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Policy address. Live | Zheng Lam: Mandatory detection is not a slogan and lockdown will occur if there is a specific range


Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor yesterday (25) finally issued the "Policy Address" which was postponed by more than a month. The more striking includes encouraging young people to work in the Greater Bay Area. It plans to amend the "Oaths and Declarations Ordinance" and "Lantau Tomorrow" within this year. dispute

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Written by: Golden Chess Hole Fan Xu Huang Yongyu

2020-11-26 08:01

Last update date: 2020-11-26 09:25

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor yesterday (25) finally issued the "Policy Address" which was postponed by more than a month. The more striking included encouraging young people to work in the Greater Bay Area. It plans to amend the "Oaths and Declarations Ordinance" and "Lantau Tomorrow" within this year. The controversy related to people's livelihood involves measures such as distributing cash allowances to the grassroots waiting for public housing, and converting hotels or guesthouses into transitional housing.

The epidemic has caused a huge increase in government expenditures. The government's "sugar delivery" of the water pipes is almost empty, and only the special transportation subsidy program is extended.

Carrie Lam will attend the "Beacon Tobacco" program of joint radio station today (26th), and "Hong Kong 01" will be broadcast live.

[09:15] Cui Dingbang, Director-General of the Audience Tourism Promotion Association: Thank you for reporting 600 million yuan to help the tourism industry yesterday. After reading it, you are very familiar with the book. The Southern District has chosen a tourist focus, and the most headache cannot go to foreign countries and the mainland , Macau has become a tourism industry suspension. Yesterday you said that mandatory testing is a slogan, and that mandatory testing is not voluntary and the effect is not obvious. Is there a way to do testing? Is there a reward? Have a health code to go to the mainland as soon as possible?

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: 310 billion 3 rounds of anti-epidemic fund, it is difficult to launch again, the tourism industry is frozen, because local tourism is not starting very well due to the epidemic, 260,000 employees want to help, hope the report has confidence in the tourism industry, the epidemic There is still a frontier at the end of the trip. Hong Kong opened 2 international museums and 2 cultural performance centers in 2 years.

National and compulsory testing is a slogan. Compulsory testing is not a slogan but an effective method. It must be targeted, such as dancing, middle school recruitment, middle recruitment nursing homes, and if there is a specific range, I will LOCKDOWN and leave the venue first.

To strengthen the system for the whole people to close Hong Kong for a few weeks and stay at home for a few weeks, it will not be effective. Many experts say that infections cannot be avoided in winter, and now use precise means to identify groups and not spread

[09:10] Program host: To Ocean Park Unlimited support, but in the end, will the Jumbo Seafood Boat die?

Carrie Lam: There is a certain degree of certainty in both projects. When the Ocean Park is experiencing difficulties, the government’s support for it is justified. After all, it is a park for Hong Kong people. I’ve been to the Water Orchestra, it’s really exciting, but I don’t dare to play. The government now attaches great importance to conservation and education, and it has public functions

Program host: Eat seafood with your left hand?

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: Eating seafood is not a bad thing. The activation requirements must be very popular. You cannot do high-priced activities in the Jumbo Seafood Boat.

[09:05] Program host: About the Vibrant Hong Kong Island South Project, the transportation facilities in the future?

Do many people have complete facilities during peak hours? Some district councillors said that they knew something after seeing the report?

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: I hope that the project has more hope than the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong will have a place of leisure and happiness. The traffic problem will benefit from the east section of the South Island Line. The traffic has improved; the redevelopment of Wah Fu Village will have to tighten the western section. The railway MTR submits advice as soon as possible. Waterway is a good way to enter. How to make good use of the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, Shum Wan Road is all on the shore, and many dock landing facilities. Green ferry can solve traffic problems. Transportation management is in the office. After starting Kowloon East, it has been developing slowly for 9 years now.

The district council does not know it is normal, because it is a very confidential project policy address 2020.

Overview|Disbursement of subsidies to public housing for more than 3 years to help young people find employment in the Greater Bay Area

Policy Address 2020|Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor's grand plan for ruling Hong Kong, the full text of the policy address with 10 chapters totaling approximately 32,000 words

Policy Address | article to see new measures to transition houses converted the hotel to help youth develop large Bay Area [08:58] Host program: The government accused Paode epidemic prevention, as designated hotel has spoken Ganduo month .....

Carrie Lam: There is a reason to designate a hotel. After the social turmoil last year, anyone who cooperates with the government and supports the government will be affected by violence and will be affected by violence. It is very difficult to find a hotel from the epidemic for quarantine/etc. Surprised; the owners are willing and the employees are not willing, for fear that someone will come to do it.

There is a national security law today, so everyone can go out safely, especially the clinic. But half a year ago, the government was unwilling to be burned and graffiti. So it is much more difficult than other places. There is a hotel in the middle section that is willing to pick it up, and it will be done as soon as possible.

[08:55] Another listener, Mr. Wang: I’m so surprised that there is a dragon in the dance group inspection center, and there is another 5,000 yuan for quarantine. They lined up to violate the gathering restriction order, and the reward is better than Qu Yu for the reworkers?

Audience Mr. Zhang: The community testing center asks citizens to queue up and there are crowds gathering for appointments? Don’t you have to wait?

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: Everyone is most concerned about the new crown epidemic. This wave of dancing groups is very confident that confirmed cases are still coming. The epidemic prevention strategy should be identified as soon as possible. The testing places are not only in the community, but in the qualified laboratories of the Department of Health. But I really don’t know how many people there are. At present, they are required to be separated for community testing. They will be added to 9 testing centers at the end of this week and early next week. The high-risk groups will be given priority, and there will be taxi groups on the first day, don’t know. Groups; target groups, such as residential care homes for the elderly, docks, know that the citizens have no symptoms and want to go to the 47 outpatient clinics of the HA to pick up bottles, but if they are compulsory but self-sampling cannot be accepted

[08:50] listener Mr. Wang : The post-90s generations started their business in Shenzhen 3 or 4 years ago. Although Hong Kong is good, the political atmosphere is not good enough. I didn’t read the official website before going up 3 years ago. I opened a physical store. The mainland market has developed the catering industry, but there are many domestic entrepreneurs open. , Has also caused a lot of problems. Hong Kong people have a wok, from decoration to shop opening, but it is difficult to report on the mainland

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: Hong Kong’s advantage is not limited to technology. In 2000, there were only hundreds of technology. Other industries are also welcome. Some international banks are willing to participate. Food and beverages are welcome. Hong Kong food has advantages. Mainland officials and friends are unique in their creativity. BUD FUNDING of the Bureau of Commerce and Economics helps Hong Kong companies enter the mainland market.

I wish the king’s business grows bigger and bigger

[08:45] Host: Someone predicts that you will be Torn 2.0? It will come true, and how can I tear it?)

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: There are many reasons for the tearing. Every time the central government is related to the SAR, it will cause tearing. After the reunification, there were 23 legislations in 2003, the implementation of the national religion in 2012, the 2014 and 15 political reform plans, and the legislative turmoil last year, no matter who It is the chief executive who has two polarities, supporting/anti-Central, because some people are not clear about one country, two systems.

Last year, even to extreme independence and self-determination, the international front could disrupt Sino-Hong Kong relations, impose sanctions, and restore the original intentions and know the status of Hong Kong.

Host: Poor popularity?

Carrie Lam: I’m not too concerned about it. Note the numbers

[08:40] Host: We were walking with WE CONNECT at that time. Now the situation...

Carrie Lam: I need partners, I will try my best, but as The Legislative Council, when it took office until the beginning of 19th, thought it was a peer, no party, no political stance. In fact, there is, but one thing overturned the effort. It is clearly established according to the family, one country, and two parties. There is a greater opportunity to link the executive and the legislature. I have some confidence and I will announce later how willing I am to go to the Legislative Council.

Program host: The Legislative Council currently lacks multiple voices?

Carrie Lam: It’s not our decision. Some members are not elected. It’s not that I am dissatisfied. The Legislative Council has constitutional functions. Multiple


are normal and ideal. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s a problem. It has the function of coordinating with the administration. In the past year or so, Rabu said that he could not choose the chairman.

[08:35] The host: At present, Hong Kong people have centrifugal force. Some people have left. Voluntary or involuntary. Actively immigrate, do you have something to say to those who are actively planning to immigrate?

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: The biggest goal is that Hong Kong citizens have hope and hope represents the future. Hope can be spread to the economy, urban development, and housing supply. There is hope, but the development of border settlement is their freedom. After the past year, some people are anxious. It is understandable that many people have immigrated to Hong Kong. They have been there in history, but afterwards they saw Hong Kong develop well and returned.

(97 is a crisis of confidence, this time is one country, two systems not good?) The 23-year return is the first report to separate one country, two systems into a chapter

▼Eight Key Points of Policy Address 2020▼




Audience Mr. Fang: The policy address called for young people to go to the mainland, but last year even Hong Kong companies said they would not invite "black storms", "How confident are you that MAKE SURE will have a good working environment in the Mainland?"

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: I often contact the business community and tell me not to be too affected by reports and not to hit a boat with a penny. It is understandable that some people will be shocked after the social turmoil, but the fear will disappear over time. Most young people are excellent. Support Hong Kong.

[08:20] Carrie Lam also pointed out that the 1-hour living circle is so close to the place that there is no place to send away the elites? The fact is not, including the government’s outstanding scholarships. Every year 100 graduates are selected to send to overseas universities to absorb their vision. Emphasis is not to give away people.

In the past, there were excellent plans to put hundreds of thousands of students to pay for a classmate, but this one is rework. Due to the salary gap and living allowance, the jobs in Hong Kong are subsidized. This makes the plan more attractive and gives employers an incentive to go. Please, I want to clarify " Send it to the wasteland cattle.” In fact, the JOIN project is a large company. The concept is that some companies call me. I have contacted 10 companies and they are all very well-known. I really want to help Hong Kong

[08:18] Listener Mr. Lin: For many years, young people have been training in Hong Kong. More than ten years is the future of society. We should stay in Hong Kong to play Hong Kong better and shine. It is not to send him to other places. It is the most advantageous to develop in Hong Kong, and we cannot see a place that will bring our most important Resources and the future are sent to the second place. For example, Macau will not send young people to other places, and any mainland city in China will not do it. Young people should be cherished instead of sending 10,000 yuan as a pioneer.

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor responded: I want to do better in Hong Kong in everything I do. The youth development work is the most important position in three years, but today is globalization. "Send" seems like I don’t like it. In fact, I like young people. , Open 30,000 financial positions, but we are really not a lot of technology, obviously there are many job opportunities, because you don’t want to leave Hong Kong, you just missed the opportunity.

[08:15] Speaking of the Youth Employment Program in the Greater Bay Area, I was asked that many young people in Hong Kong are unwilling to go to the Greater Bay Area. Carrie Lam pointed out that she will provide information to eliminate misunderstandings, and has been doing more youth exchanges and internship programs, etc. She knew that there was a bleating incident in the face. Many young people did not know that because of the bleating, they might have misunderstood and were unwilling to go back. The biggest misunderstanding was that they only listened to the central language, hollowed out Hong Kong, and marginalized Hong Kong. She also pointed out that there were reports about the Belt and Road Initiative. , The outside world wants to stigmatize the Belt and Road Initiative, and now they want to stigmatize the Greater Bay Area, their behavior is not good for Hong Kong

Policy Address 2020|The government rents a guesthouse or hotel as a transitional house. There is a remote hotel willing to rent out the whole building

Policy Address 2020|The government will subsidize 2,000 college students to work in the Greater Bay Area with a monthly salary of at least 18,000

Policy Address 2020|The ten-year long-term housing target has reached the standard, and the development density of the group approval is "fashui" [08:10] Does the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Program export talents? Carrie Lam points out that the talents are mobile, the more they absorb, the more potential they get Big. In April and May of this year, the Anti-epidemic Fund set up 30,000 time-limited positions, has opened 29,000 and has recruited 10,000 people. The more the industry is, the more popular it is. The company is willing to open positions, and many new graduates are willing to join.

According to the report, 1,500 financial companies applied to open 20 positions for 3 weeks, which proves that all positions must be opened and must be focused. Not only work for 18 months, but also to provide the prospects for those who enter the industry. One of them must be technology. Hong Kong accumulates talents, and it’s not enough to open 50,000 more than the Science Park.

Obviously there are more jobs in the Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen, Dongguan, etc. At present, it is about how to facilitate the young people in Hong Kong in the local cities. It requires government subsidies. Because of the difference in wages and finding a place to live, Hong Kong companies have factories in the Mainland. It must also be sent to work in the Mainland.

[08:06] When asked whether the policy address mainly "looks north", Carrie Lam said that "there is nothing to look north from the north". This is mainly due to economic difficulties. It is necessary to observe the potential of the border. There is no doubt that Asia has great potential. Moreover, the country is the engine of expansion, and Hong Kong is uniquely endowed by nature to strive for integration.

Whether the economy and people's livelihood are not focused on, Carrie Lam said that integrating into the local economy means that there is room for improvement in people's livelihood when the economy is good.

The current three-year recurrent expenditure on education has increased by 15 billion yuan, and welfare and medical care has increased by an average of more than 10% annually. "Make a good job of doing people’s livelihood work." And people’s livelihood work has been 310 billion yuan since February. All will stay in the policy address to announce that my style is to be done immediately.''

Policy Address│Sugar Distribution Measures at a glance

Policy Address ‧ Dismantling the Bureau | Tsai Ziqiang: This year's report does not care about popular opinion at all

↓↓Lam Cheng went to the Legislative Council to announce the fourth "Policy Address" in his term↓↓

Policy Address | Lam Chengquan's golden sentence because of what happened, "Is it difficult to talk"?

Policy Address | Why don't you thank the people of Hong Kong?

Carrie Lam: It's not that ordinary citizens are always around me

Policy Address | Lam Cheng: Soliciting speculation is an act of resisting the regime to force the chief executive to step down or violate the National Security Law

Policy address ︱ a report for Beijing?

42 mentions of the Greater Bay Area, Deng's speech

Policy Address 2020.

Photo Story|Bearded Reading the Pan-Democratic People's Gallery

▼Meetings of all beings in the Chamber▼




↓Transitional houses↓




Policy Address | Promoting the "Dynamic Hong Kong Island South" Ding Ocean Park rebirth plan to revitalize the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

Policy Address 2020|Lam Cheng: Do not give up tomorrow, Lantau will consider issuing bonds or public-private partnerships

↓Dakeng West Village↓




↓Siu Ho Wan Depot Project of MTR Lantau Island↓

Policy Address | The two infrastructure projects stop the Kai Tak Monorail and the convention center above the exhibition station ends

Policy Address | Biological samples may pass through the Science and Technology Park to be the second landlord, allowing Hong Kong companies to settle in Futian as soon as possible

Policy Address 2020|The new Huanggang Port will use the same place, two inspections, and Hong Kong vehicles will go north without quotas

Policy Address | Smart public toilets use the Internet of Things to measure odor, market launches non-contact payment and AI deratization

Policy address.

Pictures | MTR 20% discount on hotel rental for 3 months as a transitional housing revitalization treasure boat

Policy Address|Environmental Protection Park builds a pulp mill to set a road map for electric vehicles, plans to stop selling fuel vehicles within 20 years

Policy Address 2020|The ten-year long-term housing target has reached the standard and the development density of the group approved


The new crown pneumonia policy address is my home

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