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Live | Zheng Lam: It is difficult to implement mandatory testing for all citizens, actively research and introduce overseas doctors


Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor attended the Chief Executive's question-and-answer meeting in the Legislative Council this morning (26th). It is expected that a group of established members will ask about Lantau tomorrow, land search and housing targets, epidemic prevention measures, anti-epidemic fund 3.0, and even implementation

Political situation

Written by: Peng Zhuowei, Di Ruimin, Zhou Lixi

2020-11-26 10:31

Last update date: 2020-11-26 11:45

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor attended the Chief Executive's Q&A in the Legislative Council this morning (26th). It is expected that a group of established members will ask about Lantau tomorrow, land search and housing targets, epidemic prevention measures, anti-epidemic fund 3.0, and even the promotion of Dawan Regional integration and other work, "Hong Kong 01" will provide live broadcast.

Lin Zheng: Compulsory testing is difficult to implement

[11:28] The DAB Chen Hengpin is concerned about the government's measures to achieve "zero" for the new crown pneumonia. He believes that the government should strictly control the epidemic, including mandatory testing for the entire population.

Lin Zheng responded that mandatory testing has been implemented for specific groups and will continue to do so if there are high-risk groups in the future.

She questioned the purpose of compulsory national testing, thinking that it is very difficult in today's situation and will not achieve the expected results.

As for why the government cannot arrange designated vehicles to pick up citizens to designated hotels, Lam Cheng said that the government is doing related work to arrange designated vehicles for citizens returning to Hong Kong in high-risk areas to go to designated hotels.

Actively research the introduction of overseas doctors

[11:28] Zhang Yuren, chairman of the Liberal Party, believes that the "Policy Address" has a vision and a long-term perspective, but "far water cannot save a near fire." He pointed out that the number of doctors in Hong Kong is seriously insufficient and the waiting time has reached a record high. He is concerned about whether the government can introduce overseas doctors. , Should not be obstructed by the Medical Council.

Lam Cheng responded that she would study the introduction of overseas doctors very seriously and actively. She personally supports the introduction of doctors. She is consistent with the position of Members. She has the determination and hopes to consider the welfare of the public, and hopes that Hong Kong people trained overseas can return to Hong Kong to practice.

Lam Cheng also mentioned that she is very concerned about the special learning needs of pre-school children. Among them, the pre-school plan for school visits will increase to 8,000 this year and 10,000 in two years. However, the bottleneck is the shortage of pediatricians. She understands If overseas doctors are introduced, it will cause "the medical profession to jump around and make a statement condemning me." However, she insisted on making relevant opinions and the government will actively study the introduction of overseas doctors.

▼Eight Key Points of Policy Address 2020▼




[11:20] Guo Weiqiang from the Federation of Trade Unions asked that the long-term housing strategy has not been up to standard before, and the waiting list for public housing is now 5.6 years. The Policy Address finally stated that enough land has been found to build housing. Delivery within the year.

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor pointed out that 316,000 units within 10 years are the achievable construction target. In the past, housing construction had many inter-departmental coordination issues. In the future, the Development Bureau will be authorized to conduct inter-departmental supervision. Issues such as transportation and civil affairs cannot prevent the land from becoming mature. She herself Will also personally supervise.

She also mentioned that she hopes that the Housing Authority will also use more new methods of assembly and synthesis to increase supply.

Guo asked when the average annual supply of 30,000 yuan could be achieved.

Carrie Lam pointed back that the initial shipment could not be 30,000 per year on average, but the government will try to keep up with the progress.

[11:10] Yao Sirong from the tourism industry expressed his gratitude to the government for funding the tourism industry. The "Policy Address" also mentioned many infrastructure related to the tourism industry, involving a wide range of aspects. I hope that the government will restart the inter-departmental group to coordinate various policy bureaus. Deal with the future difficulties.

He also asked about the basic rules of customs clearance and the mutual recognition mechanism of health codes.

Lam Cheng pointed out that measures such as the West Kowloon Kowloon and the beautification of both sides of the Victoria Harbour in the policy address all involve tourism. He agrees that the government needs to be organized and smoothed, and he is willing to take the lead in coordinating the work.

She also pointed out that the "Policy Address" mentioned that under the control of the epidemic, mutual recognition of health codes should be used to restore exchanges between the two places. This means that there is no need for a single case, and the mutual recognition technology is mature. Get used to the work of the health code.

Zheng Yongshun urges rent control of subdivided housing

[10:55] The DAB Zheng Yongshun is concerned about the transitional housing problem. He said that the "Policy Address" proposes to provide cash allowances to "N no people" who have been waiting for public housing for more than 3 years, but he did not propose the time limit for subdivided housing rentals. He asked whether the Chief Executive could promise to submit a draft regulation of sub-houses in mid-2021.

Lin Zheng responded that the current government is first concerned about the transitional housing problem. She pointed out that it involves many areas, including providing cash allowances for low-income households. Applications will be accepted from the middle of next year and distributed in July.

She is also concerned that the provision of cash allowances may lead to incentives for landlords to increase rent, so a balance must be struck.

Lam Cheng said that the control of subdivided housing has speeded up the progress, but because the subdivided housing control team will only submit a report early next year, she is currently unable to promise that the bill can be submitted to the Legislative Council in the middle of next year, but promised to do it as soon as possible.

The DAB Legislative Council Member Zheng Yongshun asked a question.

(Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

Xie Weijun urges citizens to withdraw MPF Lam Cheng: inappropriate

[10:45] The establishment Xie Weijun pointed out that this question and answer meeting was an orderly exchange of opinions, saying that everyone had something in the "policy address", but it was also obviously ignored. There is a vision but no current situation, and the distant water cannot be saved. Near the fire.

He hopes that through amendments to the regulations, the public can propose MPF "self-help" and "get past the chief executive today."

Lam Cheng responded by saying that he understands that far water can’t put out a nearby fire, but he must also consider the long-term impact. He emphasized that the long-term MPF contributions are planning for the future, because the public may not be able to plan for themselves and consider it an important pillar. problem.

She emphasized that the government has a safety net and it is not the most appropriate for people to withdraw funds from the MPF rashly.

Carrie Lam also pointed out that various systems, including middle-class mortgages, loans, and MPF contributions, will bring serious consequences.

Carrie Lam attended the question and answer meeting of the Legislative Council.

(Photo by Zheng Zifeng)

Resuming monthly "short questions and short answers"

[10:30] The Q&A meeting began. Carrie Lam expressed her gratitude to all members in the opening remarks, saying that after hearing your opinions, they will be included in the "policy address" and continue to listen to everyone's opinions.

Lam Cheng pointed out that he felt about attending the Q&A meeting this year. He emphasized that he attaches great importance to the relationship between the executive and the legislature, as well as the supervisory function of the Legislative Council. He is very willing to come to the Legislative Council.

Lam solemnly mentioned that he attended many Q&A sessions over the past three years, and added a half-hour "short Q&A" each time. He attended 14 times, answered 267 questions, and followed up after each meeting. For example, the DAB Chen Keqin proposed to subsidize the owners of elevators in old buildings. He also dealt with some immediate problems. Sharing experience has been arranged in a short time.

Lin Zheng emphasized that these good relationships have proved that the executive and legislative affairs can be mutually controlled and coordinated, and he hopes to continue in the future.

She proposed on the spot that if the Legislative Council agrees, she hopes to resume the monthly "short question and short answer" question time as soon as possible. All follow-up work in the future will be responded to within 30 days and the Chief Executive's Office will be responsible.

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