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Diego Maradona's inheritance: millions, properties, contracts, jewelry and luxury cars


He threatened to 'donate' all his assets, but now the legal battle between his five recognized children will come. There are also four others in the filiation process. What the idol leaves for the cast.

Julio Chiappetta

11/26/2020 3:54 PM

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Updated 11/26/2020 3:54 PM

The phrase, well in the




rang out loudly back in November of last year.

Tired of the family inmates, Diego Maradona fired with thick ammunition.

"I tell everyone that I am not going to leave anything to them, that I am going to donate it. Everything that I ran in my life I am going to donate."

But this will not happen with the inheritance of Ten.

His lawyer and friend Matías Morla will be in charge of fulfilling a fundamental role in the distribution of assets among his children and it will be necessary to see if the litigation that Maradona had with his ex-wife Claudia Villafañe continues.


Nobody knows for sure how much Maradona's estate amounts to.

But, yes, the war between his heirs is guaranteed.

And more, he did not manage to reunite all his children for the first time on his 60th birthday, Friday, October 30, as he wanted.

According to the portal specialized in the economy of the famous

"Celebrity Net Worth"

, a website that reports estimates of the total assets and financial activities of celebrities and is operated by the company Corte Lodato LLC, founded by CEO Brian Warner in In 2008, Maradona's total career earnings would be around

$ 500 million.

During his career as a player and coach, Maradona earned tens of millions of dollars in salaries and endorsements. In the early 1980s, he was one of the highest paid athletes on the planet, earning several million a year from salaries and endorsements with companies like Hublot. , Puma and Coca-Cola ",

affirms the well-known American site.

But, on the other hand, others speak of a current patrimony with a smaller number that would drop to

an estimated sum between 75 and 100 million dollars


Among its assets, there are five homes distributed between Buenos Aires and its periphery and several luxury cars.

There are also eccentricities such as a ring of diamonds valued at 300,000 euros that he was given in Belarus and used as an amulet at the La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing bench, as well as in an amphibious truck that can even navigate ...

Also high-end vehicles and an important jewelry collection.

There would also be contracts for large sums.

personal property (homes, cars and jewelry) ranging from Buenos Aires to Dubai, contracts and high-value investments between Argentina and various parts of the world where he lived or worked.

According to the law that protects forced heirs

(ascendants, descendants or spouse)

to receive a

"legitimate portion"

of the inheritance,

children must receive two thirds of the assets.




was the owner of two properties in Villa Devoto (one is the iconic department of Segurola and Havana), another located in Puerto Madero;

the house in Bella Vista where he lived with Rocío Oliva - his last partner - and another in which the family of the current panelist of "Polémica en el bar" lives.

In addition to a house in Nordelta, where her sisters currently live.

The houses in the closed neighborhood Campo de Roca, in Brandsen, and that of Villa Nueva, in Tigdre, where he died, are rented.

The first for Gymnastics and the other for the lawyer Morla.


He also had several high-end cars under his belt: four of his own cars acquired in Argentina, two that remained in Dubai: 

a Rolls Royce Ghost (300,000 euros) and a BMW i8 (145,000 euros).

A Hunta Overcomer luxury van

, with a fiberglass chassis, given to him during his stay in Belarus, where he was honorary president of Dynamo Brest.

It is an amphibious tank, specially designed for the army, with 2.61 meters high and 4.50 meters long, weighing 2.3 tons, 100-liter fuel tank, capacity for seven people and can float on water. .


On the other hand, in Belarus, where he had a brief stint as honorary president of Dynamo Brest, he was honored with two luxury goods:

a 300,000 euro diamond ring

, which he used on various occasions during his time as Gymnastics coach, and form part of her impressive jewelry collection.


Among the current contracts that Diego had, the salary agreement (plus the profits from sponsoring) in Gymnastics as a coach, his link with Puma as a sports brand and with Konami and EA Sports for the use of his figure in soccer videogames stand out.

After facing the Japanese company Konami,

Maradona reached a millionaire agreement in 2017 for Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), which had used his image without his authorization.

He also owns soccer schools named after him in China, various investments in Cuba (including a hotel and several mills), and businesses in Venezuela and Italy.

In the latter country, the link with his businesses is Stefano Ceci, a lawyer fanatic of Diego who one day traveled to the Caribbean to meet him and became a vital character within his environment.


Now, his death will start a bid that will have as main protagonists his five recognized children: Dalma Nerea, Gianinna Dinorah, Diego Jr., Dieguito Fernando and Jana.

All of them are natural heirs of the Ten's patrimony.

How many children does Maradona have?

Throughout his life, he officially recognized five.

First of all, Dalma and Gianinna, the product of his marriage to Claudia Villafañe, who are now the mothers of Roma and Benjamin, respectively, grandchildren of the soccer star.

In 2013 she had Diego Fernando, son of her former partner Verónica Ojeda.

In 2014 he recognized Jana, born in 1996 and daughter of the Italian Valeria Sabalain.

And in 2016 he did the same with Diego Sinagra Maradona, better known as Diego Maradona Jr., who was born in Naples 32 years ago and is the fruit of the relationship with the Italian Cristiana Sinagra.

Maradona has six other children who are processing filiation in the courts: four in Cuba (Javielito, Lu, Johanna and Harold, all between 19 and 21 years old), plus Santiago Lara, 19, and Magalí Gil, from La Plata. of 24.

“Diego is very respectful of the right to identity, with the issue of letting them know if he is a son or not.

I think at this point the sequence of who his children are is closed.

If the Justice recognizes a new son, it would be necessary to see what link forms, "

said his lawyer Morla some time ago.

In addition, Maradona died in the midst of multiple causes intertwined with his ex-partner Claudia Villafañe, whom he denounced for tax evasion, procedural fraud and misappropriation of 458 objects that were part of his belongings in his past as a soccer player.

According to the legal claims, the soccer star reproached his ex-wife for

"her management in the administration and disposition of the assets that were entrusted to her by a general power of attorney, in which she had not made the rendering of accounts and made available (of Maradona) of the funds constituted by the capital and the income of the managed patrimony ".

Both Gianinna and Dalma always defended their mother against Maradona's actions in the courts and that caused Diego's anger and estrangement from them.


Source: clarin

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