th, 10:07 am:

According to the draft resolution, the federal government would like to start the holidays

from December 19th


Not from December 16th.

This apparently led to confusion, wrote journalist Michael Bröcker on Twitter.

Confusion in the Chancellery at @HBraun and in some agency reports.

The Christmas holidays should NOT be brought forward to December 16 (a Wednesday!) But to December 19.

And that was also the first (smiled at) suggestion from Mr. @ArminLaschet #servicetweet

- Michael Bröcker (@MichaelBroecker) November 24, 2020

Update from November 25th, 10:00 am:

 Green parliamentary group leader

Katrin Göring-Eckardt

calls in a catalog from which the newspapers of the

editorial network Germany

quoted on Wednesday, a




in the case of schools and daycare closings.

For everyone “who needs this support”.

Update from November 24th, 3:25 p.m.:

Surprisingly, Lower Saxony now also prefers the Christmas holidays.

As a spokeswoman for

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD)

confirmed, December 18 will be the last day of school before the holidays, as in North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria.

That had previously sounded very different from the cabinet (see first report).

But the

example of Bavaria

may have

generated enough persuasive power.

The regulation was

not particularly well received by

parents, especially in the

Free State


Because now many


people are wondering

how the care of the children should be done during the Christmas week.

It is questionable whether this point has been thought through to the end.

There was already

resentment here

when the

schools closed in the spring


First report on November 24th:

Munich - The disaster in the spring was a deterrent.

When, through


for millions of children and young people, the

decade-long failures in the educational system became


That is why the country leaders made a


at the beginning of the

second Corona wave

: This time

schools will



Virtually at any price.

Or to go back to a sentence from CSU boss

Markus Söder

from the early phase of the

corona pandemic

: Whatever it takes.

So any

care problems of working parents

should be


And the often inadequate technical equipment for

virtual lessons is


But the


caused by

self-imposed coercion

have long since ceased to be

discussed away.

Whole classes have to be


because of individual infections


Absences of teachers - as before the Corona outbreak - result in a number of canceled classes.

Check out this post on Instagram

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Corona rules in schools: Müller promotes face-to-face teaching - especially for younger people

This does not result in any rethinking.

Berlin's mayor

Michael Müller

(SPD) told the


-Morgenmagazin once more: "We want, as far as it goes, the


maintained." Yet his attention primarily go toward the lower volumes because in these lessons also from

social reasons

is particularly important.

For the older students, a combination of

on-site lessons and digital homework

could also be


Experts have been arguing for months

whether educational institutions really should be among the



A clear no to this question has not yet been heard.

One thing is certain: the

situation for Germany's youngsters

offers enough material for discussion.

Video: According to the study, the risk of corona infection in schools is overestimated

Corona measures in schools: NRW and Bavaria start the Christmas holidays earlier

While the 16 country heads are

now following a uniform line

for many

corona measures

, a

new patchwork quilt is emerging

in terms of dealing with the school


North Rhine-Westphalia

was the first federal state to decide to bring the start of the

Christmas holidays


Bavaria followed


Here, too, December 18th will be the last day of school of the year.

Provincial father Söder promises that the "

risk of infection

(...) will be significantly reduced by the almost one-week waiting period between school lessons and Christmas" and that "families


celebrate in a healthy and carefree


So there is


that the children and young people will stay at home from December 19th.

It is well known that the private household has long been identified as a

source of



should not be underestimated



Early in the Christmas holidays or not?

Different decisions are made from state to state.

© Hauke-Christian Dittrich / dpa

Corona rules in German schools: Other federal states criticize Laschet and Söder's approach


Lower Saxony and Saxony

do not want to follow

the path of the two most populous states


Out of

consideration for the parents

, because the Saxon minister of education Christian Piwarz (CDU) fears "a veritable childcare problem".

In Lower Saxony, the move is


in the west and south-east of the Federal Republic as a

"message of sham security"


A clear accusation towards Armin Laschet and Söder.

New trouble seems to be brewing here.


Bremen, Thuringia and Baden-Wuerttemberg

, the students would still be taught until December 22, according to the current status.

The green-black government in the south-west propagates flexibility: Education Minister Susanne Eisenmann (CDU) wants to leave it to the schools themselves

to extend

the Christmas


by two days


moving holidays


It is not yet known when Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia will make up for the two canceled teaching days.

The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg

Winfried Kretschmann

caused astonishment

, according to which the

Christmas holidays

would be extended nationwide.

The Prime Ministers had agreed on this in talks - only Bremen was not going along.


early start of the holiday

would create a stretch of five to six days until Christmas Eve, which could be used to minimize contacts.

If everyone really stayed at home.

The Green politician spoke of a "whole (n)

incubation phase


Corona rules in schools: Mask requirement in class, probably from 7th grade onwards

One can

hope for a

little more uniformity in the matter of

mask requirement in lessons

: This should

apply across

Germany for all students from the 7th grade.

There are exceptions for regions that have a

seven-day incidence

of less than 50 per 100,000 population



schools without corona cases

may be exempted from the regulation.


countries under Union leadership

even plead for a mask requirement across all age groups.

Which brings us back to a common approach throughout the state.

The proposed test strategy stipulates that every class

should be



five days in

the first case of Corona


The same applies to the




On the fifth day of this isolation, she would



tests; if the results were negative

, she would

go back to school.

Additional capacities for antigen tests are

to be made available

by the federal government


In the meantime,

school trips

and international exchanges should remain prohibited - which

only makes sense in

view of the

hotels that are closed

all over Germany

and the

severely limited opportunities for leisure activities


In addition, it is recommended

to stagger

the start of


and thus to straighten out school traffic.

Then there might also be a chance

to keep a




the buses



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